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These Micronutrients Beat Cancer All by Themselves in Some Patients

These Micronutrients Beat Cancer All by Themselves in Some Patients

A physician, scientist, and humanitarian named Matthias Rath shouldn’t be one to draw back from controversy.

On March 8th, 2002 he placed a full-page advert in USA Right now with the provocative headline, “Breakthrough in Cancer Analysis.” In it, the German-born scientist explained that a protected, efficient, all-natural, scientifically-proven strategy to controlling the spread of most cancers has been discovered.

The pharmaceutical business responded by suing him 100 occasions over the next decade.

In 2004, Dr Rath was within the news again, this time on the front pages of the German tabloids for 3 days operating. The press ran a smear marketing campaign, calling for him to be jailed for inflicting the demise of a child — a cost that was later proved to be completely false.

His crime, so far as the media and medical establishment have been concerned, was to help the boy’s mother and father in their option to refuse further unsuccessful typical most cancers remedies and use natural therapies as an alternative.

As you possibly can see, he’s our sort of man. Read on to study his breakthrough…

This pioneering and outspoken scientist continues to hunt out protected and effective pure remedies, notably for probably the most lethal forms of most cancers, and he doesn’t mince words as far as drug corporations are involved: “These economic powers are determined to sacrifice the lives of hundreds of thousands of people for income.”

Affiliate of Linus Pauling

Matthias Rath researched coronary heart disease in the 1980s and found a link with vitamin C. After reading his findings within the American Coronary heart Association journal Arteriosclerosis in 1987, double Nobel prize-winning scientist Linus Pauling — greatest recognized for popularizing vitamin C — invited Dr. Rath to hitch him in the US, which he did three years later.

When Dr. Pauling died in 1994, he went on to type the Dr. Rath Analysis Institute in California, a 23,000 square foot pharmaceutical grade laboratory with specific emphasis on the benefits of micronutrients in most cancers.

Dr. Rath and his long-standing affiliate Dr. Aleksandra Niedzwiecki consider most cancers is not a mysterious sickness. The key mechanisms by which it develops and could be controlled at the moment are easily understood.

Since nine out of ten patients die as a result of cancer has unfold from the first organ to different elements of the body, they targeted their attention on these metastases, as they’re referred to as.

Most cancers develops right into a life-threatening illness because the tumor is ready to escape its confinement. It does so by mimicking a course of that happens naturally in a healthy physique.

Why tumors develop more often in sure organs

Cells are stored in place because they’re surrounded by connective tissue made up of varied fibers comparable to collagen and elastin. But typically this must be loosened to allow cells, fluids or different materials to move via.

For example, in the course of the menstrual cycle a mature egg should move by way of the ovary wall and make its journey to the womb. To realize this, hormones signal the production of collagen-digesting enzymes to momentarily dissolve the connective tissue.

The body also wants to supply these enzymes to permit immune cells to succeed in their goal and when any sort of tissue transforming is required, resembling when breast tissue is ready for lactation.

Other processes that use these collagen-digesting enzymes embrace wound therapeutic and physique progress. For instance, they’re extremely lively in bone progress in the younger.

Like an automated door that opens just as you strategy it and then closes behind whenever you’ve handed by way of, in a wholesome body this can be a precisely timed and tightly regulated course of.

But most cancers cells hijack this mechanism, utilizing it for their very own functions to digest tissue regularly in an uncontrolled method. The immune system sees this as a traditional process and does nothing to cease it, whereas the body’s own enzyme inhibitors are inadequate to stop cancer’s onward march.

Drs. Rath and Niedzwiecki consider this process answers the question as to why cancer varieties in some organs and techniques extra steadily than others.

It’s because the more weak organs already use collagen-digesting enzymes underneath normal circumstances. These are the breast, ovary, uterus, cervix, testes, prostate, bones (particularly in youngsters and adolescents), and white blood cells (concerned in leukemia).

