ACC’s Top 25 Players of 2011: No. 24, Julian Burnett

Georgia Tech's Julian Burnett is Number 24 On Our Countdown of the ACC's Top 25 Players

To recap the 2011 season of ACC football, we’ll be ranking the top 25 players in the conference this year, starting at 25, and heading all the way to the number-one slot. While these rankings can surely be debated, it’s still entertaining to assemble them. And on we go…

No. 24: Julian Burnett, LB/Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

Getting more impressive each year, Burnett had his best season yet for the Yellow Jackets in 2011, his third year with the team. In total, the junior linebacker came up with 113 tackles and became a force controlling the middle portion of the field. Involved in both pass and run schemes, he recorded one sack, one forced fumble and defended three passes as well. At just 5’10” and 220 pounds, Burnett may not be the nation’s biggest linebacker (and would most likely switch to safety in the pros), but he makes up for the lack of size with speed and tenacity for getting after the ballcarrier. If he returns (and there’s no indication he won’t at this time), Burnett is poised to be the centerpiece of a Georgia Tech defense sorely in need of some help all around.

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