ACC Football Daily Links — How Much Is Your Favorite ACC Football Program Worth?

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Monday through Friday each week, we compile the best links on ACC football from around the web.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How Much Is Your College Football Program Worth? 2013 Edition (BC Interruption)

Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus finance professor Ryan Brewer is back with updated valuations for 115 of the college football teams in Division I-A. The study examines factors such as revenues and expenses, adjusting for cash-flow and risk factors, as well as a projection for future growth. The final valuation represents what a program would sell for if they were bought and sold like pro franchises…

VT Gets to Open ’13 With… ‘Bama (ESPN’s ACC Blog)

Virginia Tech fans hoping to erase memories of the 2012 season may have a difficult time when 2013 kicks off. Say hello to Alabama. Not exactly an ideal way to start fresh. The Hokies are coming off their worst season in 20 years. Alabama is coming off its third national title in four years. I most certainly applaud Virginia Tech for taking the challenge in the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game in Atlanta against the Tide…

Devin Burns to Transfer From Maryland, But Terps Can Absorb Loss This Time (Testudo Times)

Cue jokes about AMQHG striking again, but we’ll get to that in a sec. Via a half-dozen sources, including the Post: Sophomore quarterback Devin Burns, a converted wide receiver who played in three games for the Terrapins football team last season, is leaving the University of Maryland effective immediately, an athletic department official confirmed Tuesday…

Menelik Watson’s Unlikely Journey Continues (Fox Sports Florida)

Menelik Watson’s multi-sport odyssey has taken around the globe the past five years. And now his next step appears to be the NFL. Florida State’s junior right tackle has just 20 games of football experience, but Watson has indicated to friends that he will opt to leave school early for the NFL draft. His path to the NFL is among the most unlikely…

Syracuse Offensive Coordinator Nathaniel Hackett Headed to Bills, Per Reports (Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician)

Have you ever wanted to know what it is like to be a sports blogger in the middle of a coaching carousel? Well, really all you need to do is write up a story about a report, and then wait a few hours to write the exact opposite story. For the last week that is what it seems we’ve been doing here at TNIAAM, and Tuesday night is no different…

Mario Cristobal Reportedly in Talks to Be Hired By Miami, to Coach Football, Doing Something With Receivers (State of the U)

All you Hurricanes fans better get your hand towels ready, because the wet dreams you’ve been having since FIU unceremoniously dumped Mario Cristobal last month are about to burst into another failed attempt at procreation: The pessimist will say this is undoubtedly a step down in Cristobal’s career, why would he take this demotion, why not just wait out a year on Greg Schiano’s staff up in Tampa…

Beamer, Virginia Tech Shop for Offensive Coaching Help (Roanoke Times)

Virginia Tech’s football staff still technically doesn’t have any openings, but that hasn’t stopped the Hokies from seeking new coaches on the offensive side of the ball. Tech coach Frank Beamer was scheduled to meet Monday with Stanford offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton at the American Football Coaches Association convention in Nashville, Tenn., according to’s Bruce Feldman…

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6 thoughts on “ACC Football Daily Links — How Much Is Your Favorite ACC Football Program Worth?

  1. RE: Syracuse – BUMMER! Orange have to “start over” anyway w/o Nassib, but REALLY? I guess new QB/new OC is a reasonable combo.

    RE: Miami – Best wishes! The ACC would be better if the ‘Canes got back to being the ‘Canes

    RE: VT – (1) please hire a good pro-style OC (if not Hamilton, then SOMEBODY)!
    RE: VT – (2) the off-season mantra needs to be “Beat ‘Bama”. Hokies will know about the season by the end of the first weekend.

    • Not thrilled about the Syracuse news, just because of its impact on incoming recruits. See the comments over at Nunes Magician for the rage-induced reaction from Orange fans.

      I fully expect Miami to hire Cristobal, though I did want him for SU’s staff.

      Tech will have their hands full against ‘Bama, regardless of who they choose as OC. Logan Thomas coming back is a start, but they’d need the important pieces on D to return as well.

  2. With VT-Bama, Clemson-Georgia, BC-USC, Maryland-WVU, Miami-UF, UNC-SCar, UVA-BYU, UVA-Penn State, Syracuse-Penn State, and Syracuse-Northwestern, the ACC will have a ton of opportunities to make a statement against ranked or fringe-top-25 teams before September’s over. Kudos to all these schools for scheduling tough games early in the season–this is a great September nonconference slate. But like VT-Bama, I’m afraid I don’t like the ACC’s chances in most of them. The first month of 2013 could vault the conference into national prominence, or ensure that it’s already an afterthought by the time October starts.

    • Looking at those matchups, I’ve got the ACC around the 1-9 or 2-8 mark at best. Hopefully I’m sorely mistaken. Otherwise, like you said, the league will be a joke before the season’s second month.

      • I think there’s credence to both strategies — starting against tough opponents, and starting against weak ones. The large majority of games in the opening weeks are still a joke. Plus, if you’re going to schedule an FCS school, can’t say that one that’s actually good at football (like Nova) is a bad thing.

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