ACC vs. The World (Week 3)

Randy Edsall and the Terps Had a Rough Saturday

Week 3: 8 games (5-3)

It was another week with a winning record against non conference foes for the ACC, but the numbers do not tell the whole story. All-in-all it was a rough week for the ACC out of conference, but teams also lost all of their non-conference games against other major conferences. And although Virginia Tech vs. Pittsburgh is an ACC matchup in the eyes of this blog, the Hokies loosing to a woeful Pitt team certainly did not make the ACC look al that well.

vs. Big East (0-2): North Carolina played well, but took a tough loss against a good Louisville team

vs. Big Ten (0-1): Like UNC, Boston College did not look bad, though still lost to a quality Northwestern team.

Highlight: Clemson took care of business with Furman without allowing for any unwanted drama.

Lowlight: Maryland lost to UConn, and things continue to get worse for Randy Edsall.

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5 thoughts on “ACC vs. The World (Week 3)

  1. 0-3 vs. Big East teams. That’s just unacceptable! ’nuff said.

    How is it that Syracuse and BC both have the good fortune of playing Northwestern in a year when they just may wind up being crowned Big Ten champ?

    The only team associated with the ACC that actually performed better than expected this weekend? Notre Dame – the partial member. Ouch!

    Good news: at least the ACC will have a top 10 match-up next Saturday night on ABC. Maybe that will get this taste out of my mouth!

    • Virginia Tech’s offense showed its true colors (sorry, Mark), and honestly, I’m unsure who wins the Coastal right now (understand the Hokies still have the inside track, however). As far as the Clemson-FSU matchup, I’m praying for a close game, regardless of outcome. Would hate to see one team get banished from the top 25 for getting manhandled on national television.

  2. UConn-Maryland game was quite frustrating … but it is a young team. I think it will improve, but it will be a very tough year for the Terps. Stefon Diggs (WR/PR) and Wes Brown (RB) were two guys who had pretty good games for Maryland … but too many mistakes did them in.

    Interesting to see Florida State absolutely destroy Wake Forest. I’m reallllly curious how the game against Clemson will go.

    • FSU looks as advertised this year, and the game with Clemson should be great.

      Speaking of in conference blow outs, I was at the GT-UVA game this past weekend, and was amazed at how Tech just absolutely ran over Virginia.

    • That 52-0 demolition derby looked much better than advertised. FSU’s only allowed three points over three games. If they can do that to Wake, they may run through the rest of the league too.

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