Georgia Recruiting Battles: There Can Only Be One?


Who Reigns Victorious in the Heated Fight For Top Georgia Recruits?

Every college football program need recruits in order to play the game, but college football recruiting is a complex issue that goes beyond simply signing players. There are all sorts of metrics for quantifying college football recruiting, but at the end of the day programs are concerned with winning football games.  In terms of recruiting this means recruiting the players that are right for your program and recruiting competitively with your rivals. This means that a programs ability to recruit regionally and against rivals is critical.

For the sake of this article, lets take an in-depth look at a notable recruiting battle in ACC country. The state of Georgia is rich in football talent, and Georgia Tech (one of the ACC’s stronger football programs) shares the state with arch-rival University of Georgia of the SEC.

First lets take a look at some basic recruiting statistics. On average from 2002 to 2012 U[sic]GA has had the 9th ranked national recruiting class, while Georgia Tech has had the 40th according to I take recruiting rankings with a grain of salt. Despite UGA’s highly ranked classes, they have yet to dominate on a national level, and Georgia Tech has been successful with their recruiting classes. Admittedly, Georgia has had more success in the last 11 years, but it’s not as if Tech has been a slouch either by any means. So why has Georgia had so much more success in recruiting the most highly rated recruits? Continue reading

Georgia Tech Football: Quarterback Controversy on the Flats?


How Safe Is Tevin Washington's Job at Georgia Tech?

A quarterback competition may be brewing in Georgia Tech‘s spring football practices this year. You may ask yourself “who cares about a quarterback competition at Tech?  The QB doesn’t throw, just like the RBs at Boise State don’t run.” If this is how you view quarterbacks at Georgia Tech, then you are severely mistaken about the importance of the position in its spread option offense. The entire offense revolves around the quarterback, and a QB competition at Tech is worth taking a look at.

Tevin Washington started every game at QB for the Yellow Jackets last season and is returning for his senior season. Washington led Tech to a respectable, if not spectacular, 8-5 record last year and managed to achieve a QB rating of 155.4. At first glance you may wonder why there is any controversy at all over who the starting quarterback will be. However, the upcoming season figures to be a statement year for Head Coach Paul Johnson, and there are quality options at quarterback beside Washington.

Overall, Coach Johnson has experienced great success since arriving at Georgia Tech.  He has beaten arch-rival Georgia once, won an ACC Championship, and has been a consistent competitor amongst the ACC’s best football programs. However, most of Johnson’s success came during his first two years in Atlanta when many of his offensive stars were holdovers from the Chan Gailey era. This fact has not gone unnoticed by the Tech faithful, who are anxious to see if Johnson can replicate the success he had with former starting QB Joshua Nesbitt. So while Johnson and Washington have both performed admirably overall, there is still a lot for both parties to prove. Continue reading