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Chicago PD Recap 05/08/19: Season 6 Episode 20 “Sacrifice”

Chicago PD Recap 05/08/19: Season 6 Episode 20

Tonight on NBC their drama Chicago PD returns with an all-new Wednesday, Might 8, 2019, season 6 episode 20 referred to as, “Sacrifice,” and we now have your Chicago PD recap under. On tonight’s Chicago PD season 6 episode 17 as per the NBC synopsis, “A violent crew is hitting pharmaceutical delivery vans and stealing medicine, but their motivation is extra difficult than simply cash. The case exams Upton and Ruzek’s relationship.”

So be certain that to bookmark this spot and come back from 10 PM – 11 PM ET for our Chicago PD recap. When you watch for the recap ensure that to check out all our Chicago PD recaps, spoilers, information & more, proper right here!

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Chicago PD begins tonight with Adam Rusek (Patrick John Flueger) discovering Hailey Upton (Tracy Spiridakos) sitting on the sofa, on account of her insomnia. Adam invitations her to the Island for the weekend together with his uncle; she wishes they might go proper now. Adam frets about having to go away the Intelligence Unit and go to the 16th district; he disagrees that Kelton (John C. McGinley) would break up a group with the very best clearance price in the city. Hailey says he’s lovable when he’s stubborn. Out of the blue they get a name on the radio about an armed theft in progress.

Hailey calls in that there’s a man down at the scene, they demand the person standing behind the van to again away from the van and lift his arms however from the opposite aspect of the van, a gunman opens hearth on them. Hailey calls it in saying they’re pinned down; as soon as the van leaves the world, Hailey tells the sufferer lying right down to maintain talking to her as help is on its means. He is able to say he was delivering for a pharmacy before they begin to lose him.

Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) will get on top of things because of Adam. Hailey informs Voight and Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) that the driving force is in surgical procedure at Chicago Med, however with blunt drive trauma to the top, it might go either approach. Rusek says they stole a few quarter million dollars value of medicine; Jay confirms that is the third van heist up to now month. Voight needs to talk to the producer and the delivery firm, eager to know their routes and who was on those days, feeling in the event that they work out how they did it, they may study who did it.

On the precinct, Jay shares with the workforce the whole lot he has discovered from Enterprise Delivery; there’s nothing to recommend it is an inside job. The perfect footage they need to go by shouldn’t be very telling, but in accordance with the driving force the man who beat him spoke English and implied he was an area. Adam knows this was concerning the opioids however other medicine have been taken too, there’s nothing to determine the medicine as all of them have the identical stamp on them. Kevin Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins) and Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati) reveal the van was hiding within the backyard of a drug den owned by the Night time Lords. Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda) has a junkie who grew up with these guys and Voight tells him to take a run at him.

Antonio talks to Voight as his CI advised him the Night time Lords have numerous painters proper now; a guy named Eric Shaw (Nathan Sutton) aka Time Bomb is selling the stuff. He has carried out two stints, one for armed theft and one other for assault; they consider he is offender 1. Voight says their priority is to get Shaw off the streets, telling Antonio to work with Adam. Voight admits he has an issue with Antonio being round opioids.

Adam meets with Eric Shaw, insisting he wants a gentle provide; when Adam tries to negotiate he is informed Shaw is simply there as a favor to Tommy. Adam tells him to call him when he is ready. In the meantime, Dep. Superintendent Katherine Brennan (Anne Heche) walks into Voight’s office displaying him the entrance web page saying Oxy-Kelton. He reveals they’re circling a vendor within the Night time Lords reminding her that this takes time as dangerous guys don’t run on an election schedule. She gets that he has dangerous blood with Kelton but if he needs to keep the IU, he must make peace with him. She knows the great work they do but Voight says it isn’t that straightforward.

Adam interrupts them, saying Shaw referred to as to set up the deal; Voight needs Jay and Hailey to ghost. Adam is worried that Shaw stated no weapons however brings two males who’re armed. Adam is pressured to point out the money first, after which Shaw tells him to hop in. Hailey feels this isn’t good however Jay feels that is Adam’s name. Hailey doesn’t prefer it, calling for patrol automobiles to do a rundown Princeton. All of the sudden Shaw calls the deal off when he sees a squad automotive drive by, leaving Adam livid.

