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Commentary: The Americas: China encroaching, migrants caravanning, US retreating, CARICOM flailing, Venezuela failing, Russia reclaiming… It’s all a Trumpian mess!

Commentary: A ‘very fine’ white supremacist massacred Muslim immigrants in New Zealand…
Anthony L. Corridor is a Bahamian who descends from the Turks and Caicos Islands. He is a world lawyer and political marketing consultant – headquartered in Washington DC – who additionally publishes a current events weblog, The iPINIONS Journal, at

By Anthony L Corridor


Because the title signifies, nevertheless, this commentary led inexorably into so many geopolitical streams, the size was unavoidable. So learn this one in bits … if that’s what it takes.]

China Encroaching

Ever because the finish of the Chilly Warfare, China’s affect supplanting America’s has outlined the geopolitics of the Americas. This, in furtherance of China’s manifest destiny to vary the worldwide stability of power, which has already seen it encroach on America’s sphere of affect on each continent.

America predicated its influence on cultivating shared values. China predicates its affect on manipulating mutual pursuits.

For example, China has induced almost each creating nation to betray diplomatic relations with Taiwan. And, normally, it did so by providing to finance every thing from sports stadiums and resort motels to deep-water ports and other improvement tasks.

‘Almost every island within the Caribbean, from the smallest on up, at present has a substantial funding from China,’ stated David Jessop, managing director of the Caribbean Council, a London-based consultancy that works with Caribbean governments. ‘It appears that evidently what no one knows is what’s motivating China.’

(Public Radio International, April 21, 2011)

Besides that it does not take an professional in geopolitics to determine “what’s motivating China.” Even I have been writing/warning about its motivation for years.

Here, for instance, is the alarm I sounded over a decade ago in “China Buying Political Dominion over the Caribbean (Latin America and Africa),” February 22, 2005:


Vice President Zeng Qinghong is predicted to consolidate China’s geopolitical technique of co-opting the economies of the Caribbean. He reveled in the Santa Claus-like reception he acquired at each port of name during his tour of the region.

Nevertheless, allusions to Christopher Columbus may be extra becoming. As a result of the Chinese language seek for new markets is mostly a quest for dominion. And, with large direct investments and Chinese vacationers boosting visits to unprecedented levels, China will soon turn out to be indispensable to nations all through the Caribbean, Latin America, and Africa. Naturally, this is able to allow China to exercise unprecedented and unchallengeable political affect. …

What occurs if China decides that converting the container ports, factories, and chemical crops it has funded all through the Caribbean into twin army and business use is in its geostrategic interest? Would these nations comply? Would they’ve any real selection? And once they do comply, would the U.S. then blockade the island(s) at challenge, specifically the best way it blockaded Cuba through the Missile Crisis?

Now think about China making comparable strategic strikes in Latin America the place its purportedly benign Yuan diplomacy dwarfs its Caribbean operations. This new Cold Struggle might then flip extremely popular certainly.


I continued my Cassandra-like warnings in lots of subsequent commentaries, together with “China Putting Squeeze on The Bahamas. Your Nation Might Be Subsequent,” October 22, 2010, “China’s Deficit? No Moral Authority to Lead,” November 16, 2011, and “China Invading US Sphere of Affect in Caribbean,” April 11, 2012, which includes this fateful assessment:

The USA ended up on its pricey 10-year misadventure in Afghanistan as a result of it left its flank uncovered in that region after serving to the Afghan Mujahideen defeat the Soviet Union. Now it appears doomed to end up on another pricey, even if much less bloody, misadventure. This time within the Caribbean (to reclaim its sphere of affect from China) because it left its flank uncovered in that area after profitable the Chilly Struggle.

Stupid People … they’ll never study.

America has been preoccupied with Vietnam-style wars in Afghanistan and Iraq for the past 18 years. This offered the right alternative for China to supplant it as a superpower patron to nations not simply all through the Americas however around the globe.

Extra to the purpose, America wasted trillions preventing those unwinnable wars. But its political and security interests would have been much better served if it had spent only a fraction of that quantity on improvement tasks in its own backyard.

That stated, creating nations might be forgiven for seeing China’s direct investments not as a present horse but as a Computer virus, which I worry lots of its overseas direct investments will transform. Just ask Sri Lanka:

Every time Sri Lanka’s president, Mahinda Rajapaksa, turned to his Chinese allies for loans and help with an formidable port challenge, the reply was sure.

