ACC Football Chat: Conference Realignment Rumors — Florida State, Clemson, Big 12, etc.

Is There Any Validity to the Big 12-ACC Expansion Rumors? And Who Do We Think the ACC Should Target Next?

In our weekly chats, Mike and I discuss different topics pertaining to ACC football and then post the conversation up here. Disagree with us? By all means, share your thoughts below. Happy to continue to the debate.

This week’s topic: Everyone’s favorite — conference realignment!

John: So conference realignment — people are starting to mutter about Florida State and Clemson potentially leaving the ACC for the Big 12. I call bull. Your thoughts?

Mike: I agree. No matter what anyone says, conferences are still based heavily on geography. That’s why I’ve always said that Notre Dame belongs in the Big Ten. The SEC for Clemson and FSU could make sense.

J: Well speaking of geography, do schools really care about it anymore? I mean, Syracuse & Boston College are still a bit out of place in the ACC. And Boise State‘s in the Big East.

M: Same with West Virginia going to the Big 12.

J: Agreed. So are we now agreeing that money’s most important? And if so, how much of it would it take for FSU and Clemson to leave sure shots at a BCS game and regional rivalries for a tougher road and slightly more money in the Big 12?

M: I don’t know. Longer distances between games means more jet lag and tougher matches, which could result in more losses, etc. And less time to study (hahaha). The money would have to be pretty good.

J: Yeah. And I’m unsure if the amount of money a league focused on that states of Texas and Oklahoma would get by adding the state of Florida and South Carolina’s second-most popular teams would definitely make the TV deal THAT much larger than what the ACC will have with Boston, New York, Washington, Charlotte, Raleigh, Pittsburgh and Atlanta all under its umbrella.

M: Good point.

J: Thanks! So I know we touch on this topic every so often, but whether or not those two teams depart, who are the top targets for ACC expansion, should the league have to jump to 16 (or re-jump to 14)?

M: Connecticut is possible, maybe Villanova, if they move to the FBS. Navy could be an interesting choice. Or even a smaller North Carolina schools, like East Carolina.

J: I’m gonna say no to ECU and ‘Nova, just because I don’t think they provide any football value whatsoever. Do you think Notre Dame’s just too much of a long shot?

M: Yes. No way they join the ACC, they have a good thing going being Independent.

J: Ok, but what if the Big East is no longer a suitable home for olympic sports? I doubt any other league will tolerate the “everything but football” arrangement they currently enjoy.

M: Good point, but if they join a conference, it’ll be the Big 10. Geographically close, they can still play Michigan, Michigan State, Purdue, etc. And they can do a round-robin type thing with BC, service academies, and still play USC every year

J: Well I think that’s the other growing issue for Notre Dame. Most leagues are going to 9-game conference slates, leaving just three games open. Going to be difficult regardless of where teams land to keep up long-time series. Also, as far as the B1G, you don’t think the Irish have more in common with ACC schools? The ACC has five private univiersities already (counting SU), and its academic standing is miles above every other conferenece’s — keeping in line with Notre Dame’s desired stature. The B1G is almost entirely land-grant U’s too, save Northwestern.

M: Meh, I suppose it could work, they just come across as more of a Big 10-type school, apart from them being private. Located in the midwest, traditional football power, old-school football, crazy fans, lot of haters, etc.

J: Fair. Back to the other ACC expansion candidates — I think if ND’s off the table, it’s UConn, then Rutgers. That said, I’d be willing to listen to arguments for Louisville and I’d prefer West Virginia over all of them, academics be damned. Yourself?

M: WVU would be good for the sports. I’d say then it’s a toss-up between Louisville and UConn (as much as I hate them).

J: And Jersey State’s a non-factor, right?

M: Correct.

J: Haha… alright, so we’ll finish up with this bigger-picture story — if we’re definitely staring at a future with superconferences, what’s the setup of a 16-team ACC? Pods? Or two divisions of eight apiece?

M: Well four divisions could make for an interesting conference championship scenario, even though I hate conference championship games.

J: Right. If we’re going that route, I say match 1 v. 4 and 2 v. 3 in the pod scenario. Winners play for conference title. So either eliminate one reg. season game, or accept the fact that college FB’s headed to 15-game seasons.

M: Could be cool, but every conference would have to do it.

J: Right. It could happen, I think. Have 8 leagues of 16 teams (128 schools). We’re almost at the total number.

Parting thoughts?

M: Good chat. And it does seem like superconferences are in the future. I just wonder what will happen to schools without football, i.e. DePaul.

J: Nothing. Or Big East, which is effectively nothing? Or the A-10. Then I’m just curious if a Blue Demons football team also beats their basketball team (in basketball).

