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S.W.A.T. Finale Recap 05/16/19: Season 2 Episode 23 “Kangaroo”

S.W.A.T. Finale Recap 05/16/19: Season 2 Episode 23

Tonight on CBS their new present S.W.A.T. inspired by the television collection and feature movie airs with an all-new Thursday, Might 16, 2019, episode and we’ve got your S.W.A.T. recap under. On tonight’s S.W.A.T. season 2 episode 23 referred to as “Kangaroo” as per the CBS synopsis, “The SWAT group goes in pursuit again of the militant group The Emancipators, when the criminals maintain a reside stream kangaroo courtroom to publicly execute metropolis politicians.

Additionally, Hondo fights to raise Darryl’s spirits; Deacon feels unworthy as he prepares to receive one of the LAPD’s highest honors, and Road catches a break in the seek for his missing parolee mother.”

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SWAT begins the Season 2 finale with Jim Road (Alex Russell) finding his mother, Karen Road (Sherilyn Fenn) excessive as a kite watching cartoons in a crack home. He tries to get her to go away when Bryce (Patrick Hume) comes out, pulls out a knife and orders Jim to go away. Karen pulls Jim off him, calling him “Eddie.” She says she loves when Eddie fights for her however he informs her that he is Jimmy her son. She shortly covers herself, asking him if he’s hungry; Bryce tells him that Karen is on loads of issues. Jim takes a blanket and covers his mom, saying he’s taking her residence.

Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson (Shemar Moore) asks how Daryl’s (Deshae Frost) bodily therapy is going and he’s informed he is very cellular for somebody who acquired shot 2 weeks in the past, but Daryl is admittedly bummed that he can’t take steps on his personal. Hondo informs Daryl he can go house tomorrow, studying Daryl requested no guests because he can’t walk straight and doesn’t know if he ever will; he doesn’t want individuals to see him like this. Hondo reminds him it will take a minute and it is going to be one step at a time.

Robert Hicks’ (Patrick St. Esprit) daughter, Molly (Lauren James) arrives saying she is simply there to surprise him for a visit; dropping off his go well with. He congratulates David “Deacon” Kay (Jay Harrington), forcing him to elucidate to Dominique Luca (Kenny Johnson) that brass has decided to award him a police star; but he didn’t share it as a result of he doesn’t understand how he feels about it. He is humbled by it but after the yr he put everyone via, he doesn’t feel he deserves it. Luca presents to help him with the speech.

Jessica Cortez (Stephani Sigman) arrives in courtroom, sitting beside Abby (Enisha Brewster), saying she gained’t miss the pretrial of the emancipators. Abruptly they all rise and begin chanting that they won’t be silenced by firms nor the regulation; inflicting the decide to hit the gavel a number of occasions, calling for order in the courtroom. Jessica says this is identical factor they have been saying since they have been arrested; however as soon as they say “the system will probably be burnt to ashes, beginning with this courthouse” Jessica tells the reporter that line is new.

Jessica rushes out of the room, followed by Abby where they see a TV video of a masked man saying the intermission is over and they’re prepared for the final act. Everybody sees it, as he exhibits the members of the Superior Courthouse on their knees with blindfolds on; Jessica is aware of who they are when the person says they’re convening their very own courtroom for the individuals. Hondo tells the staff the situation and to get unis there proper now. A noose is put round a councilman’s neck, saying his guilt has been decided and this is his sentencing hearing, after 2 possibilities, they don’t want money, nor discount, they will burn the system down and rebuild on its ashes.

He presses a button blowing up several automobiles outdoors the courthouse. He reminds them that he informed Sgt Daniel Harrelson that it was time to place faces to their beliefs. He removes his masks, revealing Area Marshall Cinque (Luke Forbes), uninterested in the lip service and the lies. They’re coming for the politicians this time, displaying the councilman hanging from the underside of the bridge. Every hour they may sentence one other politician on air, reminding them that sequels are a lot worse than the original.

Hondo stares at the face when Jim comes in saying there have been no casualties from the courthouse but they did find Councilman Stroom’s body hanging, just like when an immigrant brings hung like 100 years in the past. Hondo says they are large historical past buffs and it doesn’t surprise him if this was their plan all alongside. Victor Tan (David Lim) walks in when Hondo says Cinque is a person of his word they usually have 30 minutes till the subsequent execution. Hicks needs everybody to be ready to maneuver as soon as they find this guy, eager to know if there’s any specific cause he particularly referred to as out Hondo. He feels he’s protected. Hicks tells Road to trace any calls these guys make as Tan suggests checking their cash trails. Hondo knows Hicks is worried for his safety however Cinque has an end recreation they usually don’t know what it’s, so Hondo continues to be an asset to the staff. Chris Alonso (Lina Esco) reveals the FBI received a number of calls about Cinque as many individuals recognized him as Devon Carlisle. She provides them their last recognized tackle, Hicks warns them about traps and bombs as Chris remembers how they send them twice to the fallacious handle to make SWAT look dangerous.

