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Benign fibroadenoma breast, lipoma, and more

three.5 Benign Fibro-epithelial Tumors
three.5.1 Fibroadenoma Breast
three.5.2 Benign Phyllodes Tumor
three.6 Benign Mesenchymal Tumors of the Breast
three.6.1 Lipoma
three.6.2 Angiolipoma
three.6.three Nodular fasciitis
three.6.four Myofibroblastoma (Myogenic Stromal Tumor)
three.6.5 Fibromatosis (Desmoid)


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three.6.6 Inflammatory Myofibroblastic Tumor (Inflammatory Pseudotumor, Plasma Cell Granuloma)
three.7 Benign Vascular Lesions
three.7.1 Hemangioma (Capillary, Cavernous and Perilobular)
three.7.2 Angiomatosis
three.eight Benign Neural Tumors
three.eight.1 Granular cell tumor
three.eight.2 Neurofibroma
three.eight.three Schwannoma
three.9 Clean Muscle Cell Tumors
three.9.1 Leiomyoma


Ahead to 3D on gynecomastia. Again to 3B on benign hyperplasias


three.5 Benign Fibro-epithelial Tumors

This class of benign breast tumors typically presents as a onerous lump or as a well-circumscribed, palpable mass seen on mammography. From the small quantity of tissue obtained from a core needle biopsy (CNB), the preliminary Pathology report could also be that of ‘benign fibro-epithelial tumour’ or ‘fibrocystic breast illness’



This entire part is sort of excellent news I might assume, as all these circumstances are benign breast illness.


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three.5.1 Fibroadenoma Breast

Fibroadenoma breast is the most typical analysis for benign solitary breast lumps and happens mostly in youthful ladies between 15 and 35 years of age.  Fibroadenomas are hormone-dependent as they will fluctuate in measurement through the menstrual cycle, they improve in measurement throughout being pregnant and regress after the menopause.  So, oral contraceptives or hormone alternative remedy can even have an effect on fibroadenoma breast.

The fibroadenoma breast presents as a cellular mass within the breast, typically referred to as a ‘breast mouse.’ It has a typical mammographic look and could be recognized by core needle biopsy (CNB) and fine-needle aspiration cytology (FNAC).


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‘Variants’ of Fibroadenoma Breast


  • In 20% of instances, fibroadenoma breast could also be a number of, (i.e. current as breast lumps) both inside the similar breast or bilaterally.
  • ‘Big fibroadenoma’ is bigger than 10 cm in diameter and an excisional biopsy of this benign tumor is often needed.
  • ‘Juvenile fibroadenoma’ has higher stromal cellularity and extra glandular tissue; they happen in youthful ladies beneath 18 years of age and are sometimes solitary.  Excision of this kind of tumor, is usually the remedy of selection.
  • ‘Complicated fibroadenoma’ might current on medical examination as a solitary, palpable breast mass.  On mammograph and breast ultrasound this benign tumor presents as a single mass.  Complicated fibroadenomas  additionally include different proliferative lesions, together with sclerosing adenosis or epithelial hyperplasia. Administration consists of full excision and thorough histological examination to exclude any areas of epithelial atypia.

Easy follow-up to regulate a fibroadenoma breast is sufficient,  however many ladies want to take away these benign tumors altogether, though there may be native recurrence.  Laser ablation also can deal with fibroadenomas. There isn’t any future danger of most cancers with a analysis of fibroadenoma breast.



It’s all good, if in case you have a analysis of  fibroadenoma then you’ll be able to cease your worrying.


Determine three.25 Fibroadenoma Breast.

A. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of a breast mass found by
mammography, exhibits a well-circumscribed mass. B. Photomicrograph
of the histology of the excised mass confirms a benign fibroadenoma breast
consisting of irregular however well-formed glands in a various quantity
of fibrous stroma. Word the well-defined fringe of this benign tumor,
forming a pseudo-capsule of compressed regular breast tissue. (H&E x 20)

Fig-3-25-Fibroadenoma breast

three.5.2 Benign Phyllodes Tumor

The phrase ‘phyllodes’ comes from the Greek phrase which means ‘leaf.’ The identify describes the microscopic look of the leaf-like projections of fibrous tissue, coated in flattened epithelial cells, typical of phyllodes tumor. It’s a variant of fibroadenoma however is usually bigger and represents proliferation of each epithelial and stromal cells.

