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The Complicated Woman’s Guide to Surviving the Patriarchy Without Drinking Herself to Death by Erin Gibson – teresaelectro Book Review – Cannonball Read 11

The Complicated Woman’s Guide to Surviving the Patriarchy Without Drinking Herself to Death by Erin Gibson – teresaelectro Book Review – Cannonball Read 11

Jen and I learn Erin Gibson’s implausible e-book for the Two Heads Are Better Than One bingo square.

Teresa: I’ve been an enormous fan of Erin Gibson from her podcast, Throwing Shade. I additionally attended her LA Pageant of Books panel where she promoted this e-book. I used to be delighted past measure and remorse holding off on a signed ebook. The audiobook version though was such a fun experience. Part feminist history, part humorous memoir, this e-book is a good way to discuss the darkest timeline of Trump. So excited that Jen was on board with my suggestion to evaluate together.

Jen: I am horrible at podcasts – I try to be a type of people who utilize their time nicely and listens to things like audiobooks or podcasts whereas on the elliptical or while driving but as an alternative, I end up listening to rock and prime 40 hits of the early aughts again and again.  I’m so glad Teresa volunteered to do a joint assessment with me of her most up-to-date read as a result of I undoubtedly would not have discovered it alone. 

Feminasty is hilarious and we each highly advocate it! Erin goes all-in on the patriarchy with an enormous dose of history and humor. Please take pleasure in our chat assessment!

teresaelectro: So you didn’t know who Erin was at all?

Jen Okay: No, I don’t pay much consideration to podcasts in any respect.  The only cause I even knew about A Forged of Kings was the JoRo/Pajiba connection!

Every time I try to get into them, I’ll pay attention to at least one or two after which overlook to get back into them or understand I downloaded ones about subjects I already have more than a passing awareness of, thus defeating the purpose.

But speaking of audio formats, I did need to ask how did the audiobook deal with all of the footnotes?

teresaelectro: I find out about a ton, however I’ve zero time to take heed to a full season.

I solely heard her quoting them, no precise “footnote” call out. Perhaps it was on the finish, however I listened to the acknowledgments and nothing.

It was cool to study she was an actual new author/researcher. And I didn’t know she produced stuff for Funny or Die.

Her podcast host associate is on Gay of Thrones with Jonathan Ness a bunch. They cross-promote stuff, which now makes a lot sense.

Jen Okay: There were a couple of at the end of every chapter however it was more the jokey asides, like explaining that she is a third-generation Irish road rat.

It was fascinating to see how much she has participated in things that I have seen like Humorous or Die and some episodes of Homosexual of Thrones. (See a standard theme right here?)

teresaelectro: Yeah, they combined it into the chapter. She talked about that at her LA guide fest panel. Most of her family didn’t wish to be referred to as that lol. I went to a stay taping of Throwing Shade at an Leisure Weekly pageant. My first actual intro to them, they usually had been on for years. It was to rejoice their television model…which fizzled and died.

Jen Okay: Talking of family, I do know one of the potential subjects you had talked about was her personal life. She dropped simply enough hints about her private life and background that I might undoubtedly be into a traditional memoir from her.

teresaelectro: tbh, those have been my favourite elements

I didn’t understand she went to my faculty district. Like I might have been drunk at Numbers on the similar time.

Jen Okay: Mine too! I needed to remind myself that the subtitle was “a information,” not “a memoir” because I needed more!

teresaelectro: Also, she seems to be so FABULOUS on the duvet. I used to be like, I want all this in my life.

Jen Okay: Her entire poverty to producer/researcher/podcaster story can be fascinating.

teresaelectro: Undoubtedly. I feel she might present a whole lot of recommendation.

Jen Okay: Sure! And her “Concerning the Writer” web page picture, too. “Wait, I assumed you stated you have been awkward in center and highschool.”

teresaelectro: Everybody who ended up in podcasting has an fascinating tale

Jen Okay: It’s so easy to make jokes a few podcast being a gaggle of bored hipster white guys, but then the individuals which are good at have far more fascinating tales!

teresaelectro: They’ve to have the ability to be random, but partaking. A totally lived life is sweet for that (or be very researched like with true crime stuff)

Jen Okay: And she or he undoubtedly delivered on both ends!

teresaelectro: Did you are feeling like her “details” and analysis have been enough?

