ACC Football Daily Links — UMass Believes It Should Be Better Than Boston College

Monday through Friday each week, we compile the best links on ACC football from around the web.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

UMass Football: “We Want to Be the #1 Team in New England” (BC Interruption)

Earlier today Pre-Snap Read — an excellent read for those of you have that haven’t checked it out before — previewed UMass football. Rated by the author as the #120 program in the country the article talks about the challenges UMass will have adjusting to their first year at the FBS level playing in the MAC Conference…

Pitt Turns to… Sunseri? (ESPN’s Big East Blog)

Pitt coach Paul Chryst has not definitively declared Tino Sunseri as his starting quarterback headed into fall practice.  Does he need to?  Chryst said last week that Sunseri had separated himself from Mark Myers and Trey Anderson, which seemingly points in the direction of Sunseri winning the starting job…

Tackle U: Boston College Best On the Edge (

Anthony Castonzo arrived at Boston College as a two-star recruit and departed as a first-round draft pick. Castonzo’s remarkable progress illustrates Boston College’s effectiveness at developing NFL offensive linemen. There may be no better BCS program in that regard. “It’s 100 percent a fraternity,” Castonzo said. “We call it a brotherhood”…

Miami Spring Football Wrap-Up (7th Floor Blog)

Well, spring practices are over. The spring game (the what now?) has come and gone, and it’s time for all of us fans to just buckle down, enjoy the summer, and try not to go blind from lack of football. So where do the Canes currently stand as far as on the filed production? Will they come into the fall semester ready to play?…

What to Do With Isaac Bennett? (Cardiac Hill)

In case you didn’t pay that much attention to the spring practices, Isaac Bennett was quite the success story. Bennett had his third touchdown of 50 or more yards last week, busting out for a 70-yard run and followed that up with a big spring game. He’s getting a heavy workload due to Ray Graham’s injury and the fact that star freshman Rushel Shell isn’t yet with the team…:

Should Universities Offer Majors in Football? (Carolina March)

I’ve been taking a brief respite from Carolina sports with the end of the basketball season, while I try to gather my thoughts on the past season and some larger problems with college athletics. Of course, it’s a little hard to enjoy the vacation when Tar Heel athletics are popping up in editorials in the New York Times…

And today’s featured ACC football video:

2 thoughts on “ACC Football Daily Links — UMass Believes It Should Be Better Than Boston College

  1. UMass better than BC? HAHAHAHAHAHA #1 Football team in NE? HAHAHAHAHA
    I wrote an article saying they should join the Big East. And they should. But that claim is laughable.

    • Agreed. That said, I believe we all thought it laughable that Rutgers or UConn could be as good as (better than) Syracuse, and that’s come to fruition of late.

      Not saying UMass is even in the same conversation as BC, but they could work themselves up to a respectable level at some point. Remember, UConn was still in the FCS a decade ago today.

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