Back on the precinct, Adam calls for to know what the hell they did. He learns Hailey made the call, saying she made it too early and if he was in misery he would have informed them; Hailey tells him that she made the call and he wants to maneuver on. Adam confronts Hailey after Jay heads upstairs, questioning if her name needed to do with them as a couple.

Voight needs to know if they will fix this with Shaw, but Adam says based mostly on his textual content message, he is guessing the deal is off. Voight tells the workforce to start out with the underside, find considered one of Shaw’s crew and flip them. Kevin knows where they’re swinging the drugs; Kim saying it’s a house that has been up for demolition for a few yr and it’s registered to Shaw’s uncle. Voight tells them to get eyes on the house immediately.

Outdoors the house, they continue to wait for the customer but instantly a person comes out who has been inside for greater than two hours they usually really feel he could possibly be a runner. Hailey is going to stick with the customer as they assume a woman simply gave him money. He bolts when he sees Adam and Hailey, Kim and Kevin give chase as Adam and Hailey stop the lady named Gina Reilly (Mimi Michaels), finding a bottle filled with drugs in a paper bag. Kevin and Kim chase the man up to the subway, however simply as Kim is asking them to close down the tracks, he’s electrocuted.

Voight arrives on the scene, learning the runner’s identify is Joe Powell (Matt Philliben) aka J-Canine. He has a sheet of 3 DUIs and battery of a police officer. He has been operating with Shaw’s crew for the previous couple of years. Hailey is speaking to Gina who swears she isn’t a drug addict; Antonio calls Hailey out, saying these drugs are usually not opioids, however drugs that value about 40 grand a month and Gina is dying.

Hailey returns to interrogation, saying she made a couple of telephone calls and she or he knows that Gina is sick. Hailey removes her handcuffs, Gina reveals the medicine she purchased helps produce an enzyme her liver can’t produce any more and the meds hold her alive. Hailey needs to understand how she knows Joe Powell, but she admits she didn’t really know him, simply the place to go; a pal informed her the place to get them. She isn’t beneath arrest however Hailey needs her to degree together with her. Hailey says the three bottles are taken within the last heist she discovered on Gina, displaying her the image of the driving force. Gina feels if she helps Hailey, she dies.

Voight walks with Hailey as she admits this can be a robust one however they nonetheless have a job to do. Kim finds out that Bob Reilly (Drew Johnson) and Joe Powell are cousins. Kevin confirms that Bob didn’t have a rap sheet till 6 months in the past; which is concerning the time Gina obtained sick. His stats match those of offender 2. Voight says they will maintain Gina for 48 hours and maintain her away from phones. Adam and Jay sit outdoors, taking footage of Bob; they maintain a unfastened tail asking what the handle belongs to they usually study it’s Enterprise Delivery. They uncover Reilly is the within man, who began working there 3 months in the past.

Hailey thinks Shaw handles the drivers while Reilly grabs the medicine for his spouse, Gina. Voight needs to understand how she goes to prove it, Hailey says they’ll get it on Gina’s telephone. Hailey releases Gina, saying she is free to go and no fees will probably be introduced contemplating all the things she goes by way of. Hailey tells Gina it’s in her energy to name these individuals and make them stop the robberies.

Adam and Hailey take heed to telephone calls where they don’t seem to be capable of pay their bills; Adam reveals his dad continues to be paying off his grandfather’s cancer remedy and he died 5 years ago. Bob calls Gina, who begs him that this has gone too far, feeling there needs to be another means. She tells him she loves him, agreeing with what needs to be accomplished. They struggle to figure out what the large job is, considering it needs to be a pharmacy they’re going after. Voight tells the IU to get to Shaw’s house and have to know where the cancer drug is in the metropolis. Antonio stops them as dispatch reveals there’s an armed theft in progress at a pharmacy; the IU rolls out to the scene.

Rusek and Hailey enter the pharmacy, finding Bob Reilly attending to the pharmacist; Hailey confirms he is gone as Adam tells him to get on his knees. They watch the footage, where Bob freaks out on Shaw after he shot the pharmacist. Adam interrogates Bob, saying he knows his story and what’s going on together with his spouse and he want to help him. They should start with the gunman who killed that man; despite the fact that they know it’s Eric Shaw.

