Women in Sports: Female Kicker at Virginia Tech? (And a Discussion on Women in College Football)

Will We See Women Like Lauren Luttrell On a FBS Team in the Near Future?

Last week, ESPN told the story of Lauren Luttrell, a Virginia Tech freshman looking to parlay her high school football success as a placekicker to an opportunity with the Hokies. While Luttrell’s journey ultimately ended short of making the team, she’s also not the first female to give it a go at the FBS level. Which got us thinking more about women in college football overall…

Today’s post features fellow Syracuse grad (full disclosure: and my girlfriend) Kendra Brogden, and her opinion on whether or not D-1 football is for everyone, if we’ll ever see a full-time female kicker in the FBS and more.

John: We’ll start off with the big question – should women be playing college football, specifically at the FBS level?

Kendra: In my opinion, if a woman can play a male-dominated sport at a competitive level, I see no reason why she should not be playing on these teams. That said, there should not be any special allowances or “handicaps” available for females that want to play the sport. If they can play a strong role on the team, they should be practicing with the team and playing on the field.

J: Do you think it’ll ever happen? And what are the factors preventing it (if any)?

K: Per the aforementioned ESPN article, there are currently more than 700 females playing football at the high school level. So what happens to these athletes once they graduate and attend colleges? I would be interested to know the statistics around how many of these high school athletes try out for their college teams – my thought would be that the percentage is low and probably the reason that it has not happened yet. Nonetheless, I predict that there will be a female player in the FBS in the next 10 years, most likely at the kicker position, in my opinion. Continue reading