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Commentary: From sea to shining sea: America a divided nation

Commentary: From sea to shining sea: America a divided nation
Jean H Charles LLB, MSW, JD, is a daily contributor to the opinion part of Caribbean Information Now. He could be reached at [email protected]

By Jean H Charles

I watched the speech of President Donald Trump on the State of the Union final week; I assumed it was a fantastic speech, a unifying second when America was standing as one to push ahead the manifest future of an amazing nation. However studying later the feedback of pundits and respectable media you would discover principally the distortion of information as the large information of the night time. I’m observing from afar america reworking itself right into a banana republic extra widespread to the conditions seen in Latin America, Africa or the nation I hail from — Haiti.

It’s true the USA was constructed on July four, 1776, as a divided nation with the black inhabitants not having all of the rights and privileges thereunto reserved to a citizen. It missed the chance to redress itself when John Adams misplaced his re-election in 1800 to Thomas Jefferson. Adams needed to make use of the genie of Toussaint Louverture in St Domingue to unleash the top of slavery in the USA.

Ayiti, after the French Revolution in 1789, set in movement the complete rehabilitation of all males to liberty, equality and fraternity. With the election of Thomas Jefferson, the difficulty of race relations in the USA and in the remainder of the world took a flip for the more severe. Napoleon, with the tacit assist of Jefferson, defeated Toussaint and the imaginative and prescient of a world with out the excellence of shade vanished for good!

In the USA we must wait till 1864 for the 16th president of the Union, Abraham Lincoln, to defeat the candidate of the Know Nothing Get together aka Democratic Celebration, Senator Stephen Douglas to interact america in a warfare towards the Southern States bent on sustaining slavery and creating one nation underneath God from sea to shining sea.

Abraham Lincoln didn’t have the prospect to heal the injuries of each antagonists and forge a unified nation the place blacks and whites would labor with no distinction of colour to construct households and proceed the method of nation constructing. He was assassinated two years later after the Emancipation. For an additional 100 years there was no magnetic chief who might have pushed ahead the magnum opus set forth by Abraham Lincoln. Lynching of the brand new freedmen and lip service to black schooling was the order of the day till Dr Martin Luther King got here alongside, round 1964, to impress the nation the place black and white can be engaged once more into forging one nation underneath God.

President Lyndon Johnson concurred with the spirit of appurtenance and labored with Dr King to move sweeping civil rights laws that may affirm the willpower of the nation to maneuver ahead collectively as one. However Dr Martin Luther King, like Abraham Lincoln, was himself assassinated, pushing backward the black agenda.

Aside from the federal government of Richard Nixon some 50 years in the past there was no significant traction in making full the deficit in schooling and in appropriation for the centuries of damage inflicted on the black inhabitants in America. Even President Barack Obama, the primary beneficiary of the legacy of Abraham Lincoln and of Dr Martin Luther King to reach to the very best standing within the nation as president of the Republic didn’t come near an actual advocate and powerful mover of the good march of historical past in the direction of full emancipation of the black inhabitants.

Right here comes President Donald Trump who made a marketing campaign promise he’ll achieve this nicely for the black inhabitants that a portion of the citizens forgot that he the president was not their most popular candidate. On his solution to attaining such promise, President Trump has been assailed as no president has been assailed earlier than. You’d have believed you’re in a banana republic with open warfare towards an elected president.

The social media, the press and the Democratic Celebration in a concerted and deliberate effort are enjoying all of the playing cards to derail any transfer by the president to satisfy his agenda. I’m studying on my Fb web page the postings of the Democratic Coalition towards Trump as a authentic instrument of the get together designed simply to rail, ridicule, and even insult a sitting president.

For the sake of therapeutic and recovering nation, the Democratic Celebration ought to a minimum of shut down or demand the mellowing of the feedback. Think about the Republican Celebration selecting to reply in sort with its personal Republican Coalition towards Chairwoman Pelosi or Senator Hillary Clinton.

We might be than Guyana within the Caribbean with the PPP towards PNC, the Indian Guyanese insulting the black Guyanese!

I’ve lived lengthy sufficient in america to know that Jews and Arabs, Sunnis and Shiites, Indian and Pakistan cohabit peacefully within the neighborhoods of New York actually in each metropolis of the USA, whereas they’re preventing one another at house. There’s now an actual warfare between those that consider President Donald Trump is doing an incredible job for the nation and people who strongly consider he’s the good Devil who have to be impeached and thrown out of energy for the sake of the welfare of humanity.

Allow us to evaluation a few of the points that divide the nation.


The burning one, the wall on the southern border to stem the caravan of immigrants from the Caribbean and Latin American fleeing oppression, gang violence, corrupt governments and plain distress. President Trump is asking Congress to place $5 billion for a wall that may deter the would-be migrants. An enlightened Democratic Social gathering stopping the crocodile tears for the migrants would give the president that funding with a suggestion he couldn’t refuse…

Think about the Democratic Celebration taking the result in duplicate what the Republican Get together did 30 years in the past beneath the management of President Ronald Reagan: laws to supply a basic amnesty to all of the 11 million unlawful aliens presently within the nation for the worth of constructing the wall and securing completely the southern border!

The USA would find the money for not solely to construct the wall but in addition to provoke nation constructing in Latin America and within the Caribbean, deterring endlessly all unlawful migration to the USA because it has additionally been advised by Republican Congressman Will Hurd of Texas and Doris Meissner former director of US Immigration and Naturalization Service.