Phyllodes tumors could be benign, however malignant change typically happen too (malignant phyllodes tumor).  High quality Needle Aspiration or a core needle biopsy can diagnose a phyllodes tumor.   Typically surgeons will utterly excise the tumor in order that the Pathologist might pattern the whole mass and take a look at it microscopically.


Determine three.26 Benign Phyllodes Tumor.

A. Mammographic X-ray discovering of a giant, dense breast mass in a
middle-aged lady.  B. Photomicrograph of the histology of the
excised breast mass exhibits the ‘leaf-like’  projections of
fibrous tissue coated by epithelium. (H&E x 10)


three.6 Benign Mesenchymal Tumors of the Breast

As a result of the breast incorporates many different buildings, together with pores and skin, fats, blood vessels, connective tissue and nerves, a palpable breast mass or a mass detected mammographically, may additionally come up from these different buildings.


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three.6.1 Lipoma

As a lot of the regular breast consists of fats or adipose tissue, it isn’t shocking that lipomas can happen at this website. Lipomas are often solitary plenty composed of mature fats cells (adipocytes).

Lipomas are seen anyplace within the physique, together with within the breast, include an plentiful of densely-packed fats cells (adipocytes), forming a well-circumscribed mass or lump.

Imaging will typically present attribute options for lipoma.   High quality needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) and core needle biopsy (CNB) affirm the analysis.

Your surgeon often performs an entire excision of a benign lipoma.  Nevertheless,  There isn’t a future danger of most cancers with a lipoma analysis.


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Determine three.27 Lipoma.

A. Surgical excision specimen of a breast lipoma. B. Photomicrograph
of the histology of lipoma. Areas of fats cells (adipocytes) combine
with connective tissue and vessels, however a lot of the mass consists
of fats cells containing soluble lipid. (H&E x 20)


three.6.2 Angiolipoma

Mature adipocytes and thin-walled blood vessels containing adipocytes make up an Angiolipoma, a benign vascular tumor.  So, angiolipoma often happens as a sub-cutaneous nodule.  A breast biopsy will assist diagnose this tumor and remedy includes a easy excision. Angiolipoma has no malignant potential.

three.6.three Nodular Fasciitis

Nodular fasciitis is a uncommon tumor of the breast consisting of a reactive proliferation of fibroblasts and myofibroblasts in a myxoid stroma, combined with lymphocytes and blood vessels. Within the breast, nodular fasciitis can mimic malignancy clinically, nevertheless it has no malignant potential (Brown & Carty, 2005).


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three.6.four Myofibroblastoma (Myogenic Stromal Tumor)

Myofibroblastoma can happen in lots of ‘mushy tissue‘ areas of the physique together with the breast, pores and skin and lymph nodes.

The one actual concern with myofibroblastoma is that it has sure histological options that may ‘mimic‘ malignant spindle cell tumors similar to spindle cell carcinoma of the breast. Myofibroblasts might function plentiful mitoses, however there isn’t any cytological atypia. Myofibroblastoma has no malignant potential.



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Determine three.28 Myofibroblastoma.

A. Mammographic X-ray look of a benign
myofibroblastoma exhibits an encapsulated mass.
B. Photomicrograph of the diagnostic biopsy exhibits
spindle cells and dense (pink) connective
tissue. (H&E x 20)


three.6.5 Fibromatosis (Desmoid)

Fibromatosis of the breast is uncommon, representing lower than zero.2% of main breast tumors. The microscopy of fibromatosis exhibits that it consists of fibroblasts and myofibroblasts. Fibromatosis often happens in ladies who’re of reproductive age and should come up inside the breast or the chest wall.

Clinically, though this can be a benign situation, fibromatosis is infiltrative and regionally recurrent if not utterly excised. There isn’t any affiliation with subsequent malignancy.



I by no means realized there have been so many varieties of benign breast tumours.

Dr. HallsDr. Halls

Sure, and analysis could be tough typically as a result of a few of these tumours can mimic extra sinister varieties of breast most cancers, each on imaging and medical findings.


