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The 7 Wonders that Cured Bettina’s Cancer

The 7 Wonders that Cured Bettina's Cancer

(This is the second of two articles concerning the 2019 Annie Appleseed most cancers conference in West Palm Seashore, Florida.)

One of many highlights of every Annie Appleseed conference is the Patient Panel, featuring three most cancers patients who tell their stories. The moderator, Julie Chiappetta, summarized her personal story of therapeutic from cancer 19 years ago.

Back in 2000 when Julie was first recognized with aggressive breast cancer, at a time when she was underneath stress from a high-paying job, docs advised her she wanted critical typical therapy. “You’ll die until you do as we say,” they claimed, however she just stated no.

As an alternative, she took a couple of months off to seek out out what she was dealing with and what she might do. She decided she needed to turn out to be the Chief Government Officer of her own physique, which was additionally stressed from operating in races.

After investigating her options, she decided to make some radical modifications. She threw out her microwave and carpeting and made many different improvements to start out over with a clear slate, and she or he was cautious to not slip back into the best way she had lived that made her sick.

Her plan included “relaxation, alkalinity, eliminating sugar and white meals, and sticking with it.” She cautioned ladies to keep away from mammograms as a result of they’re only 40 % correct they usually emit radiation that causes cancer.

She quoted most cancers researcher Dr. Samuel Epstein, M.D., who stated, “It’s a sobering incontrovertible fact that over a interval of 10 years a premenopausal lady undergoing annual regular mammography receives virtually half of the radiation that was measurable from a mile away from the Hiroshima epicenter.”

The seven wonders that cured Bettina’s cancer

The primary panelist Ms. Chiappetta launched was 52-year-old Bettina Tammaro from Denmark. She’s a instructor, a coach, and an journey hobbyist.

When Ms. Tammaro was recognized with lymphoma in 2001, docs talked her into surgical procedure and radiation. In 2012 the lymphoma reappeared, however she stated “no” to standard remedies and decided to decide on the natural means as an alternative.

She advised the viewers, “Going various was like walking the plank and taking the bounce into the deep blue sea.” She found a well known video referred to as “Cancer Is Curable Now,” and applied the next “seven wonders.”

  1. An alkaline eating plan plus nutritional supplements together with nutritional vitamins A, C, B12, magnesium, selenium, dried herbs, and seaweed
  2. A whole lot of bodily exercise
  3. Restorative sleep, because the immune system’s ranger cells can’t work once you’re tired
  4. Cleansing by means of rebounding on a mini-trampoline, infrared warmth, massage, and intermittent fasting
  5. Ardour for life, including a survival island adventure and volunteer work in Africa.
  6. Attending to the thoughts/body/soul connection by way of spirituality, forgiveness, and stress administration
  7. Stability

Bettina stated she’s an enthusiastic outside adventurer, and she or he urged the most cancers patients within the viewers to “be courageous sufficient to do crazy issues! Do the free things. Take off your footwear. Do respiration workouts. Hug a tree.”

She stated she enjoys leaping into the ocean, spends a lot of time in nature, and loves the woods so much that she truly does hug timber.

The subsequent panelist, Ryan Sternagel, has never had most cancers. But as a husband and father he had agonizing selections to make in 2013 when, a month before his son’s first birthday, his spouse felt a lump within the child’s back.

Ryder had stopped rising at six months and couldn’t handle strong foods. The well being crisis was a cancerous progress popping out of his spine and metastasizing to his bones. The analysis was neuroblastoma. To make issues worse, the hospital gave him a staph an infection from a port, requiring antibiotics at the similar time the kid acquired chemotherapy.

Usually chemo is an elective remedy, but the authorities regards it as obligatory for youngsters with most cancers — even in instances once they’re sufficiently old to say they don’t need it and their mother and father agree that chemo shouldn’t be given. Until mother and father need to go on the lam, the kid is going to get chemo whether or not the mother and father prefer it or not.

Accused of kid abuse

Regardless that the Sternagels have been reluctantly cooperating with the poisonous chemotherapy remedies, they have been additionally giving Ryder so many various therapies that they have been reported to “youngster protecting providers” for “medical neglect” and potential “baby abuse.” They have been cleared of those accusations as a result of there was no proof that the alternative therapies have been dangerous.

