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The Enemy Within Recap 04/29/19: Season 1 Episode 10 “Chigorin”

The Enemy Within Recap 04/29/19: Season 1 Episode 10

Tonight on NBC their new spy-hunting thriller, The Enemy Within premieres with an all-new Monday, April 29, 2019, episode and we have now your Enemy Inside recap under. On tonight’s The Enemy Within season 1 episode 10 referred to as, “Chigorin,” as per the NBC synopsis, “When a gaggle of contractors working for the CIA is murdered on board their chartered aircraft, Keaton and his group uncover there are secrets the CIA is preserving from the FBI relating to Tal. Shepherd’s ex-husband finds out that Hannah has been mendacity to him and visiting Shepherd frequently.”

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The Enemy Within begins tonight at Clearview Airport in Butler, Pennsylvania. Sharon Connelly, Head of Operations Alcon International boards a personal with Judith Pierson, COO Alcon International discussing how they need the system up and operating this week. The pilots are cleared for takeoff as Will Keaton (Morris Chestnut) and Erica Shepherd (Jennifer Carpenter) stand outdoors talking about Mendoza stated anything, however Daniel Zain (Raza Jaffrey) hasn’t been capable of get her to speak; Jessica feels she might be loyal to Tal until the top. He says collectively they want to figure out the top recreation, whether or not he likes it or not. Erica thanks him for permitting her to be outdoors, but he feels she earned it.

Daniel informs Will that a personal aircraft left from Butler to Miami however after 2 hours all communications stopped and the aircraft landed in an airfield simply outdoors Fairfax, Virginia. They know that the corporate Alcon, contractors with the CIA, and everyone on board make up the whole working arms of the corporate; they consider this might be a counterterrorism difficulty.

Will, Daniel, Jason Bragg (Noah Mills) and Jacqueline Pettigrew (Cassandra Freeman) be a part of several army men, but simply as Daniel is debriefing the army, Anthony Cabrera (James Carpinello) rushes over saying they consider extremely categorized CIA info is on that aircraft and there to ensure the intel doesn’t fall into the incorrect arms. Cabrera has orders to get the intel while Will worries concerning the individuals inside.

They surround the aircraft, decreasing the stairs as Will walks into the aircraft. They find multiple fatalities on board and it appears like everyone seems to be lifeless and the two pilots are missing. They’re seen driving with the laptop, saying they’ll add the information once they get to the club; no witnesses nor survivors.

Hannah Shepherd (Sophia Gennusa) sits together with her mom, Erica in a room that has plenty of mild and windows. She is nervous about parallel parking; Erica tells her to distract that emotion and the nerves will go away, giving her recommendations on learn how to separate her feelings from what she has to do, or her feelings will sabotage her. Erica learns that Hannah feels dangerous for her dad typically because she doesn’t inform him the reality about seeing her; promising when she will get her license she is going to come extra typically. She asks Erica if she might go anyplace where would she go. Erica says anyplace as long as it’s with Hannah. Hannah talks about being her getaway driver, but Erica says that driver needs to be confident.

Will reveals every thing the FBI knows about Alcon to Cabrera; solely questioning what they are doing for the CIA. Anthony refuses to reveal anything, excusing himself from Will’s office. Bragg thought the CIA and FBI have been enjoying good since 9/11. Will thinks the passengers have been killed due to one thing that they had with them on the aircraft. Daniel reveals that Tom Humphrey and Alberto Diaz have been the scheduled pilots for the flight immediately, however both have been found lifeless this morning and someone else using their stolen id flew the aircraft. He delegates tasks, together with Kate Ryan (Kelli Garner) to take a look at surveillance of the world. Daniel confirms to Bragg that he has seen this before, once!

Jackie informs Keaton that the flight manifest reveals 2 pilots a flight attendant and 6 passengers however the unique manifest was 7 passengers, changed at the last minute. Kate reveals her identify was Kathy Hong (Michelle Krusiec), who focuses on giant format, self-sustaining methods for buildings that run solely on renewable power. Kate believes she is on the run since she is liquidating her belongings. Will needs her discovered instantly. Will needs Erica to be with him because she might help him find out what Alcon was doing for the CIA and discover the lads who did it.

