ACC 2012 Scheduling Outlook: Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

Georgia Tech and Head Coach Paul Johnson Are Now Staring At Their Own Scheduling Issue

With all of the insanity going on over in the Big East, we wanted to give a breakdown of each of the ACC‘s schedules — how the teams stack up, and some thoughts on overall difficulty. If these change at all, we’ll also be sure to update them on a rolling basis. All information is up-to-date as of publishing, based on the latest from

Today’s breakdown: Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

While everyone’s been stressing over Florida State‘s non-conference schedule, they’ve forgotten all about the recent issue which arose with Georgia Tech own 2012 schedule. According to a recent report, it’s now the Yellow Jackets who are trying to frantically schedule in an opponent. However, by all accounts, this issue’s actually self-induced. Shuffling around their schedule to accommodate a Labor Day game followed by a Saturday data just five days later, they’re pursuing an FCS team for September 8. Originally, Middle Tennessee State had occupied that spot, but now that game’s been pushed toward later in the year. Word on their fourth non-conference opponent is apparently due very shortly.

As for the rest of its non-conference slate, Georgia Tech will not be leaving the state of Georgia for their face-offs with the aforementioned Middle Tennessee State Blue Raiders, nor the BYU Cougars or hated rivals, the Georgia Bulldogs. When you take a look at these two games alone, it’s no wonder Tech is pushing so hard for an FCS opponent, rather than trying to fill the spot with some of the other teams pining to take care of their own scheduling issues at the moment.

Lucky for the ‘Wreck, they actually get a bit of a break on their ACC schedule. Most importantly, they’ll avoid both Florida State and NC State in 2012, and draw Boston College and Duke at home. On the flip side, they see Virginia Tech and Clemson on the road, however they managed to play both of those teams close in 2011 (beating Clemson, too). Tech also gets to travel to Maryland to take on a bound-to-struggle Terps squad currently in a mess of controversy. If they managed to get through the non-conference schedule at 3-1 (not impossible), the Yellow Jackets may be in for a surprising season — hopefully one with a better ending than last year’s.

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