I needed to take breaks from reading typically as a result of the sheer quantity of laws passed to stop ladies from things was depressing af

Jen Okay: I feel there have been a couple of essays that left me wanting extra, but I feel every single matter she addressed might fill books by itself so a short essay might solely achieve this much.

teresaelectro: Her letter to Betsy was sooooo humorous, however totally not that a lot of a parody

Jen Okay: General, going back to the “information” concept – it was a pleasant reminder of “right here is some shit that is occurring multi functional spot” to actually remind everyone of what’s happening.

teresaelectro: Like these ladies play themselves with their awfuluness


Jen Okay: It’s like when SNL principally just used transcripts of each time Palin spoke

teresaelectro: I didn’t know that, nevertheless it sounds hilarious

Jen Okay: I’m in all probability exaggerating, but that is the lady who stated she might see Russia from her house, and asked for examples of magazines … how do you prime the issues they are truly saying?

teresaelectro: There’s no means because they reside in an absurd bubble

Jen Okay: Yes.  I like that Gibson even had a chapter devoted to the ladies working towards ladies. In fact, she barely scratched the surface!

teresaelectro: I favored Erin’s humor, but my roommate felt she was too theatrical when on Lovett or Depart It. Did you discover her abrasive? Or right on the money? I liked all of it. These occasions name for Nasty Ladies shouting and calling out hypocritical ladies.

Jen Okay: I didn’t discover her abrasive – I like to think about myself as quite open, however I even have moments of prudishness so typically I’m a bit stunned when individuals overshare sexual details, like the man she brought back to the airbnb, however I truthfully felt like she did a great job of balancing the humor and anger.  In reality, I wouldn’t have minded a number of more indignant diatribes!

(And I’m wondering why the individuals I labored with in Kuwait stored telling me to settle down :p)

teresaelectro: The physician half was horrifying as a result of so true. I never used conditioner, but I’ve heard some tales.

Jen Okay: I truly highlighted her work out descriptions – “kettlebell kickboxing, yoga for murderers, pilates ‘n’ punchin’ ” – I might totally sign up for these.

teresaelectro: A man I slept with (and regretted) did use safety after my insistence however was mad the whole time we did it. WTF.

Jen Okay: That’s bullshit! Yeah, I have all the time been assigned docs so the final two years have been the first time I had to find my very own, and I can see how straightforward it is to stick with someone you don’t love as a result of they already have the information …

teresaelectro: And the IUD thing is awful, like absolutely not. I feel this is the reason I never had a male gyno. To much room for shenanigans. Altho I’m positive they’re dangerous feminine ones too.

yeah, it’s simply every year of annoyance.

Jen Okay: Yeah, I’ve had each. My least favourite one has been a lady nevertheless it’s as a result of she was too grandmotherly and I felt like she was judging the variety of companions I’d had – and this was after not having had sex for like six months. The Military one I had for my last pap was feminine and superb!

teresaelectro: I felt like this can be a good guide to read or take heed to. Do you agree? She’s a hilarious performer, but a superb author too.

Jen Okay: I feel it works for both, however I might see the place it is perhaps slightly extra appropriate for listening – as I mentioned above, while reading, I typically ended up wanting more from every essay, however I can see the place much more detail would have gotten tedious in audio format.

I assume it may additionally rely upon familiarity with each matter. I feel I had no less than a passing information of a lot of the subjects she selected – I truly appreciated that she was capable of give attention to simply adult ladies being referred to as out on gown code stupidity since we see so many articles on a regular basis already about what occurs in faculties.

teresaelectro: That’s true. I did know concerning the Megan Kelly thing. Nevertheless it was good to provide it context. Are you tempted to take heed to the podcast now? I want I had more hours in my day. Too many books, albums, movie/television to eat lol.

Jen Okay: As much as I am ever tempted to take heed to a podcast – which means it’d find yourself on the app until I run out of storage on my telephone and delete all the things! I do should drive someplace mid-month and over Labor Day so there’s still hope although!

teresaelectro: Yeah, I don’t really take heed to them at house. All the time in transit. My roommate is spiritual with understanding and listening to podcasts.