Determine three.29 Fibromatosis.

A. Mammographic X-ray exhibits white sheets of possible
connective tissue, however the infiltrative sample may be worrying.
B. Photomicrograph of the histology from a core needle biopsy
(CNB) exhibits very dense collagen (pink) that seems to
compress and substitute any residual capillaries, fibroblasts
and different breast buildings.  No malignant cells
are seen. (H&E x 40)


three.6.6 Inflammatory Myofibroblastic Tumor (Inflammatory Pseudotumor, Plasma Cell Granuloma)

Inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor could be very uncommon, with solely about 20 occurrences in the breast. It’s a benign situation consisting of fibroblastic stroma, lymphocytes, plasma cells and small vessels.

This situation has no malignant potential however could also be related to an IgG4 associated sclerosing illness.


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Determine three.30 Inflammatory Myofibroblastic
Tumor / Inflammatory Pseudotumor.

Photomicrograph of this situation exhibits the cells that could be discovered
in mature granulation tissue; small capillaries, plump myofibroblasts,
scattered  lymphocytes and plasma cells and ranging quantity of
collagen. (H&E x 40)

Fig-3-30-Inflammatory Myofibroblastic Tumor

three.7 Benign Vascular Lesions

Benign vascular lesions of the pores and skin are fairly widespread and in addition contain the pores and skin of the breast.  Benign vascular tumors of the breast parenchyma are uncommon.

three.7.1 Hemangioma (Capillary, Cavernous and Perilobular)

Breast hemangiomas are benign however could also be present in about 1.2% of breast mastectomy specimens.


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Capillary hemangioma is a sub-cutaneous, benign assortment of thin-walled vascular channels that include blood.

Cavernous hemangioma consists of dilated blood-filled cystic areas. Blood provide can contain thick-walled blood vessels, making surgical excision fairly troublesome.

Perilobular hemangioma is characterised by a meshwork of dilated vascular channels which are irregular and thin-walled. Perilobular hemangioma could also be located inside a breast lobule or within the extra-lobular breast stroma. There isn’t a affiliation with a selected sort of breast carcinoma.

Determine three.31 Hemangioma.

A. Mammographic X-ray look of a hemangioma
inside the breast exhibits the radiolucent pooled blood inside
the vascular channels. B. Photomicrograph of the histology of
hemangioma exhibits thin-walled vascular channels with no strong
areas. There isn’t a atypia and no proof of malignancy.
(H&E x 20)


three.7.2 Angiomatosis (Diffuse Hemangioma)

Angiomatosis, or diffuse hemangioma, is a uncommon benign vascular tumor that consists of blood and lymphatic channels rising diffusely inside the breast tissue. It may be extraordinarily painful, troublesome to deal with and has distinctive appearances on imaging (Ciurea et al., 2014).

three.eight Benign Neural Tumors

Benign neural tumors of the breast are unusual, however often haven’t any malignant potential. They embrace granular cell tumor and the benign peripheral nerve sheath tumors (PNST), neurofibroma and Schwannoma, that are widespread findings within the pores and skin.

three.eight.1 Granular Cell Tumor

Granular cell tumor is a benign tumor derived from Schwann cells of the peripheral nerves. Granular cell tumor is uncommon within the breast; solely 5% of granular cell tumors come up within the breast. It’s a tumor extra generally seen within the head and neck area.

An important function of granular cell tumor within the breast is that its medical presentation can mimic anne03most cancers, with pores and skin retraction, fixation to the pectoral fascia and even pores and skin ulceration. The granular cell tumor not often exceeds three cm in diameter and is well-circumscribed.

The histology of granular cell tumor could be very distinctive, with bland eosinophilic (pink) cells which might be constructive for S-100 on immunohistochemistry.

Remedy is by excision. There are not any elevated subsequent dangers for breast most cancers.


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Determine three.32 Granular Cell Tumor.

A. Mammographic X-ray look of a radio-dense mass with an
irregular edge, that was related to some pores and skin tethering.
B. Photomicrograph of the histology of the core needle biopsy (CNB)
of the mass exhibits bland, pink cells with granular cytoplasm and
small, darkish nuclei. This granular cell tumor exhibits no proof of
malignancy. (H&E x 40)


three.eight.2 Neurofibroma

Benign neurofibroma is related to the pores and skin of the breast. It has no danger for subsequent malignancy.

