ACC Football Chat: What’s Wrong With Boston College Athletics (Specifically Football)?

Who’s to Blame for the Decline of Boston College Sports?

Always looking to expand our content around here, we’ve started up a new weekly feature. Mike and I will be discussing different topics pertaining to ACC football and then posting up the conversation here. Disagree with us? By all means, share your thoughts below. Happy to continue to the debate.

This week’s topic: What’s Wrong With Boston College Athletics?

John: Okay, opening it up — what’s the issue with the Boston College athletic department right now? (we’ll get to football later)

Mike: Gotta say, I’m excited about the hockey team right now.

John: And the rest of the department?

Mike: Football and basketball have definitely left something to be desired…

John: I’d agree, but I’m outside for the most part. Comparing the basketball and football teams now to four years ago, what’s wrong? Feel free to expand as much as needed.

Mike: As far as football goes, they’ve gone from a potential top-10 team to an ACC cellar-dweller. Basketball is a different story. BC’s never really been a basketball school, but they did have some solid seasons in the early 2000s. They got a new coach before last season (which was LONG overdue), so I can understand them having to adapt to a new system, but 9-22 is BAD.

John: Not at all up to Syracuse (basketball) standards, obviously. Given the state of things for both sports — now and historically — would you say the period from ’97-’08 was the fluke, or is this the fluke? Continue reading

Where’s Danny O’Brien Transferring Next Season?

Former Maryland QB Danny O'Brien Will Be Making His Decision on Where He'll Transfer Soon

After the messy divorce with Randy Edsall and the Maryland Terrapins football team, former Terps QB Danny O’Brien still needs a new team. Unfortunately for the North Carolina kid, who can suit up immediately, all the homestate ACC squads are pretty set at QB already. So that leaves about five schools based on where he’s visited and the early rumors regarding his transfer. We rate them below based on the odds he signs there, along with some pluses and minuses of each situation (from longest shot to most likely):

Mississippi (Odds: 20/1): As appealing as a wide-open offense would appear to O’Brien, he’d likely find life in the bottom of the SEC West among the most difficult things he’s ever endured. Of course he’s a quality quarterback, but we can’t kid ourselves and pretend he’s the next Eli Manning down in Oxford, Miss. Too much pressure and a similar situation to what he had last year (new coach trying to prove his system works) spells disaster and no for Danny.

Connecticut (Odds: 17/1): Hard to peg this move as anything but spite toward former coach Edsall (who used to coach there). Also hard to see him making this choice when he may not be even be the second-best quarterback on the roster. Both Johnny McEntee and Scott McCummings showed effectiveness in 2011, making this a poor and unlikely move for everyone involved.

Penn State (Odds: 10/1): There’s no way O’Brien hasn’t heard about what’s going on there, right? With too many institutional issues and legal storms brewing, this seems like the only situation worse for him than Maryland right now. And yet, with a new regime and quarterback questions, it could also be a nice fit. Expectations would be modest, and he could grow with a new coach. That second part could also backfire (see Mississippi above). Continue reading

ACC’s Top 25 Players of 2011: No. 2, Mike Glennon

NC State's Mike Glennon is Number Two On Our Countdown of the ACC's Top 25 Players

To recap the 2011 season of ACC football, we’ll be ranking the top 25 players in the conference this year, starting at 25, and heading all the way to the number-one slot. While these rankings can surely be debated, it’s still entertaining to assemble them. And on we go…

No. 2, Mike Glennon, QB/NC State

In the third quarter of the Wolfpack’s final regular season game against Maryland, Mike Glennon’s team looked as if they’d miss out on the postseason. Down 27 points to an inferrior opponent, there appeared to be little hope left. What they — nor the Terps — counted on, however, was how good Glennon really is. With a tenacious comeback, NC State put up 35 points in the fourth (three attributed to their quarterback) and completed one of the most exciting comebacks in ACC history. Replacing a star like Russell Wilson was no easy task, yet Glennon thrived in 2011, putting up 31 touchdowns and 3,084 passing yards in his first season as a starter. Most of all, the quarterback was the guiding force behind his team’s eight victories — tossing 24 scores (along with one rushing TD) in those games, versus just five picks. On the season, he ranked in the conference’s top-three in touchdown passes, yards and average per game, to go with the longest pass of the season (87 yards). With their leader coming back for one final season, hopes are now high for the Wolfpack heading into 2012. Continue reading

ACC Heisman Watch (Week 8)

Tajh Boyd Could Have More to Celebrate if His Exciting Play Continues

As with all “Heisman Watches,” the one we’ll compile here at Atlantic Coast Convos isn’t about who’s having the best individual statistical season, but who’s experiencing the most combined individual and team success overall. So while player X may have 2,000 passing yards through five games, if his team’s 1-4, there’s no shot. With that in mind, let’s go to this week’s Heisman hopefuls:

1. Tajh Boyd, QB, Clemson (2,169 total yards/22 Total TD/3 INT/62.5% completion): Tajh Boyd continued his tear last week, throwing for 270 yards and four touchdowns during Clemson’s furious come-from-behind victory over Maryland. While he’s not getting a ton of buzz outside of the conference conversation, if the Tigers keep winning, it’ll be pretty difficult to deny him at least some consideration. The worst part, however? He’s putting up some pretty impressive numbers compared to the current Heisman favorites.

The breakdown:

Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford (1,779 total yards/19 Total TD/3 INT/71.3% completion)

Russell Wilson, QB, Wisconsin (1,739 total yards/16 Total TD/1 INT/74.2% completion)

Kellen Moore, QB, Boise State (1,729 passing yards/21 TD/4 INT/75.9% completion)

Yes, Boyd has played in one more game than the other three, and admittedly, the latter group all possess very impressive completion percentages. But beside that, none of their numbers stand out as THAT MUCH better than what Tajh Boyd’s doing. Right now, all of these players’ teams are still undefeated, but if Stanford, Wisconsin or Boise State lose (and Clemson stays perfect), why shouldn’t Boyd be part of the bigger Heisman picture?

Unfortunately for the ACC, they’re battling a perception issue against these other leagues (and somehow, Boise). It also doesn’t help that Boyd is the conference’s only legitimate contender (with Tevin Washington and Tanner Price dropping out after losses last week). Add in the fact that no Clemson player has ever won the award, and it would seem Boyd has an uphill battle in store.