These are more prone to connective tissue digestion getting uncontrolled and so are more vulnerable to most cancers.

The same collagen-digesting mechanism applies during metastasis. Cancer cells are capable of “puncture” the network of small blood vessels (capillaries) that surround them and enter the bloodstream.

The extra a cancer cell is ready to produce these enzymes, the more aggressive the cancer will probably be, the quicker it’ll spread, and the shorter the life expectancy of the affected person — until the process may be stopped.

Pure methods to block collagen-digesting enzymes

Though the physique’s inner methods are unable to cease ongoing connective tissue destruction by most cancers cells, nature itself offers us with substances to slow down or stop it.

An important is the important amino acid L-lysine. Our day by day requirement is bigger than some other amino acid. It includes 12% of the elastin and collagen mass. A person weighing 155 kilos would have 1.three pounds of lysine of their body.

Not solely is it a vital building block of collagen, but lysine may even – if there’s sufficient of it — occupy websites the place collagen-digesting enzymes bind to connective tissue molecules to inhibit tissue degradation.

Vitamin C – which we also have to get from our food — stimulates collagen and elastin manufacturing and contributes to robust connective tissue.

Proline, an amino acid the physique is ready to make in restricted amounts, is one other necessary building block of collagen.

Copper and manganese are also important for collagen formation, while N-acetyl cysteine (NAC), the inexperienced tea extract Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) and quercetin, act synergistically to strengthen the connective tissue. The mineral selenium is ready to inhibit connective tissue digestion.

Most of those vitamins even have many different anti-cancer effects.

Scientific proof

Dr. Rath and his colleagues carried out a check on human prostate cells in tradition to seek out out whether their micronutrient components might block the secretion of two collagen-digesting enzymes utilized by most cancers cells.

In each instances, the upper the focus of micronutrients, the decrease the production of these enzymes. In the case of each enyzmes, average and better levels of micronutrients stopped their secretion utterly. This was later confirmed in 40 varieties of human most cancers.

The subsequent check was to see if micronutrients might cease cancer cells from penetrating connective tissue.

Here the scientists used a vial with a membrane of connective tissue within the center. Under it was an answer that mimicked human body fluid. Above it was the identical fluid containing human cancer cells. Different vials have been prepared, equivalent to the first, besides that totally different ranges of micronutrients have been added to the upper chambers with the tumor cells.

While all cancer cells efficiently penetrated the connective tissue within the first vial, as micronutrient concentrations increased, so did their capacity to stop most cancers invasion until — on the highest concentration – cancer cells have been totally blocked, with none found in the lower half of the vial.

For some varieties of tumor this complete blockade was achieved at low micronutrient concentrations. For others it took average or high levels to realize the same end result.

Altogether, Dr. Rath and his colleagues demonstrated this effect in all the 40 several types of human most cancers examined.

In their e-book Victory Over Cancer, Drs. Rath and Niedzwiecki write, “Some chemotherapy proponents might argue that the answer to cancer cannot be that straightforward. However it may possibly – and we know why: All cancer cells use the identical mechanism to invade the encompassing tissue and metastasize. Since micronutrients are capable of blocking this common cellular mechanism, they will inhibit the invasion of any sort of most cancers cells regardless of their origin.”

It really works in animal research

After injecting a gaggle of mice with melanoma cells, they have been divided into three teams. The first got a traditional food regimen only (management). The second had micronutrients added to the weight loss plan. The mice in the third group were given micronutrients by injection into the bloodstream.

When the researchers measured metastasis to the lungs, they discovered it was lowered by 60% in the second group in comparison with the controls. This elevated to 80% in the intravenous group.

To take this research even additional, the scientists carried out a research that extra precisely displays how cancer progresses in humans.

This time they injected melanoma cells into the spleens of two teams of mice, one consuming a traditional food regimen and the other the identical thing with micronutrients added.