Neurofibromatosis sort 1 (NF1), or von Recklinghausen illness is characterised by a number of subcutaneous neurofibromas which will have an effect on the breast. Mammographically neurofibromas seem as well-defined benign showing plenty which are typically a number of. They’re additionally peri-areolar in location. These tumor nodules on the pores and skin might obscure the breast when mammography is completed.

The ultrasound look of neurofibroma is of a well-defined, hypo-echoic mass with posterior acoustic enhancement, slightly just like fibroadenoma.



‘Von Recklinghausen’, what a really cool identify.


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Determine three.33 Neurofibroma.

A. Mammographic X-ray exhibits a radio-dense mass, with a
well-circumscribed edge. B. Photomicroscopy of the histology
of this breast mass exhibits primarily connective tissue with
spindle-shaped cells with ‘wavy’ nuclei.  That is the classical
histological look of benign neurofibroma.
(H&E x 20)


three.eight.three Schwannoma

Schwannoma can also be referred to as neurilemmoma or peripheral nerve sheath tumor (PNST). Schwannoma often develops within the extremities, the trunk and the top and neck areas; they’ve been recognized to develop within the breast.

Schwannoma is benign, however within the breast the mammographic look could be suspicious.



Schwannoma, now there’s one other fun-sounding phrase.

Dr. HallsDr. Halls

Sure Schwannoma are growths that develop from the Schwann cells of neurons.

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Determine three.34 Schwannoma.

A. Mammographic X-ray exhibits a radio-dense mass,
however with an irregular border. B. Photomicroscopy of the
histology of this breast mass exhibits mobile areas with
spindle-shaped cells and extra unfastened, myxoid areas
(Antoni A and B areas). This is the classical histological look of benign Schwannoma. (H&E x 20)


three.9 Clean Muscle Cell Tumors

Clean muscle is discovered within the partitions of blood vessels within the breast and the graceful muscle elements of the breast nipple.

three.9.1 Leiomyoma

Clean muscle tumors of the breast vary from benign leiomyoma to anaplastic leiomyosarcoma.

Mammographically, leiomyoma will have a tendency to point out a sharply outlined border and can lack the irregular appearances typical of breast carcinoma. Breast leiomyomas often seem homogeneous and reasonably to extremely dense. They’re additionally ‘destructive‘ for sure options which could recommend ductal carcinoma, comparable to microcalcification, architectural distortion, and pores and skin thickening or nipple retraction. Sonographically, breast leiomyomas are primarily strong, homogeneous, and properly circumscribed nodules, and with out obvious cystic options (fluids).

Breast leiomyomas are sometimes in continuity with the graceful muscle elements of the nipple areolar complicated. Clean muscle tumors of the breast are handled by full excision to permit for sampling and microscopic evaluation of the complete mass.


Determine three.35 Leiomyoma.

A. Mammographic X-ray of leiomyoma of the breast exhibits
a tumor of average density, with well-defined margins,
quite just like the look of a fibroadenoma. B. Photomicroscopy
exhibits the diagnostic options of benign leiomyomas;
a mobile tumor with cell nuclei which might be ‘blunt-ended.’
(H&E x63)



Brown, V., Carty, N.J. (2005). A case of nodular fasciitis of the breast and assessment of the literature. Breast 14(5), 384-7. (Retrieved November fifth 2014):

Ciurea, A., Dudea, S.M., Lebovici, A., Fodor, L., Crisan, D. (2014). Diffuse angiomatosis of the breast – sonographic look. J Clin Ultrasound 42(eight), 498-501. (Retrieved November fifth 2014):;jsessionid=9CFA91217EED45CA7D40408986EB18C5.f04t03

Extra references for this part are on this web page.


Affected person Info

Breast Most cancers Org.. Benign breast circumstances: Not all lumps are most cancers. (Retrieved January 18th2015):

Breast Most cancers Org.. Your Information to the Breast Most cancers Pathology Report (Retrieved January 18th2015):

Extra affected person info for this part is on this web page.

Ahead to 3D on gynecomastia. Again to 3B on benign hyperplasias



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