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'f Cornflower voiced the question that was on the mind ofAbbot Mortimer looked old and stern as he addressed the assembly in Cavern Hole. The atmosphere was decidedly subdued.The extravaganza of nature's glory was completely lost upon Cluny the Scourge. His one good eye squinted upwards through the smoke of the morning campfires.319An unearthly screech shattered the silence, followed by a rush of wings. The owl swooped out of nowhere straight for Matthias.The fieldmouse untied her headband. It was her favorite one, pale yellow bordered with the cornflowers after which she was named. She tied it to Matthias's arm, the right one, just above the elbow. A maiden's colors for her champion warrior.Redtooth swaggered back and forth on the churchyard paving as he recited the formula from memory. "Right, eyes front. You're in the service of Cluny the Scourge now, me buckoes! Desert and you'll be killed. Retreat and you're under

"Take these miserable turncoats out of my sight. You know what to do."331Cluny had secretly questioned Fangbum about the conversation that had gone on between Sela and her son. There was no doubt about it, the foxes were trying to dupe the Warlord.The battle had started again in earnest.Matthias staggered slightly. He leaned against the wall, rubbing a paw across his brow. "I don't know. In fact, the only thing I know right now is that the Abbot was right. I think I'd better go and lie down for a bit.".

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"Oh, pretty much the standard kind used by warriors," Matthias replied. "A round steel affair with hand- and arm-holds."Matthias's feet never touched the earth. He landed clean in the gaping mouth of a huge marmalade cat!He beckoned Friar Hugo to his side. A whispered conference was held. Matthias could only hear snatches of the convocation.

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Foremole (who was never too keen on heights) covered his eyes with a paw. "Gurr,, moi dearie, dearie me. She'm loiken an owlyburd alia ways up thurr. Nay, oi'm afeared to look."Separated from Cluny, he could not think for himself. Scuttling off down the road in the wrong direction, he had kept on going in a state of funk. Frightened by the sound of a bird chirping suddenly, he rushed blindly into Mossflower Wood, and pressed on, deeper and deeper into this strange new territory. It was only with the arrival of pale dawn that he stopped, slumping down under some bushes. Exhausted, soaking wet and dispirited, he curled up into a wretched damp ball and slept.

Chickenhound waved the flag. He went into a bout of uncontrollable sniggering. "Right, I've got the message, fat one! Be sure your Abbot brings lots of valuables with him. Goodbye, old greyback."

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"I wish it were that simple, my friend," Log-a-Log replied. "The land around the quarry offers no concealment; too flat and bare. Poisonteeth is full of ancient cunning too. He may have a secret entrance outside the quarry itself. I think it is best we wait here. I'll spread the comrades out in a line. We'll all keep watch."Both shrews trembled visibly. Guosim's voice had risen an octave. "Matthias, you must be crazy! Don't you know what you're walking into? Captain Snow . . . why, you'd be just a snack to him. And as for the other one - Giant Ice Eyes - who could even go near him? He eats as many shrews as he wants. No living creature can stop the poison-teeth!""I think that you would have been in trouble without Silent Sam here, Matthias," the Abbot said.letter is one step's width? Hmmm. Seven letters for seven steps. Surely that must be some kind of a hint?"Reluctantly the Redwall contingent complied. They turned. All eyes were on the door of Great Hall.

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Old Sela had lived on her wits for many years. She was a counterspy by nature. In any dispute or conflict she invariably sold secrets to both sides. It was a dangerous game, but one that she had played well thus far. Her crafty, golden eyes had not been idle for a second since entering Cluny's camp.

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Twilight tinged Mossflower Wood. Sela sniffed the breeze. She glanced up at the sky. It would soon be dark and she could keep her rendezvous with the mouse Abbot at the old stump."Not the sort of thing one expects from a horde commander, what! Personally I'd have you blackballed from the church premises."Methuselah gave her a severe stare over the top of his glasses. "My dear Constance, kindly do not pour scorn on things you know nothing of. Leave it to those with specialized knowledge."

Wild-eyed, with the terror of rat smell in its nostrils, the horse plunged ahead without any driver. Where the hay cart

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