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Chemotherapy is Not Always Bad

Chemotherapy is Not Always Bad

Most cancers sufferers are admonished to debate their concepts and considerations with their oncologist. However once they ask about various remedies they’re advised it’s all quackery and can endanger their lives.

The overwhelming majority of oncologists don’t have a clue about pure drugs. Please perceive this: They know NOTHING about it. Once they inform you it doesn’t work, they’re talking from ignorance. They haven’t studied the remedies in any respect.

The one time you’re more likely to hear a sort phrase about options from a standard most cancers physician is after he/she has written you off as hopeless and advised you to place your affairs so as. In case you attempt options after which return a number of months or years later — after you have been imagined to be lifeless — your oncologist may say, “That’s good. Carry on doing no matter you’re doing.”

Not that they’ll truly attempt to study concerning the “quackery” that saved your life.

Individuals sometimes begin taking a look at various most cancers remedies after they’ve been informed they’re late-stage and hopeless. They flip to Dr. Web for solutions. In the event that they’re fortunate, they discover our web site, however most don’t. There are a whole lot of greater and louder – however not higher – most cancers web sites.

These are typically filled with starry-eyed guarantees and a complicated number of decisions. There are actually tons of of other most cancers remedies. However what could also be even worse is the websites that declare to have the one-and-only-answer to most cancers.

After almost 15 years of pounding out this text and publishing books on the topic, I can inform you it’s very, very exhausting to weigh all of the conflicting proof, the over-the-top tales of true cures – and determine what to do.

That’s one cause I urge readers to go to an alternate most cancers clinic. We’ve revealed a variety of information on this (extra about that in a second). What I need to do proper now’s inform you a few remedy you’re more likely to encounter at these clinics. And – shock – it includes chemotherapy, of all issues.

Right here’s the story. . .

Regardless that it’s been round for almost 90 years, there’s a reasonably good probability you continue to haven’t heard about insulin potentiation remedy – IPT.

One of these chemotherapy is a favourite amongst various most cancers docs, and it might save your life. As you might know, typical chemotherapy is a horrible factor to undergo. It does kill most cancers cells, however it additionally kills wholesome cells. An incredible many individuals die of the remedy (though typical docs won’t ever inform you that).

Chemotherapy is principally a race to see if the remedy can kill the most cancers cells earlier than it kills you.

IPT solves this drawback by profiting from a easy, well-known reality that permits the physician to direct the lethal drug to your most cancers cells as an alternative of your wholesome cells.

Performs into most cancers’s pure weak spot

Most cancers cells have a voracious urge for food for glucose – they include 10 to 20 occasions extra insulin receptors than regular cells. Glucose is your physique’s main gasoline, and insulin receptors are the gateway by which glucose enters your cells, whether or not they’re wholesome or cancerous.

As a result of most cancers cells compete with regular cells for incoming glucose, they often win because of their big variety of receptors.

Most cancers cells will even go to the acute of swinging their membranes extensive open as a way to get their sugar repair. They burn via glucose like there’s no tomorrow. That is one purpose most cancers sufferers reduce weight… most cancers cells steal glucose from the physique’s regular cells, ravenous them.

IPT performs off of this weak spot – most cancers cells’ insatiable want for glucose.

Tips tumor cells into
welcoming cancer-killing medicine

When these membranous doorways swing open to drink up the blood sugar, giant quantities of cancer-killing chemotherapy enter the most cancers cells, although the IPT affected person is receiving solely low quantities of the chemo agent. The reason being that the physician has administered insulin earlier than injecting the chemo drug. Insulin causes the cell doorways to open.

Then the physician provides the most cancers affected person a sugar “chaser” proper after the insulin and the chemotherapy– since most cancers cells so aggressively search sugar. This helps make sure that the toxic drug will get into the cells – the drug is sandwiched between insulin on the entrance finish and sugar on the again finish.

In a nutshell, IPT delivers glucose throughout cell membranes and on the similar time shuttles chemo medicine into most cancers cells. It’s a tremendous lock and key system.

The web results of the IPT technique is that the affected person wants solely a fraction of the dose of the chemotherapy poison that a typical oncologist would use. Keep in mind, most cancers cells have ten occasions extra insulin receptors than regular cells.  Insulin plus glucose (blood sugar) magnifies the consequences of the administered insulin and correspondingly reduces the quantity of chemo medicine required.

