BREAKING: Clemson Receiver Sammy Watkins Arrested Early Friday (UPDATED)

Sammy Watkins Has Been Arrested and Released — We’re Awaiting Further News

No word yet on the circumstances surrounding his arrest, but star Clemson wide receiver Sammy Watkins was taken into custody early Friday morning. He has since been released (via @aimclemson) But still no word from the university on what’s occurred, or next steps.

Obviously we hope this incident doesn’t have huge repercussions for Watkins’s playing season or playing career — or the Tigers’ very promising 2012 outlook. The Heisman hopeful was coming off an all-world freshman season in which he racked up nearly 2,300 all-purpose yards.

We’re monitoring SBNation, which is keeping close tabs on the situation. But we’ll provide additional updates as they become available.

UPDATE: It’s two misdemeanor drug charges. He’s been released on a $1,620 personal recognizance bond). No word from the university administration or the athletic department yet. Just the Clemson University Police.

UPDATE 2: Clemson Head Coach Dabo Swinney says “there are consequences for your actions and there will be in this case. I am in the process of gathering the facts and discipline will be determined when I have completed that process.”

We’ll assume Watkins will now by missing time — unsure how much, however. Swinney did reiterate that he’s a good kid, so kind of unsure what that means in the big scheme of punishments levied down.

(H/T to Gobbler Country‘s @JoshParcell on sharing the news)

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