As an alternative of defying the authorities, the Sternagels took a sensible center course by cooperating simply enough to keep away from hassle whereas taking critical steps to mitigate the toxic injury of the chemo.

Their expertise proved you CAN keep wholesome in the hospital. In Ryder’s hospital room, for instance, that they had a juicer and a water filter, they usually put numerous supplements in the juice. Additionally they had a rice cooker. One nurse remarked, “So you’re making his feeds?” They have been! They gave Ryder about 50 dietary supplements, some with meals, some with out. The Sternagels had spent hours researching on PubMed, the vast database of just about every medical journal article revealed.

The doctor had informed them their son needed four rounds of chemo to satisfy a certain aim. The Sternagels replied, “If we will get there in two rounds, will you let us stop?” The physician stated, “That’ll by no means occur.” It occurred.

However even when the proof was in entrance of his eyes, the physician nonetheless insisted that Ryder had to end all four rounds. And that’s not all. After the first four rounds, the doctor stated one other four rounds have been required. At that time, the Sternagels pulled up stakes and moved to Utah, where they might begin with a new staff of docs.

Ryder made so much progress that the new docs agreed to a “wait and see” strategy. It soon turned obvious that no extra chemo was wanted, so Ryder by no means acquired any extra.

The Sternagels built a home in the woods outdoors Park Metropolis, Utah, utilizing solely pure, non-toxic supplies, and everybody in the house is protected from the dangerous, cancer-causing results of electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs), which are troublesome to avoid in technologically advanced nations, particularly in urban areas.

Ryder continues to be doing effective.

Recommendation from a most cancers survivor: Lose the anger

The final panelist to inform his story about overcoming most cancers was Ryan Luelf. Married for 19 years with three youngsters, ages 7, 9, and 18, he stated he was turning 39. He gave this advice to different sufferers who are scuffling with most cancers:

“Cease being indignant. Stop being pissed off about what happened years in the past. Keep in mind, life flows downstream. Don’t paddle towards the current. Toss the oars apart, and get within the move.

“Tune into your personal infinite intelligence to seek out your personal path, after which share it with others to assist them find theirs. Drop out of your head into a deeper place inside you. Get deep! Don’t reside out of your ego or else you’ll miss the present second. The current moment is all we have now, and it’s all the time all we now have.

“Don’t be lost in thoughts concerning the future or the previous. Be in ‘the now.’ Convey all your consciousness about what you’re doing.”

In 2015 Ryan began affected by night time sweats and swollen lymph nodes in his neck. Then he got here down with horrible complications. He came upon he had stage 4 non-Hodgkins lymphoma with metastasis from the liver to the bone marrow.

That very immediate, he decided he was going to reside, interval. He had a wife and youngsters who needed him. He stated, “NOTHING is more powerful than deciding what your future is.”

Patient has the center to contradict his boastful doctor!

Ryan’s doctor informed him, “This most cancers will kill you. You’ll do chemo, however it might kill you within the first two weeks. Should you don’t do chemo, you’ll be lifeless in two or three months.”

That is how he replied to that doctor: “That’s not going to work for me.” He informed the cancer sufferers within the audience, “Don’t make an agreement with a human being’s opinion. As an alternative, type an opinion that may serve you properly, and consider it.”

Ryan by no means thought he would die from the cancer, however he knew it was attainable, and he was at peace with it. His wife, then again, was stressed. As an alternative of ignoring the elephant in the living room, he informed his spouse, “It’s time to speak concerning the risk that I’d die and face it and cope with it.”

That they had long talks. He acquired his financial affairs as a way to make certain his family was offered for. Going by means of this course of wasn’t an indication of defeat however an honorable and respectful plan of action.

In the future his spouse seemed him in the eye and advised him, “When you die, the youngsters and I shall be okay.” He felt relieved when his wife gave him permission to die, which gave him permission to be absolutely alive and within the current.

Needing $30,000 for his various remedy plan in a Tijuana cancer clinic, Ryan rolled up his sleeves and raised it by not being afraid to ask others for assist. Based mostly on his experience, he’s developed a fairly priced fundraising course which is for sale to cancer patients and others on the web site When he set up a crowdfunding web site, 800 individuals donated, enabling him to get the remedy he needed.

