Addressing Florida State/Big 12 Rumors; Some Musings About Boston College

Boston College’s been (m0stly) better off after joining the ACC, but would Florida State find a better home in the Big 12?

Well, it’s that time again.  Scratch that, it’s been “that time” since the Crimson Tide of the University of Alabama hoisted the Crystal Football signifying their supremacy over the vast domain that is college football. I’m talking, of course, about the continually ongoing debate about conference realignment.

Recently, there have been some interesting rumors about a possible move to the Big XII by Florida State. And I’m going to put a stop to them right now.  Right. Now. This will not happen, so we can stop all the shenanigans. Here’s the thing, I’ve said before that one of the fundamental building blocks of conferences is geography. Back in the day, it was just a bunch of schools who played against whoever would schedule them.  Ultimately, certain schools started developing rivalries, and schools that were geographically close to one another gravitated together and formed conferences. This is still evident today.  I tend to cite the Big Ten as the best example of this (Great Lakes Region, Upper Midwest, etc.), but they are far from the only ones.

Conference realignment is happening. Texas A&M, who fits perfectly in the Big XII, and whose fight song is basically a big “screw you” to Texas, just left for the SEC. If Florida State were to go anywhere, the SEC would make the most sense.  They have natural rivals, and it fits based on their region. But the Big XII? No way. Even Bobby Bowden and some administrators at Florida State are shooting this idea down.

Along the lines of the current conference expansion going on throughout the country, many often bring up the ACC expansion of 2004/2005.  For those who don’t remember, Boston College, the University of Miami, Syracuse and Virginia Tech all bolted from the Big East to join the stronger ACC. While “The U” and Virginia Tech were respected, Boston College was called out, and often told they more or less “didn’t belong.” Even today, it’s pretty common to see some hack writer say that bringing in the Eagles was a “mistake” or what have you. Apparently, they’ve forgotten about this?  Or the two consecutive ACC Championship games they made? Or their consistently good team defensive ranking? Or their record of turning out excellent offensive linemen? The team may have fallen on hard times, but what program hasn’t experienced this?

Going to the ACC has been a good move for the Eagles.  It allows them to play against higher-caliber teams, both in football and basketball. It allows for them to gain more National exposure. And despite being perennially underrated, they’ve shown that they can win.

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