ACC Football Daily Links — With Maryland Gone, Where Does ACC Turn For Expansion?

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How Should ACC Respond to Maryland’s Big Ten Move? (Daily Press)

For someone who grew up watching Howard White, Randy White and Lefty Driesell compete in the ACC, seeing the University of Maryland leave the conference for the Big Ten is illogical if not blasphemous. But realignment scoffs at tradition, projected television revenue turns heads and we move on…

Maryland Headed to Big Ten, What Next for Swofford? (Shakin’ the Southland)

First I’d like to congratulate the Turtles for leaving the conference and giving the finger to Tobacco Road. I know those guys don’t like the UNC-Duke Axis of Evil any more than we do down here, and I’d be more than happy if Clemson did the same thing one day. There may even be a mess on the keyboard afterwards if we ever go through such a thing. I’ll be watching intently as the discussions over the new $50 Million buyout get dragged out on ESPN…

Maryland’s Loss Won’t Hurt ACC (News & Observer)

The ACC without Maryland is like a car without a spare tire. Life goes on unabated. About all the Terrapins have brought to the ACC table over the past decade is tradition, and if that doesn’t matter to Maryland, why should it matter to the ACC? If Maryland felt disregarded and overlooked in the ACC, wait until it gets a look at life in the Big Ten…

Florida State Trustee Says School Will ‘Stay the Course’ (USA Today)

Earlier this year, Andy Haggard became the face and voice of the anti-ACC faction within Florida State’s athletic hierarchy when he publicly blasted the league’s television contract and said the school should explore a possible move to the Big 12. But on the day Maryland left the ACC, Haggard, who is still on FSU’s Board of Trustees but stepped down as chairman in June, told USA TODAY Sports that he doesn’t see the Seminoles pursuing another league…

Maryland Football’s Best Corporate Friend (Fortune)

And you thought your mobile plan cancellation fee hurt? Before the University of Maryland can exit the ACC, it will have to come up with $50 million—a hefty parting punishment indeed. Yesterday, the school’s Board of Regents voted “yes” on moving all of its athletic teams—most notably, its football program—from the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) to the Big Ten Conference. Maryland was a charter member of the athletic conference…

Maryland to the Big Ten: Good Riddance (Streaking the Lawn)

This opinion piece is sure to rile up some folks from our northern neighbor, but so be it. If you want a Maryland-slanted, President Loh-approved, view of this decision, head on over to SBN’s TestudoTimes and check out their discussion of why this move is taking place. It’s a good read and well done. But this is my take on it. After my initial reaction to the departure of the Twerps to the Big Ten (something along the lines of “seriously?”)…

ACC Expansion: A Perfect Opportunity to Revisit Nonsensical Division Names (BC Interruption)

With Maryland and Rutgers off to the Big Ten, the conference had the opportunity to revisit the ridiculous Legends and Leaders divisional alignment. For those hoping that the Big Ten would realign the divisions to make some sense, you’ll probably end up disappointed. Maryland President Wallace D. Loh told ESPN’s Brett McMurphy that both Maryland and Rutgers will join the … looks it up again … Leaders Division…

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