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24 Book to Movie Changes in ‘The Death Cure’ Movie (MOVIE SPOILERS)

24 Book to Movie Changes in ‘The Death Cure’ Movie (MOVIE SPOILERS)

It’s following within the footsteps of its predecessor.

Have you ever been paying consideration, gladers?

In the present day we’re taking a look at ‘The Dying Remedy’ film vs. the guide. Like its predecessor, ‘The Demise Remedy’ film could be very totally different from the supply materials. And but whereas we counted extra modifications on this film than we did in ‘The Scorch Trials’, the very core of the guide’s story is current. Nonetheless, it’s onerous to disregard a few of these variations! We counted 24 variations between the guide and film — how about you?

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Listed here are all of the Demise Remedy film variations!


1. That insane practice opening.

Within the E-book: It’s not within the guide in any respect. The e-book opens with Thomas as a prisoner of WICKED. He’s in solitary confinement for almost a month earlier than being reunited with the opposite gladers.

Within the Film: Thomas and his buddies are on a mission to rescue Minho who’s en path to the WCKD headquarters. They finally handle to steal away a whole boxcar of youngsters from WCKD however fail to rescue Minho.

2. Principally every part Minho.

Within the Guide: Minho is with Thomas and his associates from the start. He was by no means taken by WICKED like he’s on the finish of ‘The Scorch Trials’ film.

Within the Film: Rescuing Minho from WCKD is the story’s main plot level. Their infiltration into the town — and the aim of breaking into WCKD — is to save lots of Minho, who’s being experimented on by WCKD docs.

three. The reminiscence surgical procedure is absent.

Within the Ebook: At first of the guide, Janson tells the gladers that they’ll be getting their reminiscences again. Thomas, Newt and Minho are suspicious of the supply and at first refuse. They’re ultimately pressured to conform. When Thomas is being led into the reminiscence surgical procedure, Brenda seems and divulges that she had been working for WICKED however was plotting towards them. She and Jorge break Thomas, Newt and Minho out earlier than they obtain the surgical procedure.

Within the Film: This complete plot level is absent from the film.

four. Janson doesn’t reveal who’s and isn’t immune.

Within the Ebook: Janson reveals from the start who’s and isn’t immune. It’s right here the place Thomas learns that Newt isn’t resistant to the Flare. Janson goes on to elucidate that WICKED positioned people who weren’t immune within the Glade as management variables for his or her experiment.

Within the Film: This scene by no means takes place. Nevertheless, Newt does understand that he isn’t immune about mid-way by means of the movie — when he has the Flare. He shares his suspicion with Thomas that he should have been positioned within the Glade as a management variable.

5. The Proper Arm is round from the very starting.

Within the Ebook: The Proper Arm is launched virtually halfway by means of the story once they’re revealed to be kidnapping individuals resistant to the Flare. It’s revealed that their precise plan is to make use of their kidnapped immunes as a option to sneak into the WICKED headquarters and finally convey the group down.

Within the Film: The Proper Arm is launched in ‘The Scorch Trials’ film and performs a serious position within the last battle scene with WCKD. Thus, they’re current on the very starting of ‘The Demise Remedy’ film. Actually, Vince helps Thomas in his try and rescue Minho from the practice. It’s additionally essential to notice that the Proper Arm intends to sail a ship away to a protected place within the film. Your complete story of capturing immunes is absent from the movie.

6. Mad Scientist Teresa.

Within the E-book: Teresa’s loyalty to WICKED is a scorching level within the guide — there’s little question about that. However at first of The Dying Remedy, Thomas witnesses her escaping WICKED with a gaggle of gladers. She and the opposite gladers make their solution to Denver the place they’re ultimately captured by the Proper Arm and later reunited with Thomas and his associates.

Within the Film: Teresa is mad scientist all the best way! She’s actively utilizing Minho to create a remedy for the Flare. Her storyline from the guide is thrown out the window.

7. Thomas, Newt and Frypan’s mission to rescue Minho alone.

Within the Guide: As defined above, Thomas and his associates escape WICKED with the assistance of Brenda and Jorge. From there, they head to Denver.

Within the Film: Thomas decides he’s going to go on a solo mission to rescue Minho. Newt and Frypan discover out about Thomas leaving and determine to go together with him. They quickly get trapped by some cranks and are then rescued by Brenda and Jorge.

eight. The cranks within the tunnel scene.