SWAT breaks into the home, ordering the youngsters to stay put as they clear the house; once it’s clear Hondo asks the youngsters in the event that they know Cinque and he is handed a word by the little woman. He’s glad they tracked him right down to there, revealing the youngsters are homeless youngsters who have been sleeping on the street and deserted. No one was prepared to assist them and this is the reason politicians have to pay.

Gwen Miller’s (Sumalee Montano) daughter, Stacy arrives at HQ. She is aware of these individuals have her mom and the final time they have been there was when the earthquake hit and couldn’t find her. She reveals it is just her and her mom as her dad died. She last spoke to her mother that morning as she was heading to satisfy the councilmen for lunch. Hicks wants her to inform him every little thing she is aware of concerning the brunch; their chat is interrupted when Cinque’s subsequent video is up.

The courtroom is again in session and on the docket is Councilman Washington, who pleads his innocence. Cinque stated he was elected for his or her space due to his hard-line as a decide, but he makes use of the three strike regulation, regardless of the crime. His sentence is being thrown to the canine. Deacon reveals that Washington put away lots of people, particularly a road gang. Hicks feels he is going to launch him to bangers with weapons on their mind. Jim suggests that Luca might speak to Marcos who’s in another gang to find the place they are. They have a location for the streaming video as Hicks delegates where everybody ought to go.

Hondo tells his staff to remain sharp, any indicators of explosives and they should back out; they reduce the lock to a storage locker, realizing that is only a streaming place for Cinque and he needs to be at one other location. Luca, within the meantime, drives up with Deacon to speak to Marcos; they need to decrease his defenses, saying he needs to talk to Marcos, who agrees. He doesn’t know concerning the councilman but he feels what Cinque is saying is sensible. He isn’t a punk-ass snitch however Luca says he isn’t coming as a cop but as a neighbor. He watches the block the identical as Marcos. He guarantees that if Marcos helps him, he will get his brother, Shorty’s crime wiped off the report. They return to his crew with Marcos berating Luca however as Luca and Deacon stroll away, Luca reveals that Marcos gave him a location. He needs to be sensible so Marcos doesn’t appear to be a rat.

Cinque has the Councilman tied as much as four totally different automobiles with chains hooked up to every one; they’re revving their automobiles when squad automobiles and a helicopter arrived on the scene, demanding them to drop their weapons and get out of the automobiles. SWAT is ready to save Washington. Hondo says Washington can be superb however he had traces of tranquilizers in his system, but there’s nothing to offer them a location. Individuals are questioning if what LAPD does actually matters. Hondo admits this funk is about Daryl; she is there if he needs to talk. He reveals he heard a rumor that she goes to work with the FBI, she says she shall be gone for a couple of weeks but working with the FBI is a chance to do something totally different and lacking be in the midst of it. He hopes that she would tell him first if she goes to take the job. They’re interrupted by another stream being posted.

Cinque says the courtroom is back in session, displaying Councilwoman Miller, the town controller of LA. He repeats all her faults of slicing pennies for the company masters; he doesn’t assume that may be a defense. The courtroom has discovered her responsible of putting residents final and her sentence is demise by firing squad that shall be live-streaming at the prime of the hour as she can be made an example of. Hondo tells Hicks that Cinque thinks Washington is lifeless, so they need to hold him at midnight, not revealing something to media or in any other case. Hicks says the Mayor and Washington’s household must be introduced into the loop, but Hondo is convincing and Hicks tells them he will maintain off.

Chris and Tan present Hondo the truck that they missed earlier and it is believed they’re streaming from there as it’s large enough to hold their courtroom within. Hondo needs a BOLO out on the truck and everybody tacked up and able to roll. Gwen Miller is chained to a sequence with a number of automated weapons dealing with her, however SWAT arrives in Black Betty with Deacon firing from the highest and the workforce rushes off to cover. Tan works to get the chains off, but notices he is operating out of time earlier than the guns go off; Hondo shouts for everyone to take out the generator.

Tan is able to until Gwen as Hondo and Road chase the gang down into some underground tunnels. Hondo will get one, telling Road to box in Cinque. Jim has his gun raised at Cinque, telling him to point out him his arms. Hondo orders him to drop the other gun and put his arms within the air. When Hondo tells him not to do it, he raises his gun in the direction of Hondo, forcing him to shoot. Cinque and Road both know Hondo shot him after he put the gun down; Cinque thanking Hondo for helping the trigger as he shot an unarmed black man, but Hondo refuses Cinque turning right into a martyr. Hondo requires assist, saying the suspect is down with a gunshot wound to his stomach.

Hondo and Hicks interrogate Cinque, who’s handcuffed to the bed. He’s advised he can’t be in a hospital room as he is too dangerous to be round civilians; Hicks tells him to take pleasure in his stay with SWAT. Cinque says he did what he set out to do, Hondo revealing they saved two of the council and in addition did what they set out to do. As soon as they depart the room, Hicks can’t perceive why Hondo isn’t pleased. Hondo feels this isn’t the top of Cinque’s recreation as he was sensible. Deacon can’t find anything, however Hondo feels there’s something happening at metropolis hall.

