Syracuse vs. San Diego State ‘Battle on the Midway': What About Football?

With Basketball Finding Cool New Venues to Play, What Uncharted Territory Can College Football Compete On?

For fans of Syracuse (or San Diego State), today’s news of November 9’s “Battle on the Midway” basketball game between the two schools was cause for quite a bit of excitement. And while the Aztec athletic department’s statement about limited ticket availability may put a slight damper on the parade, it also got your author thinking a bit. Basketball has played their game in/on some cool venues, as has professional and college hockey. Why not college football?

Well, the biggest issue is literally the biggest issue — space. Football needs more of it than any sport not named soccer (or still football, for non-Americans), and a lot of times, which removes options from other sports. The NFL plays at Wembley Stadium and Old Trafford, which is only cool because those fields are in the U.K. And we all know that everyone in the U.S. believes things from there to be pretty cool.

So where to now? Well, we’ve put together a list of our top five places to stage a college football game, should money, realism, logistical issues and other things of that nature be completely irrelevant. Yes, this may seem like a foolish exercise, but at least entertain the fact it could be intriguing. Below are the top five, in reverse order, with brief explanations:

5. Multiple Aircraft Carriers: We’d have to line up several of these suckers in order to get a regulation field together, but you can’t tell me that wouldn’t be mind-blowing to watch. Better yet, players wouldn’t just walk themselves out of bounds. That would be the ocean. Consequences for not quitting on a play? Count me in!

4. National Mall: How great would this be? We could even use part of the ticket proceeds to offset the national debt. Too bad the D.C. area hasn’t seen a real football game since 1992, though (here’s laughing at you, ‘Skins fans). Still, with all the history of our nation’s capital and such a great backdrop already in place, it would be hard to ignore this idea would be a success.

3. Central Park: People keep claiming New York is inhospitable to college football. Doing something like this could totally prove those “people” wrong. The City’s wide array of fans would flock to this contest in droves (guaranteed) and with all the buzz, the game could grab a whole new market in the process, too. Between game receipts and television, New York advertisers would pay through the roof, only growing the spotlight and the sport as a whole.

2. Moon: We’ve now left the slightly-realistic section and entered the mildly-ridiculous-but-just-may-happen-one-day section. While it’s likely we’ll never “colonize” the moon, per say, there’s always some chance we could just use it as a cool hangout spot, right? If people are going to start vacationing in space, why not? Setup-wise, you’re basically looking at a large biodome. And that’s pretty much it. Speaking of biodomes, this brings us to our top option…

1. Underwater Dome: Underwater dome beats out the Moon since it’s easier to get to, a bit more realistic (yes, I realize the parameters I set earlier, but stick with me) and imagine a badass giant sub boarding the fans off the coast of New York and/or Boston, D.C., etc. and bringing them to the National Championship… 20,000 leagues under the sea! This could be a bit much, but you have to admit, watching a game while also surrounded on all sides by the ocean would be pretty cool.

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3 thoughts on “Syracuse vs. San Diego State ‘Battle on the Midway': What About Football?

    • Thanks, Jeremy! The one cool possibility I thought of since the post — Grand Canyon. Once again, logistics are thrown out the window, but fun to think about, nonetheless.

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