Within the E-book: There is a second within the e-book the place Thomas and his buddies are attacked by a gaggle of cranks whereas driving in a van with Lawrence on their method to meet the Proper Arm. However this scene takes place a lot later within the ebook once they’re in Denver.

Within the Film: The scene the place they’re being attacked of their automotive takes place within the tunnel originally of the film as an alternative. Lawrence isn’t current at this level within the movie.

9. “The town” is the one metropolis left.

Within the E-book: Readers are led to consider that there are a selection of cities nonetheless standing. The town that Thomas and his pals journey to is particularly recognized as Denver, Colorado.

Within the Film: It’s stated that there are subsequent to no cities left. The town that Thomas travels to isn’t referred to by identify.

10. There’s no Crank Palace.

Within the E-book: There’s an space the place cranks have been quarantined in Denver. Newt is ultimately taken right here and Thomas and his pals go to seek out him. They fail to persuade Newt to return with them and he’s left on the Crank Palace.

Within the Film: Crank Palace isn’t within the film. Newt by no means leaves the core group.

11. Hans isn’t within the film.

Within the E-book: One of many main causes Thomas and his pals go to Denver is to satisfy up with a person named Hans. Hans used to work for WICKED and may take the monitoring chips out of the gladers. He ultimately does this, although after WICKED begins thoughts controlling Thomas who assaults everybody in the course of the surgical procedure.

Within the Film: Hans isn’t within the film and the first motivation for going to the town is to rescue Minho. Afterward within the movie, Teresa is the one to extract the monitoring chips from Thomas and his pals. The thoughts management factor is absent.

12. Gally’s not likely working for the Proper Arm.

Within the Ebook: When arriving in Denver, Thomas receives a observe stating that Gally want to meet him. Once they lastly meet, it’s revealed that Gally is working with the Proper Arm.

Within the Film: A gaggle of masked males captures Thomas and his associates once they arrive outdoors the town. Gally is revealed to be one among these males. It’s additionally discovered that he’s working with a insurgent group of cranks somewhat than the Proper Arm.

13. Lawrence has a heightened position within the film.

Within the Ebook: Lawrence takes Thomas to the Proper Arm the place he meets Vince. He later drops Thomas off on the WICKED headquarters as a part of a plan to take them down.

Within the Film: Lawrence seems because the Voldemort-esque chief of a crank military. He ultimately blows up the wall defending the town, killing himself however permitting the cranks from the surface world to beat the town and WCKD.

14. The break into WCKD headquarters is completely totally different.

Within the Guide: Thomas groups up with the Proper Arm to interrupt into WICKED headquarters. The plan is for Thomas to sneak a tool into the headquarters that may disable everybody’s weapons, giving the Proper Arm a good benefit towards the WICKED guards. The Proper Arm storms the headquarters simply as Thomas is about to be operated on by Janson and his crew.

Within the Film: Thomas and his pals kidnap Teresa (as she’s going house for the night time… to her condominium?). They ultimately break into the headquarters disguised as guards, utilizing Teresa’s thumbprint as a key to get into high-security areas of the constructing. They rescue Minho and the youngsters WCKD has captured.

15. That insane bus scene.

Within the Ebook: It’s not within the e-book.

Within the Film: Holy shank! Brenda drives a bus of rescued youngsters as a part of a high-speed chase by means of the town. Simply when she seems caught, Frypan pulls the bus into the air with a crane. It’s loopy.

16. Newt’s demise is totally different.

Within the Ebook: Thomas ultimately spots Newt on the freeway (that is someday after having left him on the Crank Palace. They’re on their option to WICKED headquarters once they spot him). Newt’s gone full crank at this level however Thomas tries to persuade him to go together with them. Newt’s not having it and assaults Thomas, begging for dying. Thomas lastly agrees to take action. He shoots Newt within the head.

Within the Film: The Flare lastly overcomes Newt as they escape from WCKD headquarters. Like within the ebook, Newt begins attacking Thomas. In the meantime, Minho and Brenda are racing to get treatment to Newt with the hopes of delaying the Flare’s results. Whereas preventing with Thomas, Newt takes out a knife and by accident stabs himself throughout their scuffle. This occurs proper as Brenda arrives with the treatment.

17. Every part Chancellor Web page.

Within the Guide: Paige by no means seems within the books. That doesn’t imply she isn’t absent, nevertheless. She’s undoubtedly current inside the Maze Runner world. In truth she communicates with Thomas in The Demise Remedy by way of a observe. This occurs after he’s infiltrated WICKED headquarters and prevented Janson’s operation to extract his mind. Paige’s observe says that she stopped the operation (apparently they didn’t really need his mind or one thing) and instructs Thomas to save lots of the kidnapped immunes.

