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The leader you can trust – Part 2 – Caribbean News Now

The leader you can trust – Part 2 – Caribbean News Now
Chief of the Saint Lucia Labour Celebration (SLP), Philip Joseph Pierre

By Claudius J. Francis

Partially one, I explained historical elements, briefly established the basics that differentiate “not just leadership however good management” along with what our political leader Phillip J. Pierre personifies, but extensively recognised that he “additionally believes in reaching out and widening the tent.”

A very good leader ought to be himself and not whom others want him to be. Too typically we see how individuals have changed once they are surrounded by the trimmings of power. So, caught-up are they on this new-found power they instantly overlook it’s who they have been which acquired them elected. 

As an alternative, they try and be this new individual. The previous limes on the block are not any more. The standard domino-game is now too much. The lunch by the roadside restaurant is replaced with lodge engagements and the constituency workplace day is a thing of the past. Good leaders don’t behave that method and your leader, our leader Philip J. Pierre, has never displayed such tendencies. He is identical as we speak as if you elected him 22 years in the past. Out and in of presidency his constituency workplace has never been shut and has all the time remained open to those he serves. 

An excellent leader have to be versatile. He should have the capacity to acknowledge that even a well-organized strategy could be upended by things beyond his control. A minister might have been allocated, say $20 million and abruptly a hurricane hits; and what was previously a high-quality allocation is in a short while, rendered inadequate to cope with the brand new actuality. A very good leader, an actual leader, is aware of what to do. When the Christmas Eve trough affected our country, you saw actual management at work. You noticed Pierre responded, as no minister of infrastructure earlier than him might do.

And keep in mind earlier [Part 1]I stated that good leaders must have the ability to look across the nook and put together for what might occur. Properly, Pierre had achieved that and for the first time in our nation’s historical past, Bailey bridges have been changed inside days because he had the foresight to have had Bailey bridges in storage. 

For the first time, our nation’s transportation system was not floor to a halt following a climate system. That, comrades, is high quality leadership. 

A great chief must not ever put management ahead of what it really is. We are likely to assume that leaders are these supermen and ladies from some place else when in truth they got here from within us. A superb chief does not stand as superior to those he leads. As an alternative, he makes each follower understand that she or he is himself or herself a potential chief. 

A very good chief does not insult those that have chosen him. He should as an alternative be at numerous occasions the chief mourner, the chief celebrant, the chief servant, and the chief employee. He isn’t simply one who dishes out instructions however somewhat the one who can also be ready to place his arms to the wheel. 

An excellent chief must all the time recognize that there isn’t a brief reduce to success. He must all the time be prepared to elucidate the onerous decisions we typically should face. He must not misrepresent the truth. Good leaders know fooling the individuals works just for some time and doesn’t last. 

What I’ve to date spoken about covers however a small space of what is required of a very good leader. But there are some attributes which aren’t situated in any leadership guide but are as an alternative instinctive. Every leader should respect they are distinctive. Only within the Monarchy and the Catholic Church would you discover John the First or Paul the Second. 

In politics, extra so than most different professions, no two leaders are alike. A superb leader knows the right way to marry past successes together with his own goals for the longer term. An excellent chief is aware of that whilst he seeks to blaze his personal path that there are roads already trod which can help him succeed. He must know when to persevere and when to let go. 

In Pierre, we in [The Saint Lucia Labour Party, (SLP)] have a pacesetter who has earned his spurs. And at this point let me handle a specific problem head-on. 

There are numerous, inside and out of doors, who consider Pierre is an unintentional leader, one who’s in place only as a result of our Constitution, prompted it to occur. I reply to that disparaging remark.

I readily confess that I am not a believer of the view that the individual next in line routinely acquires the throne. Only the Monarchy does that. I consider as an alternative that the perfect inline acquires the mantle. So, my principle is the perfect inline and never the subsequent in line ought to be chief. On this observe, historical past exhibits that Philip J. Pierre is the primary trendy leader of any political get together in Saint Lucia who, as deputy, succeeded the chief. 

Now, lest anybody misunderstands me and; that is very common in Saint Lucia, I am not at all suggesting that hierarchical succession should not be followed. No. I’m not saying that. What I’m saying is that hierarchical succession ought to proceed only if that presumed successor is the perfect individual obtainable. 

Kenny Anthony knew perhaps higher than most, what our Celebration’s Structure mandates. He knew full nicely that demitting workplace would end in Pierre assuming the leadership position, at the very least till the subsequent annual convention of delegates. Anthony knew the subsequent conference was mere months away; he knew as properly that with such a brief interval to go he might have held on and permit a new chief to emerge at the stated conference of delegates. 

He determined towards that course of action not simply because he wished to exit or that he felt he might not keep it up. No. The Anthony I know did it then as a result of he knew that in Pierre, the SLP had somebody who was suitably outfitted to take the Get together to the subsequent degree. Anthony knew of Pierre’s competence, which was displayed on a number of occasions – leading the nation in his absence. 