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18 thoughts on “ACC Football Chat: Conference Realignment Rumors — Florida State, Clemson, Big 12, etc.

        • I am from West Virginia and I am smarter than all of you. I can spell and without even resorting to a thesaurus call you big and little words (and word combos!) – including: pretentious, arrogant, pseudo-superior, misanthropic, delusional, prejudiced, xenophobic, lame, tired, unoriginal, fearful, exposed, mean, sad, pitiable, misguided, wrong, judgmental, conceited, culturally biased, short-sighted, envious, white, guilty, sinful, tainted, imperfect, predictable, mundane, boring, hateful, trite and “too fond of the couch thing.”

        • Replying to the below (not you, Mike).

          All of those words could just as quickly apply to you, based on your conduct here in the comments section. Troll away, pal. Troll away.

    • Since when was that fact doubted in this chat? We talked about teams that it would’ve been great to have added — even said it wouldn’t happen. Just shared opinions on something we wished could be a possibility.

      Besides, WVU fans, are you really that thrilled with bowing down to Texas and OU now? Seems like a case of inflated sense of self. And the ACC bashing? An inferiority complex on your part. The league (whom I’m not an employee of in any way) would’ve agreed to invite you had it not been for piss-poor academic standards on your end.

        • See, it’s stuff like this that unfairly gives blogs, message boards and forums a bad rap. Stop being a coward sniping at a post from behind an “Anonymous” username and show yourself. I have no problem having conversations with opposing viewpoints, but unfortunately for you, trolling doesn’t exactly qualify.

      • From what I understand, most ACC schools were fine with WVU joining the league. Duke and North Carolina said no. The ACC is going down the same exact path that the BIG EAST went down. They have a decent basketball league, and the worst football league in the country. I don’t think either FSU or Clemson would go to the big 12, but leaving to the SEC is a real possibility.

        Your comment on academic standards is way off base. WVU has higher admission numbers in order to provide quality educations to citizens of an extremely depressed state. Your arrogance is typical of uniformed, elitist cowards. Posting your name and a picture of your spray tanned face doesn’t make you otherwise.

        • Thoroughly enjoy the personal attacks. Really becoming of someone trying to put together an intelligent argument. No need for a spray tan in the photo — happened to get some sun on a nice summer day. Cowards troll message boards and comment sections. Last I checked, that’s not what I’m doing (on my own blog).

          My comment was about how it holds up to the standards the ACC sets forth. As mentioned numerous times at this point, I wanted WVU in the league. However, since it’s pretty stringent on the numbers needed for new member institutions, the Mountaineers weren’t admitted. Nothing elitist or uninformed about it. Just facts.

    • WVU was never on the table to the ACC! Oliver Luck the WVU AD has a law degree from U Texas! He played for the Oilers! He owned a Houston pro soccer team. His first act was to fire Stewart and hire a Big XII coach last year. There is no ACC – WVU connection! Do the math, duh

  1. I just checked WVU’s admission requirements vs others conferences. Out of State requirements are minimum 21 ACT and In State 20 ACT and the web site states that these scores doesnt guarantee admission and there is no law demanding admission to any high school graduate. That is exactly the same requirements as Nebraska, Arkansas, LSU, Ole Miss, Miss State, Iowa, Wash State, Ariz. State, Utah, Kansas State, Kentucky, and very close to NCSU. Also,WVU’s individual colleges like the Business Schooll require 27 ACT. And, precalculus is required by all to be admitted; what college requires precalculus?
    Get your facts folks!

    • Going to echo down here what I said above — my argument not based on opinions, just facts. The ACC holds some pretty strict academic ranking and standard requirements for new member institutions — and I’m well aware that some (such as NC State) toe the line now. I’ll also restate what I’ve repeated several times in the article, and the comments: I wanted WVU to join. The problem was their academics weren’t up to what the ACC wanted. Not a knock on West Virginia, but again, just a statement of the facts.

  2. you guys really need to leave homerism behind..Clemson and FSU are all but gone, with the possibility of more teams being poached..Louisville and all the teams you’re talking are seriously looking at B12..and WVU isn’t gonna take 8 million less a year to move into a conference with a lesser RPI..Pull your heads out of your asses

    • Check out this guy! Haha…

      Give me an article that says they’re “all but gone.” Citations are usually fun. Also, wasn’t aware we couldn’t talk about teams we would’ve liked to have joined. Opinions are pretty entertaining as well, especially when they’re spelled out as such. Then again, reading doesn’t appear to be your specialty. I’ll gladly pull my head out of my ass, the second you do us the honor of dislodging your own head from yours. Please return to the blog when you learn how to use punctuation and capitalization. All are greatly appreciated around here.

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