ACC Football Daily Links — Exploring the Legal Repercussions of Conference Realignment

Monday through Friday each week, we compile the best links on ACC football from around the web.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Conference Realignment: How to Poach Schools Without Getting Sued (SB Nation)

As we go through another offseason of conference f’ing realignment, you’ve probably seen the phrase “tortious interference lawsuit” thrown around and wondered what that means. So I, @BobbyBigWheel, wrote this Q&A with a fake non-lawyer fan to explain conference realignment lawsuits because lawyers like to explain things by badgering people with questions. It’s one of the many reasons why we don’t get invited to parties…

Boyd, Watkins, Ellington Take Aim at Heisman (Fox Sports Carolinas)

Few teams in college football return a trio quite like the one that will light up the scoreboard in Death Valley this fall. Clemson’s triumvirate of quarterback Tajh Boyd, tailback Andre Ellington, and receiver Sammy Watkins were extraordinarily prolific last season. Now, as each is a year more experienced, they should produce even more…

BC Offense Finds Identity Without Harris (ESPN’s ACC Blog)

The ACC will be missing one of its most accomplished running backs this season, as Boston College record-setter Montel Harris was dismissed from the team last month for a repeated violation of team rules. Harris was the ACC’s leading rusher in 2010, the league’s preseason player of the year in 2011, and BC’s all-time leading rusher…

Pitt’s Perceived Weakness (Part I of IV): Defensive Line (Cardiac Hill)

Yesterday, I gave a few reasons why Pitt isn’t faring well in too many preseason football predictions. Over the next few days, I’ll be looking at four of Pitt’s perceived weaknesses. You could, of course, add to this list, but these are some of the most oft-cited reasons for expectations being lowered for this season. The first reason? A new defensive line…

Conference Realignment: What Is Boston College’s Aspirational Conference? (BC Interruption)

New University of Hawai’i-Manoa Chancellor Tom Apple, whose school has yet to officially join the Mountain West, has, shall we say, higher aspirations for the Warriors: “I won’t go dreaming about where we might be, but there is a really good conference out on the West Coast that it would be wonderful to be part of eventually”…

One Big Question for Duke, Can Renfree Take Blue Devils Bowling? (Saturday Blitz)

There was some buzz prior to the 2011 season that the ACC’s best quarterback just might call Duke home. And no, this wasn’t Dick Vitale using quarterback as a metaphor for point guard while singing the praises of Austin Rivers. Sean Renfree was a top 15 prospect at his position coming out of Arizona’s Notre Dame prep…

The ACC Football-Mad Men Mashup (The Key Play)

The Mad Men Season 5 finale is Sunday and we’re still (glances at watch) WAY too far away from the beginning of football season. So, to help pass some of that time and welcome the finale, enjoy this half-baked, fragment-heavy ACC football-Mad Men mashup. Virginia Tech: Don Draper; Easily the most consistently successful character in the bunch. Emerged from obscurity…

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