[But] Sri Lanka’s new authorities struggled to make funds on the debt he had taken on. Underneath heavy strain and after months of negotiations with the Chinese, the federal government handed over the port and 15,000 acres of land around it for 99 years in December.

The transfer gave China control of territory just some hundred miles off the shores of a rival, India, and a strategic foothold along a important business and army waterway.

(The New York Occasions, June 25, 2018)

I warned poor nations about such structured debt traps in commentaries like “World Beware: China Calling In (Mortgage-Sharking) Debts,” February three, 2010 and “Nations Queuing As much as Turn into as Indebted to China as US,” September 15, 2011. But nonetheless I had trigger to bemoan its adhesive debt-collection techniques in “China Utilizing Loans to ‘Colonize’ Creating World,” August 20, 2018.

President Trump is completely clueless about virtually each geopolitical challenge. But he seems to have an idiot savant’s understanding that China poses as many challenges to America’s financial energy right now because the Soviet Union posed to its army energy through the Cold Struggle.

Except that every US president proved eminently capable of coping with the challenges the Soviet Union posed. But Trump seems uniquely incapable of dealing with those China poses: Exhibit A is the self-defeating trade conflict he launched almost a yr in the past.

President Trump insists that his commerce struggle will make America higher off. … But it is small-business house owners like Mr. Vari, and his clients, who’re largely footing the bill for Mr. Trump’s tariffs. …

While particulars [of a trade agreement] are nonetheless being discussed, the agreement does not appear to require the sweeping modifications to China’s financial system that prompted Mr. Trump to begin the trade warfare.

(The New York Occasions, March four, 2019)


Meanwhile, this commerce struggle is being surpassed in its harebrained fecklessness by Trump insisting that his public wooing of Kim Jong-un will get North Korea to denuclearize. Stories are that Trump has only succeeded in displaying the world that this malevolent dictator is definitely more affable, likable, and smart than he. But I digress …

Migrants Caravanning

America is dealing with a seemingly intractable migration disaster on the US-Mexico border. However, as I asserted above, it might have prevented this crisis. It solely wanted to spend relatively little money and time in recent times helping nations in Central America combat the basis causes, most notably continual poverty and gang violence. Not least because the latter is usually related to the trafficking of medicine that end up hooking and killing hundreds of People annually.

I wrote at length concerning the manifest necessity of partaking in this combat in “Separating Migrant Youngsters from Mother and father. This Is America … Too!” June 20, 2018, and “Despite Trump, This Migrant Caravan Must Be Stopped!” October 22, 2018. I duly criticized Trump for failing to cope with this migration crisis. However I also criticized his Democratic critics for failing to delineate steps they might take to stem the untenable and unsustainable stream of migrants. Nevertheless, these commentaries are still so recent, I see no point in elaborating.

US Retreating

For causes we now perceive all too properly, America’s xenophobic and impetuous president has simply made this migration crisis a lot worse:

In a shocking about-face, State Department officials stated that President Donald Trump is slicing off all direct assistance to the so-called Northern Triangle nations of El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala.

These three nations are the primary supply of migrants to the U.S.

(ABC News, March 30, 2019)

In typical Captain-Chaos style, Trump tweeted this about-face less than 48 hours after his secretary of Homeland Safety, Kirstjen M. Nielsen, signed a “first-of-its-kind” regional settlement in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

‘I look ahead to implementing this historic settlement and dealing with my Northern Triangle counterparts to help secure all of our nations and to end the humanitarian and security disaster we face,’ stated Nielsen.

The MOC — the primary ever multilateral compact on border safety — aims to raised synchronize cooperation between the nations so as to bolster border safety, forestall the formation of latest migrant caravans, and tackle the basis causes of the migration crisis via better synchronized efforts.

(Division of Homeland Safety, Press Release: March 28, 2019)

This settlement makes clear why chopping off direct help can be tantamount to slicing off one’s nose to spite one’s face. The results can be devastating.

Yet they might pale as compared with people who would befall both the USA and all of Central America if Trump follows by means of on his boy-who-cried-wolf menace to close the US-Mexico border this week. Foremost, don’t be stunned if the leader in every of those Northern Triangle nations reacts together with his personal model of Fidel Castro’s Mariel boatlift. I warned about this in “Regardless of Trump, This Migrant Caravan Should Be Stopped!” October 22, 2018, which I referenced above at “Migrants Caravanning.”

You’ll be able to’t make these things up, people.