Only for the heck of it, and together with his spouse’s permission, he decided to do something wild. He bought their house, bought an RV, and took off on an journey touring the U.S. Now he’s able to quiet down and buy a home in Tulsa.

Exceptional benefits of a juice quick

Utilizing colloquial, PG-13 language, cancer coach Jill Schneider described her journey to therapeutic from malignant cervical most cancers again in the 1970s.

Her docs needed to hustle her onto the working table for a hysterectomy, however she refused. As an alternative, she skilled profound healing in a jungle in Venezuela and within the mountains of Peru.

She took herbs from a physician of Chinese language drugs and purified her blood by happening a brown rice eating regimen for ten days. Then she added vegetables to the brown rice plus nuts, seeds, and beans. She hiked within the mountains and felt fantastic. She truly forgot that she had a cancer analysis.

When she ran out of money, she came back to America — and her checks have been regular.

Jill advises cancer sufferers first to deal with the physical causes: dehydration, exhaustion, and malnutrition. “Repair those first before you do anything. It’s an excellent begin. Malnutrition is fastened by juicing. Everybody ought to do a juice fast. Fasting is holy. The kitchen is the holiest place in my home.”

At retreats she does massage and promotes rest and sleep. She stated, “We’d like the sugar from fruit for our mind. It’s a must to clear out your colon. Clean it out. Get that s–t out! Often individuals lose a few pound a day throughout a fast. If in case you have digestive problems, cease consuming!

“Begin with a three to 5 day fast. You’re going to really feel like s–t the first few days, but don’t be afraid of it. Accept it. Take pleasure in it. Watch comedies. Attempt to chuckle your *ss off through the first few days. Break the quick with salad, watermelon, and avocado. You’re going to get your youth back and your mojo back!”

Jill is situated in Delray Seashore. Her web site is

The convention ended with shows about cannabis, also referred to as “medical marijuana.” Additionally lumped into this category is CBD oil from hemp, though it isn’t marijuana and has no psychoactive impact. In marijuana it’s the compound referred to as THC that causes the excessive.

Although THC and CBD have medicinal worth, not just for cancer but in addition for ache management and different health problems, the problem is that they are troublesome to dose. How much do you have to take? No one can say for positive, in response to the presenters at this convention.

There’s virtually no probability your physician has any concept how a lot is the correct quantity. For many who need to attempt these cures, the perfect advice is to “go sluggish and begin low,” only utilizing as much as you might want to really feel higher as an alternative of getting yourself so zonked (in the case of THC product) that you simply’re out of it.

Typically CBD oil is sufficient. In different instances, a mixture of CBD and THC have been discovered to be useful. The good news for patients in search of ache aid or recovery from most cancers with out getting excessive is that CBD oil mitigates the psychoactive impact of THC.

Here’s the magic ratio: when you take 4 elements CBD to at least one half THC, you’ll get the medicinal advantages of both substances without the mind-altering effect. Utilizing THC and CBD together in this means may even help cigarette smokers and opioid addicts give up their addictions.

For cancer patients who need to use this treatment, micro-dosing is probably the perfect strategy because it retains the price down and might be executed on a long-term foundation if desired.

Despite the apparent medicinal advantages of cannabis, including no vital dangerous uncomfortable side effects, the disadvantages are considerable: no one knows for positive how much is important or how lengthy you need to take it, and the monthly value might be prohibitive, depending on how a lot is used.

What’s more, legality continues to be a problem in many places. CBD oil has vital medical benefits without the authorized issues surrounding mind-altering THC/hashish.

No such factor as a free lunch, proper? Incorrect!

Keynote speaker Dr. Mary Hardy, M.D., instructed an choice that, for many, may make extra sense than hashish: medicinal mushrooms. She stated, “Medicinal mushrooms are as near a free lunch as you will get: medicinal advantages without uncomfortable side effects.”

Dr. Hardy talked about several mushrooms she likes, including Reishi (Ganoderma), Coriolus (Turkey Tail), Shiitake, and a mushroom extract referred to as AHCC. It has been stated that whether or not you have got a illness or not, everyone ought to be on two medicinal mushrooms — reishi and cordyceps — because of their wide-ranging medical benefits for numerous organs and the immune system.

Several respected corporations promote these mushroom extracts, together with Mushroom Wisdom, Fungi Perfecti, and Mushroom Science.

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