Conference Realignment: Which Side of the Argument Is Each Big 12 School On?

While It May Be Apparent How Texas Would Proceed, Where Does the Rest of the Big 12 Stand on Conference Realignment?

News yesterday was that the Big 12 was “content” with 10 members, maintaining its current alignment, with no championship game and a nice sum of money for everybody involved. But of course, there are all of those pesky rumors that this could all change once the playoff landscape is decided upon by June 30 of this year. On top of that, some schools are coming out in favor of a playoff, while others are against.

We’ll be taking a look at each of the Big 12’s 10 schools below, and evaluating where they sit right now: either for or against expanding the league by at least two members. About a week and a half ago, there were five pushing for it in some way, four on the fence and one flat-out no. But now? Let’s dive in…

Baylor: After pushing to keep the Big 12 together, it appears that it’s “mission accomplished.” But after one of the program’s most successful seasons in recent (or distant) memory, does expansion suit them or not? In a north/south divisional split, they’re unlikely to contend with OU or Texas, but a 10-team setup gives them zero chance to win the league but be its top seed. They go with the odds. Pick: Pro-Expansion

Iowa State: Another team whose best interest is to see a healthy Big 12, with teams contending for the national title. Have the Cyclones ruled out any chance they’d be able to win the league, though? AD Jamie Pollard says he’d rather see a true league champion contend than a 7-5 team steal a title and a shot at the crystal football. Given that ISU’s best bet is being that 7-5 team, I think we know where they’re at. Pick: Anti-Expansion Continue reading

ACC Football Weekly Enemies List: The One Where Clemson Winks at the Big 12

Clemson and Florida State’s Boards of Trustees Have Become Quite Aggravating

Our newest weekly feature, the “Enemies List” gives a rightful place of ire to individuals who wronged ACC football in some way, shape or form. The inspiration for this practice? Why, President Richard Nixon, of course, who spent tons of time being paranoid people were out to get him. Obviously, the ACC can relate given the current state of things

ACC Enemies List, Week of May 28

1. David Wilkins, Board of Trustees Chairman, Clemson: In most situations, acting like the desperate girl on prom night would be a red flag to potential suitors. But for Wilkins and Clemson, apparently this is their strategy to grab their date of choice, the Big 12. Time will tell if the Tigers hop in the limo on Bevo’s arm, or sit sobbing on the front steps of the ACC.

2. Andy Haggard, Board of Trustees Chairman, Florida State: The asshat that really drove this REALIGNMENT death train into overdrive, Haggard’s most damaging weeks are behind him (for now). But with a weak statement similar to Clemson’s above, the speculation door is still wide open, and flooded with disgruntled, face-painted ‘Noles.

3. Bill Snyder, Head Football Coach, Kansas State: Snyder’s the only Big 12 coach man enough to come out and say he wants two more teams, even though “several” others said so too. Unsure who these “several” coaches are, but I’d like to try and convince them expansion is a terrible idea. If they think they have Texas now, just wait ’till they bring on UT clones, FSU. Insufferable just took on a new meaning (the best I could do searching “cow headdress” images). Continue reading