CARICOM Flailing

Much is being made from the ham-handed assembly Trump held with CARICOM leaders on March 22 at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

Among the many attendees have been Prime Minister Allen Chastanet of Saint Lucia, Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis of The Bahamas, Prime Minister Andrew Holness of Jamaica, and President Jovenel Moise of Haiti, all CARICOM member states, together with President Danilo Medina of the Dominican Republic.

One of many potential outcomes of the assembly involving US investment drew the ire of [Antigua and Barbuda Prime Minister Gaston] Browne, and he said that it was obvious that CARICOM’s solidarity is being undermined by those who are also determined to relegate the region to an object of history.

‘The irony about all this, Abroad Personal Investment Company (OPIC) is already operating in these nations, and China presents higher credit score phrases: developmental loans over 20 years at 2 % curiosity with a five-year moratorium,’ Browne contended.

(Caribbean News Now, March 27, 2019)

Frankly, I discover the ire this meeting incited bemusing. Not least because it manifested in different CARICOM leaders calling those who attended every little thing from weak-minded dupes to high-minded traitors.

Little question their meeting with Trump would have been far simpler if they have been speaking with one regional voice. Indeed, regional leaders based CARICOM exactly to leverage their collective affect in dealings with main powers like the USA, China, and the European Union.

Except that anybody who knows something about CARICOM is aware of that, as smart as such solidarity can be, its leaders have by no means proven it to any vital diploma. I have written many commentaries lamenting this reality. But here is how I crystallized my lamentation in “CARICOM and Its Groundhog Meetings,” February 21, 2013:


The Heads had discussions on redoubling integration efforts, strengthening regional crime and security measures, bolstering regional commerce, preserving tax haven standing in line with extraterritorial calls for from the USA, amongst other gadgets.

However I do know all too properly that, regardless of the seriousness of those issues, discussions on them hold no real penalties. For nothing has distinguished CARICOM throughout its forty-year history quite like the failure of lofty words to seek out habitation in precise deeds.

From day one, for instance, the Heads spoke of the ‘free movement of expertise and professional persons’ as a founding, elementary principle. Yet, since then, extra discussions have been held at CARICOM meetings on methods to restrict such free movement than on ways to facilitate it.

I’m aware that my tackle this legacy of futility is hardly authoritative. Subsequently, I trust you will see it instructive to know that no less a person than Edwin Carrington, former Secretary-Basic of CARICOM (1992-2010), felt constrained to lament the following in June 2001 — more than 35 years into ‘the continued challenge we name the CARICOM Single Market and Financial system’ and its precursor, the Caribbean Free Trade Agreement:

I’m convinced that the dream which was shared by our predecessors of CARICOM being a individuals and a area united in a standard bond promised an amazing deal which has not yet been achieved.

(ANSA MACAL Breakfast, CARICOM Secretariat, June 22, 2001)

In different phrases, despite many years of groundhog conferences like the one it held in Haiti this week, Hell will freeze over before CARICOM fulfills its founding promise of regional integration. And all indications are that Carrington’s lament is as related at this time as it was when he made it 13 years in the past.


This is the reason criticisms on this case appear born more of jealousy than precept. Frankly, I doubt there’s a single CARICOM leader who would have rejected an invite to attend this assembly. And I say this with all due respect to go critic St. Vincent and Grenadines Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves.

Honoring Trump’s invitation was, and will all the time be, the suitable factor to do. Here is just one foreboding illustration of why that is the case:

The Supreme Courtroom upheld Trump’s ban on travel to america from Muslim nations. Subsequently, this notoriously thin-skinned racist doesn’t even want a colorable pretext to ban all journey from CARICOM nations.

Just think about the disruption that may trigger to the lives of all who stay within the Caribbean. In fact, China might invest 1000 occasions greater than the USA all through the region. But no one residing there would need to even countenance life with out the relative ease of with the ability to store, trip, and attend faculty in the USA.

Moreover, if Trump ordered such a ban, it will not take long for each CARICOM country to develop into much more of a dysfunctional basket case than Venezuela is as we speak. And, as our Haitian brothers and sisters will attest, we might not have the ability to seek refuge by walking into neighboring nations the best way 3 million Venezuelans have already executed. To not mention that the individuals of any CARICOM country would not tolerate, for one month, their chief inflicting upon them the dire straits Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has inflicted upon his individuals for years.