At $1,000 per head for the legalization course of, (much less the cash the migrant has been paying for a coyote to usher in); the venture would take pleasure in a finances of $11 billion to repair as soon as and for all the difficulty of migration within the Western Hemisphere, structurally and conjecturally!

Well being Insurance coverage

I keep in mind vividly the weeks after the Obama well being care was handed, the whole nation was full of new medical insurance businesses in addition to boutique clinics at every nook just like these Protestant church buildings in ghetto neighborhoods, prepared and ready to reap the benefits of this manna in ripping off the federal government beneath the pretense of well being providers. With time it has died down a bit, but there’s a clear impression the Obama well being care is a bonanza for the enterprise practitioners and insurance coverage corporations, not for the sufferers. It wants a re-vamping for the sake of the sufferers and for the sake of the monetary good standing of the American finances.

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

In a earlier essay, Required Studying, I’ve demonstrated how China has set itself as much as gobble up the roles of the world to the detriment of all different nations developed or not developed. As a matter of reality it’s extra apt to ship a lot of the jobs of the developed nations at a less expensive worth than at house. Emil Vlagick, the writer of the opus The Depressing of Modernity /Les Miserables de la Modernite (which by the best way is 20 years previous this yr), has laid down the treatment to such improvement: schooling for all to the very best diploma, creativity and resilience.

President Trump is at the least placing the difficulty on the desk. He isn’t the good advocate as President Obama or President Clinton of outsourcing as the perfect device for the world division of labor.

America, the Gendarme of the World

President Donald Trump is advocating the idea it’s time to deliver the troops residence. He’s selling the demilitarization of a lot of the scorching spots of the world. Be it North Korea the place he enjoys a heat relationship with the reclusive Chairman Kim, be it in Syria, the place President Assad has been capable of keep the grip of energy regardless of the very fact he has destroyed the lives of tens of millions of Syrians, be it in Afghanistan the place the Taliban is now speaking with the established authorities, its diplomacy of confronting the enemy nose to nose to deliver one of the best out of these leaders for their very own sake is a brand new faculty of strategy; it deserves the check of time and evaluation earlier than it’s discounted out.

The previous strategy for the previous 60 years has introduced success solely in Japan and in Europe. America and its allies in Europe have introduced extra calamity in reaching out to unravel the world issues than it has sorted them out. We’ve got now some 260 million worldwide migrants worldwide knocking the doorways of Europe or the USA, there was a rise of 274% extra migrants (160,000) looking for asylum in 2018 alone in the USA due to mixture of terrorism, corrupt and inefficient authorities, gang violence and remnants of bungled interventions. It’s time to deliver a brand new strategy and break ranks with extra issues change the extra they continue to be the identical.

Race relations

First, full disclosure, the grandmother of my youngsters lived subsequent door to the Trump household (his mom and father) for the final 30 years within the Jamaica Estates part of New York with the precise President Donald Trump visiting on weekends and holidays. There was at no time a sign or a gesture of racism from a neighbor to a neighbor the place there was not even a border separating the 2 households. Donald Trump the racist, as painted by the Democratic coalition towards Trump, is self-serving at greatest and hypocritical at worst.

There’s a drawback of race relations in america, which is 500 years previous, as I’ve defined initially of this essay. Fixing that drawback by pointing at or denouncing each one in every of its manifestations is hypocritical at greatest and never going into the roots of extracting racism for good from america. The Democratic Get together may need a superb narrative that appeals to the black inhabitants however in truth it has been a sluggish mover of the black expertise to its greatest.

Except for FDR and Lyndon Johnson a Democrat not even elected, I can’t pinpoint any Democratic administration that has been a pioneer in enhancing race relations in the USA. President Obama, the primary black president, pushed the clock backward regardless of the superb fame and branding his identify, noticed these days. Actually I’ve noticed in a state like New York the most effective mayors for black or white (John Lindsay, Rudolph Giuliani, and Michael Bloomberg) have all been Republicans. (Good point out must be given to the precise mayor, Invoice De Blasio, a Democrat)

Racism is ingrained in every certainly one of us, I’ve had extra racist demonstrations from Latinos as a result of perhaps my command of Spanish is less than par or by Chinese language residents as a result of I’m a black man than I’ve had from white residents and in fact from Haiti, my homeland, the nation with an emancipation mission par excellence, the place racism is on the core of its ethos the best way it treats its rural residents!

The Doctrine of America First

I’ve proven in a earlier essay with the picture of the tower of Babel that God intends us to provide the primacy to nation over internationalism. Solely nations that stand on their very own ft can promote true internationalism. The doctrine of Woodrow Wilson, Americas for the People is sweet neither for the Americas nor for the People. Its substitution to America first promoted by President Trump will give the chance for Salvador, or the Dominican Republic or Jamaica or as a matter of reality Haiti, to shout Haiti first and clear up its issues at residence with out dumping them onto The Bahamas, the Dominican Republic or america.

The hypocrisy of caring noticed in the USA or in Europe for the migrants issued from Africa, the Center East and Latin America irritates the residents of the host nations right into a backlash that promotes demagogic rightist leaders who may do extra hurt to the collective social conscience of their nations.

To conclude, every time I journey again to the USA, I see a terrific nation from sea to shining sea with the know-how, the suitable mixture of individuals with the resilience and the creativity to steer this world; it’s being polluted now by partisan politics. An olive department has been tendered by President Trump on Tuesday February 2, 2019, within the State of the Union speech to make peace and transfer ahead as one nation, allow us to pray God it’s seized and maintain tight for the great of each events and for the great of the residents of America!