Jen Okay: I have by no means joined a real fitness center (I used to use the free ones on publish) so I gravitate extra in the direction of the studio courses when house so not much opportunity then. But even so, I can’t take heed to someone speak whereas operating.

You already know, one factor that amazes me is how various things at the moment are vs. once I went to junior high and high school. We had the abstinence only speaker come to well being class and examine us to gum but we also had regular intercourse ed about condoms. It all the time amazes me studying about how we had multiple years the place college students have been literally solely taught disinformation.

teresaelectro: Oh I can attest, I received the dumb Christian version during FCA. Then, the state-appointed genital-based health class speak in eighth grade and the semester in hs. They principally advised me that you need to use condoms but they’re solely 30% efficient. With all the teenager pregnancies around me, I picked abstinence to make sure I might get the fuck out of town.

Jen Okay: Wow.

teresaelectro: Straight ass lies.

I only went to FCA to put it on my school software to look “properly rounded”

That was in Bryan/School Station. In Houston, it was a teeny bit higher.

Jen Okay: Helps that I used to be in Europe Okay-7th grade. I obtained to the US they usually started talking about saving oneself for marriage, and I’m identical to, say what? No, I’m going to lose my virginity at 17 (narrator: she did not. Nobody needed it.)

teresaelectro: Similar, I needed to work exhausting in school for it. On the ebook panel, she talked about how she was an uber slut together with her husband there. She was like – “he is aware of!”

Jen Okay: I undoubtedly made horrible selections and since I didn’t date casually in high school, I assumed each guy that I appreciated that also appreciated me was the last time that might ever occur

teresaelectro:I feel she could be very sex-positive, however angled caution to not use it to self destruct.

oh yeah, I principally thought-about any dude that paid attention

Jen Okay: Exactly!

I wasn’t at that degree, I simply didn’t exactly settle for breakups.

teresaelectro: truthfully, until I moved to Europe that I noticed that I get to select!

Jen Okay: Yay Europe!

teresaelectro: Like I don’t should take all these buddies with benefits, ghosting drama. Should you wanna get it on, do it, don’t have a meltdown. LA guys are kings at operating away scared even in case you assume you want them.

There are nonetheless fuck bois in all places, they’re simply extra trustworthy about it I found. HAHAHA

I all the time end my evaluation with a suggestion on why you need to read. Like for those who like True Blood, you’ll love the Kim Harrison collection. What would you examine this to?

Jen Okay: I’m simply so completed with Tinder. It doesn’t work with what I would like and how I get to know individuals, and the way long it takes me to open up. I don’t know what technique will however being alone beats awkward boring dates.

Teresaelectro: Oh yeah, I’m never going back to Tinder. I dabble in Hinge or OKC every year

Jen Okay: I feel like elements of her story jogged my memory of Tina Fey, but that was more the awkward high schooler who received scorching part of it

teresaelectro: I can see that. I own the Fey ebook but haven’t learn all of it the best way. I really feel like fans of Samantha Bee would LOVE THIS.

Jen Okay: Sure!

Image result for veronica mars pepper sprayteresaelectro: And anybody into feminist history however doesn’t need to be depressed for all the e-book.

I might say skip in the event you’re a fan of Pence, Davos, or Trump lol. they in all probability gained’t be taking a look at CBR tho lol

Jen Okay: And I feel if in case you have started with a few of these intros to feminism books, like from Jessica Valenti, this can be a good next step as a result of it’s more personal, and has more anger slightly than just introductory stats.

Teresaelectro: oh yeahhhh. You’re a quick reader, did you learn it in a single sitting? I listened over 10 days or so.

Jen Okay: I didn’t however that’s as a result of I are likely to have issues with collections

I can learn a narrative straight by means of however essays about totally different subjects I have to take a break in between.  Plus, I was still finishing up Ancillary Justice (Award Winner!) so it was sort of nice to modify between the 2.

Also, this may sound bizarre however her voice type of jogged my memory of Busy Philipps however with out the Hollywood New Agey stuff.

Teresaelectro: These days, I am in an enormous paranormal fantasy kick. I am purposefully switching genres while I add extra to my queue

She has more of a twang, however they do speak tangents in an identical approach

I’m wondering if they’re buddies. They is perhaps!