Kate discovered Kathy’s telephone pinging from an Egyptian Antiquities store, an artwork auction home. Will uncuffs Erica as Bragg finds it odd that she would meet there after 6 of her coworkers have been murdered, questioning if she is assembly somebody or liquidating belongings. Will asks Erica if there’s going to be an issue, she doesn’t know saying they’re in this collectively.

Inside an auction is happening, Erica suggests they separate but Will says that isn’t the way it works. He checks in with Jackie and Bragg then he and Erica proceed to the public sale room, where Erica spots her believing she is promoting her belongings to go on the run. Will tells the opposite two the place she is, warning them that Hong has two bodyguards together with her; he tells them to carry their positions. Will and Erica see her going into the toilet, Erica needs to go in alone, feeling she gained’t get any solutions if she has a chaperone; Will agrees to let Erica handle it.

Hong is on the telephone when Erica walks in, she tells Hong to dump her sim card into the bathroom claiming she is security for Alcon International, telling her about her colleagues’ deaths. She says if she will monitor her by the cardboard, so can the people who are after them. Erica asks if there’s elsewhere they will speak, asking Hong to paved the way if she needs Erica’s help. She needs to speak to her contact at Alcon, Erica promises if she will get them out of there.

Erica walks with Hong, as Will orders them to hold back however don’t let their eyes off of either lady. Erica asks her in a personal room why the 6 executives have been killed, but Hong brings her out of digital camera view, heading outdoors. Will reveals to the group that Shepherd and Hong are gone; he runs out the constructing having no concept where they went.

Hong has her security hold Erica captive, revealing there isn’t any one named Ahman at Alcon Securities and calls for to know who Erica is. Will needs Kate to run a trace on Erica’s GPS tracker. Erica tells Hong that she is cooperating with the FBI, suggesting they put their gun down. Hong isn’t trusting anyone, swearing she doesn’t know something concerning the executions of the executives. Erica takes the gun, capturing the guards, Hong lastly revealing she wasn’t on the aircraft to seek out individuals had been in her condominium, in search of a laptop together with her work for a sustainable dormitory. Erica suggests she is in peril from these individuals as they don’t like unfastened ends; Will arrives simply in time to stop Erica from being shot.

Will tells Erica that he believes Hong informed them the whole lot she is aware of. Erica doesn’t consider the dorm wouldn’t be value 6 individuals’s lives, but Will thinks they might be building a black website, a secret detention middle. Will compares the similarities between this and the aircraft crash that killed her fiance, Laine.

Kate calls them in as she performs the recording from the black field within the aircraft. Erica asks what is it? Will rushes out of the room, pulls out a thumb drive, telling Kate to play it; once they take heed to the recordings, all of them understand it is the similar pilot who murdered the operatives a number of years ago, he realizes Laine’s killer continues to be alive.

Kate feels it doesn’t make sense as a result of Laine’s killer was on the aircraft and no one survived. Will feels responsible for not understanding the person was nonetheless alive as Daniel tells him no one might have recognized. Will must know who he is, Erica says she may give him the pilot’s identify, which was caught on chatter, but nobody paid attention to it because everybody believed he died on the aircraft. His identify is Alexander and Will tells her that Anna Cruz stated that identify earlier than she died, eager to know why Erica lied to him when he questioned her. She didn’t need him to hurt over a lifeless man and solely stay targeted on Tal. Will angrily tells Kate to escort Erica again to her cell.

Will tells Daniel that the man continues to be alive and killing individuals; Daniel can’t think about what Will goes by way of as Will insists they have to seek out him. Daniel doesn’t like the thought of working with Shepherd, and Will doesn’t want Erica Shepherd helping on this one. He asks Daniel to get up Carly Mendoza as a result of he needs to talk to her.