Venezuela Failing

Studies are that Trump met with CARICOM leaders to make sure their help as he escalates his Mexican standoff with Maduro. The tipping level in this standoff came in late January. That’s when Trump

  • acknowledged Venezuela’s Nationwide Meeting leader Juan Guaido as the nation’s reputable chief, offering cowl for most different Western leaders to do the same but obliging the leaders of Chinaand Russia to declare their continuing help for Maduro; and
  • demanded that Maduro should go, drawing the type of purple line he criticized former President Obama for drawing with respect to Syria, when he demanded that Assad must go.

[Trump] promised them that a high-level delegation from the Overseas Personal Funding Corporation [OPIC]the U.S. improvement lender, would visit their nations within the next 90 days, the White House stated. …

[CARICOM] has formally advocated for talks between President Nicolas Maduro and Guaido, and most of its members have rejected resolutions by the Organization of American States supporting Guaido. The backing of the 5 for Guaido led to the meeting with Trump.

(Reuters, March 22, 2019)

Besides that Trump promising CARICOM leaders funding financing by way of OPIC rings about as hole as former Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez promising them oil financing by way of PetroCaribe. I sounded alarms with respect to the latter in many commentaries, together with “PetroCaribe: Let’s Look This Present Horse in the Mouth,” June 30, 2006, and “PetroCaribe Chickens Coming Residence to Roost,” November 19, 2013.

The following is an excerpt from the former:


If one buys Chávez’s gross sales pitch, PetroCaribe promises to

contribute to the power safety, socioeconomic improvement and integration of the Caribbean nations, by means of the sovereign use of the power assets.

I am loath to recommend that Chávez is selling snake oil as an alternative of the crude oil that is presupposed to gasoline this pact. However I’ve grave misgivings concerning the viability of PetroCaribe as a reliable source of ‘discounted’ power for Caribbean nations.

Besides that I have no standing. Subsequently, I shall cite comparable misgivings Bahamian Minister of Power and Setting Dr. Marcus Bethel voiced throughout a Senate debate on the 2006/2007 finances. … Dr. Bethel’s deft (technical) rationalization suffices as plausible diplomatic cover for any country disinclined to hitch PetroCaribe. But I really feel obliged to expound on its plain which means:

I’ve typically lamented the failure of Caribbean nations to implement the Caribbean Single Market and Financial system (CSME) settlement. And it just so happens that I typically cite the Bahamian authorities’s imperious, parochial and self-interested strategy to regional negotiations as a serious contributing issue. …

In fact, although, it is just one of many regional governments that appear congenitally averse to regional financial integration. Every seems pathologically confident in its potential to negotiate bilateral agreements that provide far larger benefits than any regional agreement ever might. …

The more intriguing dynamic afoot, nevertheless, is the extent to which Chávez is appearing in live performance with Venezuela’s new political patron, China. Because it is plain that, even more than he, Chinese leaders have been strategically buying up political influence all through the Caribbean and Latin America in recent times.

Except that the Soviet Union saw Fidel Castro as a useful fool to antagonize America in its personal yard. However China sees Chávez as a helpful conduit to assist satisfy its financial needs at residence (oil!).


Nothing indicates what a pipe dream PetroCaribe has turned out to be greater than this:

The decline in Venezuela’s oil production, which began underneath Maduro’s mentor Hugo Chavez, has accelerated prior to now two years. As output plunges toward 1 million barrels a day, the lowest degree in seven many years, the nation is operating out of cash to pay for meals and drugs.

(Bloomberg Businessweek, January 25, 2019)

I presaged and lamented Venezuela’s demise in many commentaries, together with most lately in “Cry for Venezuela,” March 4, 2019. This too is so recent that I see no point in elaborating.

Russia Reclaiming

Like america, Russia has no regard for the precept of non-interference in the domestic affairs of other nations. Extra to the point, President Vladimir Putin has made clear his intent to intrude each time and wherever attainable to reclaim as much of the sphere of influence the Soviet Union wielded in the course of the Chilly Struggle:

Putin is possessed by such delusions of grandeur that he is aching for a rematch of the Chilly Warfare to avenge what he famously claims was ‘the greatest geopolitical catastrophe’ of the 20th century, specifically, the disintegration of the Soviet Union. …

The danger in fact is that Putin is aware of the one approach he can play on the world stage is to flex his army muscle tissues. And he appears quite prepared to do so to function Russia’s position within the economic-superpower dynamic the USA and China at the moment are enjoying out.