Within the Film: Paige could be very current all through the movie. She’s working with Janson and Teresa to discover a remedy on the headquarters. Thomas ultimately meets together with her, satisfied that he’s the important thing to the remedy they’ve been on the lookout for. However earlier than he can go together with her, Janson kills her and takes Thomas for himself.

18. They by no means return to the Maze.

Within the Guide: Paige’s observe to Thomas instructs him to return to the Maze/Glade from Guide 1. The kidnapped immunes are being held there and Thomas has a chance to cause them to a protected place the place they’ll be free from violence perpetually. They should get to a portal/transporter — “Flat Trans” — to get to the protected place. On their approach, the Proper Arm begins destroying every little thing.

Within the Film: It’s not within the film. Nevertheless, we do see a flashback to the Maze from Minho whereas Teresa and her evil physician associates are experimenting on him.

19. The place did all of the grievers go?

Within the Guide: A pack of grievers involves life and assaults Thomas and the immunes as they attempt to escape the Maze. Thomas fights off the grievers however a few of the immunes are killed through the assault.

Within the Film: Additionally not within the film. However once more, we see a griever in considered one of Minho’s pressured nightmares.

20. Janson is killed by cranks.

Within the Ebook: Simply as Thomas and the immunes are about to flee by way of the Flat Trans, Janson and his cronies present up. Janson tries to cease Thomas, however Thomas finally kills Janson by strangling him to demise.

Within the Film: Janson chases Thomas and Teresa right into a room the place cranks are being held and experimented on. This enables Thomas to shatter one of many glass doorways defending them from the cranks. The cranks are launched and instantly assault and kill Janson.

21. Teresa’s dying is totally different too.

Within the Ebook: Teresa saves Thomas’s life, pushing him out of the best way from falling particles. The particles crushes her as an alternative. Thomas goes on to flee by means of the Flat Trans.

Within the Film: THOMAS AND TERESA KISS (for reals this time). They’re on the roof of the WCKD headquarters and Jorge flies the berg towards them. Teresa helps Thomas bounce into the Berg, however the constructing collapses earlier than she might be saved.

22. Nope to the Brenda kiss.

Within the Ebook: After lastly arriving in paradise, the story ends with Thomas and Brenda kissing. It’s implied that Brenda is maintaining one thing from Thomas.

Within the Film: They make it to paradise — not by way of the flat trans — however the big ship seen at first of the film. And Brenda and Thomas don’t kiss. As an alternative, they carve the names of the family members they misplaced right into a stone.

23. Newt’s notice is now a letter.

Within the Guide: Newt palms Thomas a notice initially of the guide, shortly after studying he’s not resistant to the Flare. He tells Thomas to learn the notice when the time is true. Thomas does so shortly after leaving Newt on the Crank Palace. Newt has requested Thomas to kill him within the observe.

Within the Film: Newt provides Thomas a small capsule. Thomas opens the capsule on the finish of the movie and finds a two-page letter from Newt. It’s quite a bit nicer than the notice Newt wrote him within the guide. The letter primarily praises Thomas for being the great pal and chief he’s and displays on what they’ve been via, the individuals they’ve met and the issues they’ve overcome since Thomas arrived within the Maze.

24. WCKD just isn’t good.

Within the Ebook: An epilogue written by Chancellor Paige reveals the ultimate twist. Brenda and Jorge had been planted by WICKED after Paige realized that the try and discover a remedy wouldn’t succeed. Brenda and Jorge’s mission was to steer the remaining immunes to a protected and safe place — a spot away from the cranks. This may permit the immunes to start out civilzation anew whereas the remainder of the world dies off. Paige additionally reveals that the federal government created the Flare virus as a way of inhabitants management. They weren’t capable of management the virus, so WICKED stepped in with the objective of preserving the human race. With Brenda and Jorge main the immunes to the protected paradise, they primarily succeed of their mission. This proves Paige’s level: WICKED is sweet.

Within the Film: It’s not within the film. They make it to the protected paradise, however Paige’s memo proving that WCKD is sweet doesn’t seem within the movie.

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Editor’s Observe: James Dashner, the writer of the Maze Runner collection, was dropped by his agent and writer due to allegations of sexual misconduct made by a number of nameless people. We really feel it is essential for our readers to concentrate on these allegations. For extra info on how Bookstacked covers alleged abusers within the publishing business, please click on right here.

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