Adam says he is taking a look at three counts of robbery and felony homicide; which suggests he never sees his child again as a free man and his wife dying alone. Bob refuses to say anything about Shaw, making Adam understand that Shaw nonetheless has his wife’s medicine. Bob says there’s nothing he can say that may change his thoughts and asks for a lawyer.

Adam says he loves his spouse too much to jeopardize her health. Adam tells Brennan and Voight that the robber made off with plenty of opioids and about 6 months work of the cancer drug. Voight tells Adam to inform Gina and have a chat together with her. Hailey exhibits her the picture of the lifeless pharmacist however she refuses to talk. Hailey says right now Bob goes away for felony homicide, regardless that he isn’t the shooter he is still legally accountable. Gina didn’t know the specifics concerning the robbery, she did the maths determining that Bob was simply doing this to desperately hold her alive.

Gina admits that Bob by no means stated Eric Shaw was involved but she knew as a result of Bob says if anything ever happened to him, she should attain out to Shaw. Hailey asks her to succeed in out to Shaw and get him speaking concerning the pharmacy heist; if she helps him Bob will get manslaughter and be out in Three-Four years. Gina is worried she gained’t get her drugs in the event that they arrest Shaw, however Hailey says the drugs are stolen and now evidence. She guarantees to assist Bob if Gina does this and she or he agrees as Bob would do the identical factor for her.

Gina arrives at Shaw’s place and he invitations her in. She says she talked to Bob for like 2 minutes, to get him a lawyer and get her meds from him. She says the police got here by but she didn’t speak to them as a result of Bob stored every little thing hidden from her. Shaw places the blame on Bob, saying it was his concept to do the robberies, but Shaw slips and says he shot the pharmacist when he reached for his gun. Voight needs to maneuver in, but Hailey needs to provide Gina another minute so he asks everybody to stand by. Gina asks for the meds as Shaw tells her to go upstairs and when she refuses he attacks her and Gina makes use of her protected phrase.

Adam and Hailey rush in, going up the steps however they clear one room earlier than Shaw opens hearth. He says he will blast Gina as Adam demands him to drop his weapon and let Gina go. Hailey reveals the place Shaw is situated to Voight as Adam realizes Hailey is wounded. She tells Adam to tug out the piece of wood in her leg, he tells Hailey to remain there as she begs him to keep Shaw talking. She tells him she is okay and moves. Adam retains speaking to him as Jay is simply outdoors the door. Jay alerts Hailey as Adam keeps him distracted. Hailey throws up a brush that Shaw shoots at, giving Jay enough time to take him down. Adam begs Shaw to provide him a purpose to not shoot him.

Hailey tells Voight her leg is ok as narcotics discovered the opioids within the attic. Adam needs to deliver Gina to the hospital however she says she’s had her fill of docs. She feels that is her fault, considering if she didn’t get sick Bob wouldn’t have had to save her. She simply needs to see Bob, Adam agrees to take her. Voight goes to Brennan’s workplace, saying he needs to use a few of the medicine seized at the house for an operation but she took control. He asks if she already handled the problem and she or he says she did as she watched her mother endure by means of it and had to sell her house to pay for her meds. Voight reminds her she is best than Kelton.

Trudy Platt (Amy Morton) needs to understand how Hailey is beside her leg. Hailey thought she might pull it off and discover a stability between the job and Adam. Trudy advises her that if Adam is the one then make it work however meaning one among them has to get out of Intelligence. It is a very tiny needle she is making an attempt to thread there. Hailey says if neither certainly one of them is prepared to make that sacrifice than Trudy tells her that what she has isn’t value compromising her profession for.

Adam finds Hailey before she leaves, saying it was an extended day. He hoped they might return to his place and speak about the whole lot however she thinks they need to speak proper now. Adam closes the door as Hailey admits she cares about him quite a bit but… He says he is aware of she does however it is exhausting working and being together. She is aware of it’s more than that, something he reluctantly admits. He suggests they take a break and she or he agrees. They hug each other tightly as they each know it’s accomplished.


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