Carla is in interrogation with Daniel, with will watch. He calls for to know where they will discover Alexander Chigorin (Dale Pavinski). She smirks saying she doesn’t know what he is speaking about. Daniel knows she is mendacity, demanding to know the place he’s as he works for Tal; Carla tells him he is losing his time as they can’t stop him. Daniel demands that she inform him what they are planning, however she remains mum.

Jackie tells Erica she has a visitor, not her daughter however her ex-husband, Christopher (Noah Bean) and she or he is letting him in as a result of he threatened to return back together with his lawyer in the event that they didn’t. He confronts Erica, saying that Hannah isn’t her daughter and hasn’t been in three years. He’s indignant that she lied to him for her, sneaking out there taking two buses and strolling half a mile to get there. He needs to know what kind of mom would permit a 15-year-old to stroll across the city at night time. She begs him not to punish Hannah as a result of he hates her; he reminds her that this isn’t about her, it’s about his daughter. He harshly tells her all the issues Hannah went via when Erica was arrested, issues she wouldn’t know since he was the one elevating her. He knows Erica loves Hannah however he can’t let her harm Hannah once more.

Kate finds Will, saying Alexander Chigorin is in his 30s and particular forces and one among Tal’s most senior lieutenants. She exhibits him the video, displaying him who Chigorin. She is operating the plates now.

Brighton Seashore, NY
FBI arrives with heavy tanks, revealing this place is a recognized underground Russian social membership. He needs to extract him alive but the mission isn’t going to be straightforward. Inside, Chigorin is complaining about how lengthy it’s taking. Erica requires the guard, saying she needs to talk to anybody in Intelligence as it will be important. She is advised everyone seems to be out, but no one will inform her where. As soon as the guard leaves, Erica pulls out her telephone, remembering what Carla had stated. She calls the number to warn Tal that the FBI is aware of the place Chigorin is and they should get him out instantly.

FBI raids the social membership, arresting everybody on the primary flooring. Without making an excessive amount of noise they stroll up the steps. Chigorin gets a message “FBI RUN” on his telephone. He grabs the laptop computer and runs, while his accomplice cocks his gun. Will realizes Chigorin acquired out of the constructing and races to catch him however when he’s spotted Chigorin runs. Will is ready to take him down however the struggle will get very bodily. Will is repeatedly punching him within the face, visualizing Laine’s face when a automotive pulls up and gunfire rings out; Will hides as Chigorin is saved however he left the laptop computer behind.

Will is cleaning up within the rest room when he notices all of the bruises on him. Kate walks with him later, checking if he is okay as Will feels guilty for having him in his arms and him getting away. Kate exhibits him the plans that Chigorin had stolen. They work out Tal was planning one thing there, but the question is what? Kate shares with Will that she misses Laine, considering it might feel totally different in any case these years, however it doesn’t. She knows he doesn’t like to talk about it but if he needs to, she is there.

Will involves see Erica, revealing they didn’t get Chigorin. He calls for her to disclose anything she is maintaining from him. He asks concerning the day Anna Cruz was killed, Tal referred to as him on her cellphone, telling him what Laine stated earlier than she died. Will feels Chigorin is aware of precisely what occurred on that aircraft and he needs to know. Erica says the black box was destroyed on the ground and she or he is aware of from private experience that the CIA has lied concerning the packing containers earlier than.

Will approaches Anthony Cabrera, asking if it exists, however he doesn’t need to argue a few black box that was destroyed three years in the past. Will calls for to listen to it and Cabrera brings him into a personal room, telling him it is all set up, all he has to do is press play. Will listens to the audio, getting emotional as he hears the gunshots and then silence. He can hear Laine’s voice and he begins to cry; literally hearing the aircraft go silent on influence.

Chigorin meets with Tal, who’s pleased to see him. He wants him wholesome as there’s so much work nonetheless to do. Tal reveals it was Erica Shepherd who warned him concerning the FBI. Tal feels it is time to convey Erica in. Erica sits lonely in her cell.


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