ACC 2012 Scheduling Outlook: Maryland Terrapins

With a Tough Schedule In Front of Them, Maryland and Head Coach Randy Edsall Are Staring Down a Real Challenge in 2012

With all of the insanity going on over in the Big East and elsewhere, we wanted to give a breakdown of each of the ACC‘s schedules — how the teams stack up, and some thoughts on overall difficulty. If these change at all, we’ll also be sure to update them on a rolling basis. All information is up-to-date as of publishing, based on the latest from

Today’s breakdown: Maryland Terrapins

For 2012, Maryland’s out-of-conference schedule does them no favors. And with players apparently leaving the program in droves, things may get worse before they get better. The Terrapins split their non-conference foes, two at home and two away, but arguably, their two toughest games are on the road. In September, they’ll revisit two painful losses from 2011, traveling to Temple and West Virginia. While Temple’s likely headed to the Big East next season, West Virginia may start their first season in the Big 12 as a top-10 team. Their other non-ACC tilts — Connecticut and William & Mary — are both manageable home games for the Terrapins that could go a long way toward them achieving respectability this year.

Similar to their non-conference schedule, Maryland’s ACC slate is its also a monster of its own. Obviously, when you’re the worst team in the league, every matchup presents a challenge, but both their home and away foes would challenge most in the conference. At home, all four opponents played in the 2011 postseason, most notably league-favorite Florida State and a rising NC State team. On the road, the Terps must travel to Clemson (the defending ACC champs), Virginia and North Carolina — all of whom also made bowl games last year as well. As we’ve stated before, coach Randy Edsall’s in for a rough second year on the job, and between the events of this week and an upcoming schedule that’s anything but easy, he’ll be lucky to make it out of 2012 with his position as head coach intact.

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