ACC Football Chat: About Arkansas Firing Bobby Petrino

Former Arkansas Coach Bobby Petrino Messed Up. Is He the Only College Coach With Some Baggage, Though?

In our weekly chats, Mike and I discuss different topics pertaining to ACC football and then post the conversation up here. Disagree with us? By all means, share your thoughts below. Happy to continue to the debate.

This week’s topic: The Bobby Petrino scandal and subsequent firing at Arkansas

John: First off, what do u think of Bobby Petrino’s decision to be fired, rather than dealing with penalties from Arkansas? Dumb move on his part?

Mike: He chose to be fired. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

I can see why the school wanted to take action. His conduct reflected poorly on the school. But the Razorbacks are a solid team, and choosing to be fired just makes him look like more of a quitter, especially after the way he left the Atlanta Falcons. And the team was good enough that they probably couldve survived a game or two without him

J: … And don’t forget how he left Louisville, too. So what impact does this have on Arkansas? Footnote, or differencemaker?

M: He’s not a bad coach. If he misses a few cupcake games, no big deal, but not coming back at all will cause them to underperform.

J: If Doug Marrone had done the same, what would ur stance be?

M: Probably the same. Screwing around on your wife isn’t illegal, and he shouldn’t lose his job for it, even if the girl was a subordinate (unless his contract specifically forbids it). However, he’s a public figure, and his conduct makes his employer look bad, so a suspension is warranted. I’d say the same about Marrone, or anyone, really. Continue reading

BCS National Championship Recap: Alabama over LSU, 21-0

The Alabama Crimson Tide Rolled Over LSU, 21-0 in the BCS National Championship Game

What Happened: In a continuation of the world’s most boring matchup of top-ranked teams, the formerly number-one LSU Tigers were absolutely smeauxked (sorry, that’s the only one I’m throwing in) by the Alabama Crimson Tide, 21-0 in the BCS National Championship Game. The Tide defense put on an impressive display, swarming to the ball on nearly every play and shutting down an offense that had previously scored over 38 points per game. Mixed with some questionably conservative play-calling, the Tigers would only manage 92 yards of total offense. They failed to cross the 50-yard line until the final five minutes and rarely looked as if they wanted to come out of this game with a victory. Considering the fire LSU had played with all season, it was both shocking and disappointing to see the lackluster effort on the field through the final gun.

Who’s to Blame: We’ll start with Les Miles, for putting together a gameplan that brought football back to the 1920s. A flawed triple option that failed to work from the beginning yet was continually called anyway, coupled with intense pressure from Alabama’s defensive line, snuffed out any chance Tigers quarterback Jordan Jefferson would be effective. The beleaguered senior, who regained his starting spot during the Alabama game earlier this season, threw for just 53 yards on 17 passes. For those who watched the game live, Jefferson spent much of the second half laying on his back, petitioning for calls from the referees. Even more puzzling was the fact that Miles refused to put Jarrett Lee (who was an effective starter through the team’s first eight full games. While theories are still being tossed out as to why Lee wasn’t handed the ball once Jefferson deemed himself ineffective, I think it’s a matter that Miles must address to the LSU fanbase if he hopes to have a pleasant offseason. Continue reading