Conference Realignment: Big 12 Targeting Louisville, BYU for Expansion?

Louisville and BYU Aren't Being Shy About a Potential Big 12 Move

Never a dull moment in college football — on or off the field, it seems. The same week we hear news of Temple entertaining the Big East‘s desperation plea to get to eight members for 2012, now there’s murmurs the move may actually be a preemptive one for Louisville‘s possible departure.

According to SBNation and BYU‘s Rivals site, DeepShadesofBlue, it looks as if the Big12 is in talks of some sort with both the Cardinals’ and Cougars’ administrations. While it’s no secret that Louisville’s wanted out for quite awhile now, the fact that BYU’s back in the fold is nothing short of surprising. If you’ll recall, TV issues sort of halted discussions last fall — specifically, the Big 12’s partners weren’t thrilled with the Salt Lake City market and BYU wasn’t ready to fold its operation back into a conference, just months after leaving another one. But now, apparently, those thoughts have adjusted a bit:

“Talks between the two parties have ramped up over the past couple of weeks however, with discussions revolving around the possibility of BYU and Louisville being added in time for the 2013-14 athletics season. Such a move would get the conference back to its original number of 12 member schools, and provide it with the opportunity to hold a championship game for football in December of 2013.”

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