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Friday, November 30, 2012

Crazy, Probably False Realignment Rumor #41,235,321: Georgia Tech Headed to B1G? (Probably Not) (Testudo Times)

Do I buy it? Not for a second. Am I intrigued by it, enough to write about it? You betcha. It all started a few days ago with a West Virginia website, followed up by some radio host, and then finally a tweet from a 247 Clemson affiliate site that was later deleted. It’s expansion in a nutshell, a bunch of random rumors from all the wrong places tying together…

What Louisville to the ACC Means: Maybe We’re Done With Realignment Now! (SB Nation)

Martin: We didn’t think it would ever actually happen, but it did. Louisville is joining the ACC. I know you were sweating and struggling with how things were going to shake out, but walk us through how this all came to be from the Louisville perspective. Mark: For Louisville folks, it really looked like conference realignment was done for a while…

The Big East is a Failed Experiment (Slate)

In the last few days in conference realignment, Maryland and Rutgers left the ACC and Big East respectively to join the Big Ten; Louisville switched from the Big East to the ACC; Tulane and East Carolina moved from Conference USA to the Big East (the latter in football only); Florida Atlantic and Middle Tennessee went from the Sun Belt to Conference USA; Denver traded the Western Athletic Conference for the Summit League…

Are Four “Super” Conferences Really Inevitable? (ACC Sports Journal)

Four 16-team super conferences. That’s the end game isn’t it? Through all this talk of networks, footprints, exit fees, yadda, yadda, yadda, I keep reading and hearing about the inevitable “four 16-team super conferences.” You’ve got to get to 16 and get in that group of four, the thinking goes, or you’re consigned to the dust bin of college sports history…

Now, Roles Reversed as Maryland Flees ACC (Washington Times)
Seems like just yesterday Randy Edsall, Maryland’s imperious football coach, was imposing his will on Danny O’Brien and two other players to keep them from transferring to Vanderbilt, where former Terps assistant James Franklin has been gaining traction. Remember that sorry scene? Edsall made a vague, unsubstantiated reference to “things you feel might have taken place” between the various parties, then added…

ACC Expansion: Louisville to be Added to Atlantic Division? (BC Interruption)

As part of yesterday’s announcement of adding Louisville to the ACC, commissioner John Swofford was asked where Louisville will fit into the divisional alignment. While nothing has been set in stone, Swofford anticipates that Louisville will join Boston College, Clemson, Florida State, N.C. State, Syracuse and Wake Forest in the Atlantic Division…

Clemson/Louisville FY 2011 USA Today Financial Data (Shakin’ the Southland)

With the addition of Louisville to the ACC, we wanted to examine how the Cardinals compare to our Tigers in terms of overall finances. All data shown in this article was attained through the USA Today website and pertains only to public universities who disclose this information. USA Today typically releases its data each May…

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