The outcome was considerably less tumor progress within the supplemented group. When the researchers checked the liver — the primary target for the unfold of melanoma — they found metastases lowered by virtually half compared to the controls. Melanoma is usually a very aggressive type of most cancers.

Micronutrients block 4 mechanisms

Whereas metastasis is the Rath workforce’s important focus, cancer cells also develop by multiplying, forming new blood vessels (angiogenesis) and by not responding to normal cell alerts to self-destruct (apoptosis).

In order that they repeated the earlier checks and found supplemented mice had considerably smaller tumors. The scientists wrote that “the outcomes have been superb.” Progress was inhibited in ten human tumors examined, with reductions starting from 36% in liver most cancers to 78% in breast most cancers over a interval of just 4 weeks.

Tumors as little as 1/25th of an inch can’t grow with out forming new blood vessels to offer their own blood provide. This course of depends on using collagen-digesting enzymes. Because of this the scientists have been confident that angiogenesis might be inhibited.

They have been proper. Exposing cultured human endothelial cells to growing amounts of micronutrients, they found the extra that have been added, the much less capillary buildings have been shaped. At the highest micronutrient focus the process was utterly blocked.

In accordance with the authors, “This research is irrefutable scientific proof that micronutrients are highly effective anti-angiogenic agents that can be instantly utilized to help control cancer.”

Next they tested whether micronutrients can induce apoptosis. L-arginine was included in the micronutrient mix as a result of it is a precursor to nitric oxide. A deficiency of arginine can restrict the production of this molecule, which has been proven to act as an inducer of apoptosis.

Here once more they met with success. The higher the concentration of micronutrients added to melanoma cells, the extra they underwent natural demise. At the highest concentration, nearly all cells died naturally. This implies — if it applies not solely within the lab however within the human body — that micronutrients can reverse present tumors.

In response to Dr. Rath, this mix of pure compounds works at a genetic degree to transform cancer cells which are immortal to ones that start dying. Micronutrients go to the core of the cancer cell — to its DNA– primarily “giving orders” to perform correctly or die.

Leads to most cancers sufferers

In Europe, the place Dr. Rath now lives and is a lot better recognized, greater than 10,000 sufferers have used or are using his synergistic micronutrient program. If cancer has progressed too far or if sufferers have been topic to intensive chemotherapy — which cripples the immune system — then recovery will not be potential.

Nevertheless, many sufferers have now survived 15 years past their predicted demise. Dr Rath has medical documentation on lots of them.

Considered one of these is Werner Pilniok, who was recognized with a quick rising lung tumor in 1999 on the age of 68 and given six months to stay. After reading about Dr. Rath’s research, he canceled surgical procedure and opted for giant portions of the beneficial micronutrients as an alternative.

Six months later he had a CT scan. The most cancers was gone. His oncologist was astonished. She couldn’t consider her eyes. Mr Pilniok celebrated his 80th birthday in 2011 and was still recognized to be alive in 2015.

Another exceptional case was Ilona Schmidt, who was recognized with a brain tumor. Her typical docs administered radiation remedy and prescribed cortisone. She stated, “I needed to die at that time, I felt so terrible.” The remedies did not assist and the docs gave her no hope of survival.

She started following Dr. Rath’s protocol in April 2002. Shortly after this she was taken off cortisone. In September of the identical yr, an MRI scan confirmed that the tumor had vanished.

In an interview, Dr. Rath stated, “There isn’t a program that we’re conscious of in the area of pure health that’s simpler in controlling most cancers.”

To sum up, the ten vitamins are l-lysine, vitamin C, proline, copper, manganese, NAC, selenium, quercetin, EGCG, and l-arginine.

Dr Rath produces his personal dietary supplements and all ten may be found, in his beneficial dosages, within the Wholesome Cell Progress Synergy Method. It can be purchased at Neither he nor his products are related to Most cancers Defeated or myself in any method.

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