Phil Steele’s Preseason All-ACC Team


Virginia Tech’s Logan Thomas Headlines Phil Steele’s First-Team All-ACC Preseason Picks

Phil Steele‘s released this his preseason all-conference picks for 2012, and we wanted to give a quick breakdown of some of the selections. Obviously, any critiques we may have of Phil’s selections are in no way personal, but rather, just a matter of opinion. You can view Phil Steele’s full preseason All-ACC selections here. And for information on Syracuse and Pittsburgh‘s selections, visit the All-Big East page.

Highlights from Phil Steele’s First-Team All ACC Picks

QB: Logan Thomas, Virginia Tech

RB: Giovani Bernard, North Carolina

RB: Andre Ellington, Clemson

WR: Sammy Watkins, Clemson

WR: Conner Vernon, Duke

DE: Brandon Jenkins, Florida State

DT: Joe Vellano, Maryland

CB: David Amerson, NC State

Overall, Clemson led the way on the first team, with six selections total. Florida State and North Carolina each had five, though all of FSU’s were on either defense or special teams. Additionally, Steele’s ranking also brings up the hot topic of deciding who’s the better quarterback: VPI’s Logan Thomas (Steele’s selection) or Clemson’s Tajh Boyd (our selection). While arguments can surely be made for both, the gap is not all the wide. Boyd proved himself last season, and has better offensive weapons at his disposal. Thomas, while potentially possessing better decision-making skills, also has little help coming back on offense in 2012. It will be interesting to see how he adapts and if he can replicate or improve upon last year’s stats.

Given all the hype surrounding Florida State this season, it’s also no wonder that they had the most total selections of the four All-ACC teams, with 20 in all. And while the teams directly trailing the ‘Noles weren’t a huge surprise (Clemson had 13; North Carolina and Virginia Tech had 11 each), it was a bit shocking how far down the list others were. NC State and Virginia — both potential top-25 squads this year — had eight and seven selections, respectively, good for eighth and tenth in the league. On the contrary, Boston College, a team that’s largely picked near the bottom of the ACC, had nine altogether (though seven were chosen for the fourth team.

We’ve included a full breakdown below. But feel free to add your own commentary on Phil Steele’s rankings below in the comments.

Florida State (5/6/7/2; Total: 20)

Clemson (6/3/2/2; Total: 13)

North Carolina (5/2/3/1; Total: 11)

Virginia Tech (2/3/4/2; Total: 11)

Georgia Tech (1/4/1/4; Total: 10)

Miami (FL) (2/2/4/2; Total: 10)

Boston College (1/1/0/7; Total: 9)

NC State (1/0/4/3; Total: 8)

Maryland (2/2/1/2; Total: 7)

Virginia (2/2/1/2; Total: 7)

Wake Forest (0/3/1/0; Total: 4)

Duke (1/0/0/1; Total: 2)

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