Anthony knew of Pierre assuredness. He knew that Pierre had been there in the course of the good and dangerous; and that regardless of the state of affairs which had confronted him, Pierre had come via. He knew Pierre was an trustworthy man, a trustworthy individual and a pacesetter whom others might rely on. 

So, it was because Anthony knew of Pierre capabilities and attributes that he felt snug – resigned as Get together leader – figuring out the SLP can be in good arms. 

So put to rest comrades, the nonsense propagated by those that want to divide us that Anthony does not belief Pierre. It’s as a result of he does – that he, so shortly gave method. In flip, Pierre has proved he was the most effective successor. That’s the reason we the delegates have re-elected him on three separate events since then. 

Which brings me to a different falsehood being propagated by the government and its agents. They say, our structure does not permit for other aspirants to the SLP management, to be able to problem Pierre. Nothing could possibly be farther from the truth as the Structure locations the SLP chief beneath scrutiny at every annual conference of delegates by way of a vote of confidence. 

And, as the Caribbean Courtroom of Justice just lately ruled in the Guyana case, there actually is not any difference between a vote of confidence and a vote of no confidence. They are each means to the identical finish. 

[The result of the confidence vote at the closed session of the SLP annual conference at Fond St Jacques, Soufriere, October 21, 2018, registered 273 for Philip J. Pierre; 3 against. In 2017, the results were 200 for Pierre and 13 against.] 

On every event which Pierre’s leadership has been placed underneath scrutiny, he has prevailed magnificently. And he has prevailed because we the delegates have positioned our confidence in his potential to steer us to victory at the next elections, every time it’s referred to as.

Pierre has been there, and he has earned the appropriate to be our chief. 

His detractors mock him as a ‘stammerer’ – however that is only because they can’t finger him as a criminal. His critics say he isn’t management material however that is solely because they can’t say he raided the ministry’s coffers for his private profit. They say he’s weak solely as a result of they worry that being the robust individual that he is, once in office he would guarantee their corruption does not go unrewarded. 

On the SLP annual conference, October 14, 2018, Philip J. Pierre stated;

“I am motivated with a deep sense of obligation to country by the phrases of the philosopher Plato: “the worth good males pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil males”. 

“I’m no showman, nor am I an actor, my detractors say I stammer but I relatively stammer the reality than be talking lies eloquently” 

“That is who I’m, Philip J. Pierre is about main a rustic where each citizen has an inexpensive probability of reaching his or her potential; 

  • The place citizens start to respect one another for who they don’t seem to be what they have;
  • The place high quality health care is accessible to those that need it, not simply those who can afford it;
  • Where transparency and accountability in public affairs are inspired not discouraged; 
  • Where collaboration and cooperation are strengths and not impediments to human improvement; 
  • The place a top quality schooling is the correct of every citizen and never just that of the privilege; 
  • The place corruption in authorities is unacceptable and handled as a scourge on the individuals; 
  • Where our individuals really feel no sense of alienation of their country; and the place opportunity is predicated on meritocracy, not privileged connections. 

“This is the nation I want and this the country I intend to steer,” Pierre stated.

The camouflage of his detractors and the splinter of his critics say he can’t lead Labour to victory is just as a result of, they know, with him on the helm we’re properly on the best way to defeating them. They can’t problem his integrity because in every place he has served, whether or not at the government or social gathering degree, he has left that place better off than when he inherited it. They know that in contrast to their own, Pierre leads a gaggle of men and women, superior too – and more succesful than their very own, waiting to control. 

They usually inform you he isn’t match to steer only as a result of they worry what’s about to happen at the next election. They worry that Pierre will emerge as Saint Lucia’s 12th prime minister every time the subsequent elections are held.

So, comrades perceive this nicely. 

Our detractors will do whatever they will to make sure seeds of confusion are sown inside the Labour camp; and don’t delude yourselves that the detractors are solely outdoors of our midst, for there are these within who will denigrate Pierre for their own selfish causes. They’ll seek all manner of reasons to create doubt in your minds that he is not the perfect individual to steer the social gathering, particularly into elections. Though they’ll provide not a single shred of evidence in help. They may inform you that Alva Baptiste, Shawn Edward, Ernest Hilaire, and Kenny Anthony are the actual leaders and that Pierre is a mere pawn. 

Comrades, we’re gathered right here [Sunday, July 28, 2019] to rebuke this notion and to say clearly, loudly and boldly, that the SLP has one leader and one leader solely. 

A pacesetter that we stand head and shoulders with and a pacesetter we stand solidly behind. Let the phrase go forth, subsequently, that Philip J. Pierre is the undisputed chief of our great get together, the Saint Lucia Labour Social gathering.

And that, not solely will he lead us into the subsequent basic elections but that; with all their money, with all their assets, with all of their Cambridge Analytica, We the individuals, will elect the Saint Lucia Labour Get together as the only option of presidency and Philip J. Pierre as the subsequent prime minister of Saint Lucia.

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