Reportedly, IPT requires solely a tenth the quantity of the chemotherapy drug – which means the affected person doesn’t expertise the horrible unwanted side effects of chemo, however the most cancers cells are hit with as a lot poison as they get in full-dose chemo.

One research reported that including insulin to methotrexate (a standard chemotherapy drug) enhanced the cell-killing results of the drug by an element of as much as ten thousand.

That’s why the drug dosage might be lowered to a fraction of what’s utilized in commonplace chemo.

Which is why IPT is also referred to as low-dose chemotherapy or IPTLD (Insulin Potentiation Remedy Low Dose).

A kinder, gentler strategy

IPT shuttles chemo medicine immediately into most cancers cells, which means there’s little to no probability of residual medicine triggering these dreaded poisonous reactions in wholesome cells.

In normal chemotherapy, sufferers are given giant doses of medicine, within the hope that sufficient will probably be absorbed to truly kill the most cancers cells.

That’s why the medicine find yourself spilling over into wholesome cells, wreaking havoc on them.

What IPT’s critics say

However, IPT has its critics. Listed here are their two essential considerations…

1. Hypoglycemia is a matter with IPT. And sure, if it weren’t for a hidden fact this may be an issue.

Right here’s the factor… within the “previous days,” IPT remedy required placing sufferers into an insulin coma. If that have been nonetheless the case, you may be justified in avoiding it, however occasions have modified.

In case your IPT physician plans to induce an insulin coma, discover a new physician. Quick.

For in the present day’s IPT remedy, your blood sugar is safely lowered to a degree barely under your physique’s norm… in a rigorously managed means, utilizing intravenous glucose infusions at applicable occasions, maintaining you protected and cozy.

2. The opposite rap towards IPT is that the dose of chemo medicine is just too low to be efficient.

Critics declare that the dose of chemotherapy medicine is way too low to do any good, and subsequently IPT wastes valuable time the affected person might dedicate to raised remedies.

However this cost overlooks the very essence of the IPT technique. The insulin pushes the medicine into the most cancers cells, leading to a better than regular absorption price.

Because of the big variety of insulin receptors on most cancers cell membranes, we will now clearly distinguish between most cancers cells and regular ones through the use of insulin. This makes concentrating on most cancers cells with decrease doses of chemotherapy medicine an actual risk.

Not all various docs use IPT. Totally different docs have totally different protocols. The choice clinics in Mexico are most certainly to make use of this remedy. You’ll be able to study all about them in our information to those clinics, The Amish Most cancers Secret. The title comes from the truth that many Amish individuals search remedy in Mexico.

Some U.S. clinics do supply IPT (it’s authorized right here). You’ll be able to search for one with the assistance of our information America’s Greatest Most cancers Docs.

Is that this why you haven’t heard about IPT?

Trendy drugs has turn out to be a pseudo-religion intent on suppressing various remedy choices that haven’t been “confirmed” in medical research for one purpose or one other (often as a result of there’s no revenue in these remedies for a drug firm, and the research would value an enormous sum of money).

One other vital hurdle is that the majority most cancers sufferers don’t hunt down options till they’re within the final levels of the illness.  By then, even one of the best various remedies are an extended shot, and the failure price is excessive. In case you are a late-stage most cancers affected person, I remorse to say you’ll be able to in all probability solely hope for the potential for extending life and managing the illness, not eliminating it. Though there are exceptions. And a few individuals are capable of “handle” the illness for a few years.

Some revealed research level to an improved high quality of life for IPT sufferers, however thus far there are not any research that examine survival charges and longevity for sufferers present process normal chemo versus low-dose.

In case you or a beloved one has most cancers, you’ll should assess your choices based mostly on the out there knowledge.

IPT deserves your consideration, as it may do super good – with out hurt. And that ought to be the target.

IPT’s creator, Dr. Donato Pérez García I, now deceased, was far forward of his time (and maybe forward of ours too).

Some consider he ought to’ve been awarded a Nobel Prize for his work. Ross A. Hauser, M.D. and Marion A. Hauser, M.S., R.D., authors of the guide Most cancers: Treating Most cancers with Insulin Potentiation Remedy, are amongst them.

Dr. García’s grandson practices IPT at certainly one of Mexico’s greatest hospitals. He has greater than 30 years of expertise with the remedy.

Greatest regards,

Lee Euler,

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