(“Russia: The Restoration of Vladimir Putin,” The iPINIONS Journal, March 5, 2012)

What’s extra, where Russia can’t reclaim Soviet-style affect, specifically in Western democracies, Putin has demonstrated a cunning intent to sow destabilizing discord. This was the goal and unprecedented effect of Russia’s notorious interference within the 2016 US presidential election.

Accordingly, Russia is all too pleased to stand with China in backing Maduro. Extra to the point, Chilly-Conflict ideations explain why Putin is testing Trump’s nerve by deploying Russian troops to Venezuela, aping the best way Soviet chief Nikita Khrushchev examined JFK’s by deploying nuclear missiles to Cuba.

‘Russia has to get out. If Russia doesn’t depart Venezuela,’ Trump stated: ‘We’ll see,’ re-asserting that ‘all choices are open’ — amid the political, economic crisis and a push for regime change being pursued by the Trump administration.

(Caribbean News Now, March 29, 2019)

Sadly, Trump’s report of “we’ll-see” bluster is such that Putin has good cause to consider he has nothing to worry however worry itself.  In different words, Trump does not have the cojones to kick Maduro out of Venezuela; you recognize, the best way George H.W. Bush kicked Manuel Noriega out of Panama. And everybody is aware of he gained’t raise a finger, let along deploy US troops, to kick the Russians out.

To be truthful, although, one can hardly blame Putin. In any case, because the finish of the Cold Conflict, America looking for to enlist each member of the Warsaw Pact into NATO has outlined the geopolitics of Europe.

In “Bush Digs His Spurs into Butt of Already Scorned Russian Bear,” April 2, 2008, I warned that this was needlessly pushing Russia into a corner. Furthermore, that it was sure to impress, if not goad, Putin into replaying the dynamics of the Chilly Struggle.

For a bit of perspective, in “Putin Took Crimea Extra Out of Resentment and Worry than Imperial Ambition,” March 24, 2014, I asked:

How do you assume any American president would feel if Russia struck a army alliance with Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Cuba? Especially if that alliance not solely referred to as for Russia to fortify them with all the newest army hardware, including long-range missiles and missile protection techniques, but in addition pledged that any act of aggression towards any of them shall be deemed an act of aggression towards Russia too.

The purpose is that Russia is just doing in Venezuela in the present day what America has been doing all over Japanese Europe for years, together with as late as 2017 when it enlisted Montenegro into NATO. This raised its membership to 29 — almost doubling the 15 it had when the Cold Warfare led to 1989.

But nothing betrays Putin’s intent to increase Russia’s sphere of influence (or sphere of pursuits) fairly like the best way he’s enjoying godfather to like-minded dictators all over the world.

Russia has been steadily expanding its army influence across Africa, alarming Western officers with growing arms sales, security agreements and training packages for unstable nations or autocratic leaders.

(The New York Occasions, March 31, 2019)

Putin reclaimed Crimea without firing a shot. He could be forgiven for considering he can reclaim a sphere of affect throughout the Americas in comparable style. This, especially provided that Trump is even much less more likely to danger struggle with Russia to enforce his pink line towards Maduro than Obama was to implement his towards Assad.

In any event, no one is happier than Putin to see history repeating itself — in this and lots of other respects.


As indicated above, China has proven no compunction about leveraging its economic influence to have an effect on political outcomes that additional its national pursuits. But, in contrast to america and Russia, China prides itself on non-interference within the home affairs of different nations.

China couldn’t care much less if the nation it’s dealing with is a Jeffersonian democracy or a Hitlerian dictatorship, so long as that country is secure enough to do business. That is why, although it supports Maduro because the professional president of Venezuela, China is loath to make use of the economic leverage it has over nations throughout the Americas and beyond to drive them to help him.

However there’s no denying the vested curiosity both China and Russia have in seeing nations abandon Western-style democracy to undertake their totalitarian fashion of governance. Obviously, the more totalitarian regimes grow to be the norm, the safer their totalitarian regimes turn out to be, respectively.

Lastly, so long as this commentary is, I’m not even commenting on the best way Trump is

  • cultivating the totalitarian tendencies of the “Trump of the Tropics,” specifically Brazilian President Jair Bolsonoro;
  • jeopardizing passage of the United States-Mexico-Canada Settlement together with his hole however reckless menace to shut the US-Mexican border; or
  • giving Canada the impression that America considers North Korea a better ally together with his open and notorious dissing of that country’s prime minister, Justin Trudeau.

I’m bushed …

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*  This commentary was initially revealed at The iPINIONS Journal on Monday, April 1.