Deacon and Hondo evaluation the new surveillance that was installed at metropolis hall and it is the similar crew that was on trial. Cinque likes an audience and now he has one on stay television. Hicks stands with brass, politicians and essential individuals, including Jessica. Hondo calls her, saying they plan on blowing up city hall while it is reside on air,; she needs to get everyone out of there, including her. Hicks seems to be at Jessica who leans into the Chief, telling him there was a change of plans.

Black Betty races in the direction of metropolis hall, as Deacon learns a building less than a block away from city hall is being renovated and there was suspicious exercise reported on it. Certainly one of Cinque’s crew sees the individuals shortly leaving metropolis hall and he presses to detonate the bomb. The primary one goes off as individuals begin to run away in a panic. Hondo separates the workforce, Hicks telling them Jessica continues to be inside; Deacon and Tan are sent to deactivate the bomb. Jessica isn’t answering Hondo however collapses when she is hit by a wall exploding. SWAT chases the bomber by way of the abandoned building as Hondo desperately calls out for Captain, operating in the direction of her when he finds her with a head wound on the floor. He wraps her in his arms and rushes off.

Chris chases the bomber, who continues to detonate the varied bombs, forcing Hondo to dodge the debris with Jessica on his shoulders. Chris jumps the stairs and takes the bomber down, bodily beating one another. He reaches for Chris’ gun but she stops him, briefly overpowered by him. Deacon and Luca arrive revealing that Chris obtained the bomber; everybody studies that they’re clear, apart from Hondo who out of the blue appears out of the smoke, walking out of metropolis hall with Jessica, saying the “all clear.” Her very important signs are regular however Hondo thinks Jessica has a concussion.

Back at HQ, Cinque mocks that the show wasn’t over as Hondo says he isn’t the one one who likes to ship stunned. He informs Cinque that he did numerous injury to a building however there was no loss of life as they found out what he was up to. Cinque feels it doesn’t matter as his group will encourage others, asking what has modified since they last talked. He sees the anger in Hondo who says he has anger but he didn’t act on it; figuring out change is feasible because Cinque is taking a look at it; sarcastically calling Cinque, “Brother!”

Jim returns residence to see his mother cleaned up and on the couch. She says her headache is cleared away, thanking him for coming to get her. Jim takes a second, as she apologizes that he needed to see her like that, claiming to typically be very sick. Jim steps again as Karen’s parole officer is available in to arrest her. He reported her so she will get remedy and get better, she pleads that she can’t return, particularly after all the things she has finished for him. The PO says she goes again for no less than one yr after which it is going to be reevaluated. Karen shouts, saying what kind of son does this to his mother? Jim says he doesn’t need her to die, however he is clearly heartbroken.

Hondo goes to visit Leroy (Michael Seashore), saying Daryl is being launched from the hospital; he will walk with a limp however he will probably be okay. He knows Leroy is his father however Hondo and his mom shall be looking after Daryl full time. Leroy says he loves Charice (Debbie Allen) however Daryl wants more than just being taken care of; something Hondo knows. Leroy reminds him that it didn’t work when Hondo tried to save lots of him years ago. Hondo says when he lost him, he misplaced every pal he ever trusted; admitting he has been preventing and dropping and perhaps that is simply the best way it’s gonna be. Leroy says he is aware of Hondo needs to make issues higher however that doesn’t mean he needs to be everybody’s savior. Hondo simply needs to do proper by Daryl; Leroy pauses saying Hondo is sweet for his son and provides him his blessing. The two shake arms as Leroy asks him to point out Daryl what he hasn’t seen, what is feasible.

Hicks enjoys having his daughter with him and she or he tells him she acquired interviewed for a job in LA and came upon that morning she acquired it. She didn’t inform him so as not to jinx it, saying she is caught on him now. Road greets her as they take their seats. Sgt. David Kay is known as as much as receive the last star of the night time; his whole staff cheering for him. He thanks everybody, together with his wife and youngsters; stating that Annie is the actual hero. He thanks the 20 squads for all the time having his again; it is an honor to put on the badge and star, solely sacrificing his again for it. The truth is he feels he doesn’t deserve this award however his staff does. He goes by way of each of the group members and their superb feats; saying with Hondo’s leadership they’re more than a workforce and this award is for all of them for blessing him.

Road flirts with Hicks’ daughter, something Chris observes. Deacon provides Luca the primary installment of the loan cost. Jessica admits it’s never uninteresting to be in the midst of all of it; she informs Hondo that she is taking the FBI’s supply for the 5 weeks, she is going to see after that. Hondo asks her to care for herself on the market.

Hondo walks with Daryl at the seashore, admitting he has by no means been there before. Hondo says it took him years to get there too as Daryl says it appears like a portray. Hondo tells him they will stay as long as he needs, cashing in his 64 days of vacation so they might do some touring. Hondo says he won’t ever have the ability to repay his mom for what she has carried out for him but perhaps he pays it ahead with Daryl. Daryl nods and thanks Hondo, wiping a tear away. He puts his crutches down, one arm around Hondo, they walk to the sting of the pier to enjoy the view. He needs to know the place they are going and Hondo asks him the place he needs to go; both admitting they have by no means seen a kangaroo earlier than; Daryl truly smiles as he leans on his own.


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