Hypothetical College Foootball Playoffs 2012: Week Eight

Alabama and QB AJ McCarron Are Unstoppable Until Someone Proves Otherwise

Now that the dream of a playoff has turned into a reality (following the 2014 season), this realistic-but-still-hypothetical-for-two-years feature actually has some outside guidelines to follow: four teams, two semifinal spots and then a championship game. We currently have no clue how teams will be determined, how polls will be released, or who will put them together. So with that in mind, we’re going with the BCS rankings (courtesy of BCSGuru for teams outside of top 25), for lack of an on-hand committee to spit out a detailed list. Also, for our own enjoyment, you’ll find a 16-team hypothetical tournament below. Just because it’s too much fun not to think about.

If the Four-Team Playoff Started This Year…

Top Eight Seeds (in order): Alabama, Florida, Oregon, Kansas State, Notre Dame, LSU, South Carolina, Oregon State

Semifinal 1: #1 Alabama vs. #4 Kansas State

Semifinal 2: #2 Florida vs. #3 Oregon

National Championship Game: Alabama over Oregon

Many folks — Oregon coach Chip Kelly included — are a bit perturbed to see the Ducks placed third in the initial rankings, and we sort of agree. That said, since Alabama and Florida may have to face off in the SEC Championship Game (or lose trying to get there), it’s also likely the Ducks can move up rather easily.

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