Despite Heavy Sanctions, Penn State Football Remains Largely Intact (For Now)

Penn State RB Silas Redd Is Likely Departing the Program. Who Else Will Join Him?

Remember last week when we thought the entire Penn State football team was headed for greener, less-sanctioned pastures? Well, for right now, it appears that will not be the case anymore.

Since the initial announcement of PSU’s “almost death-penalty” 62 current scholarship players have publicly stated they’re staying with the program (spreadsheet courtesy of Nittany Lions blog Black Shoe Diaries). Six top recruits from the class of 2013 all showed some impressive solidarity the other day when they reaffirmed their commitment to the school via Twitter. After all the doomsday predictions and sky-is-falling rhetoric about the beleaguered program, the first player to officially leave the program only did so yesterday.

But is that just the beginning of what may be a larger wave of fallout? Tim Buckley, former PSU safety and Raleigh native, officially jumped ship to his hometown NC State yesterday. While just a two-star player out of high school, Buckley was not sticking around to see how much playing time he could gain by other defections and now finds himself much closer to home (though not much closer to starting right now). Buckley’s departure may not make ripples in the big scheme of things, but it’s a warning shot for the other two big names in PSU transfer conversations.
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