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This “Top Ten” Therapy Is Like Superman for Your Cells

This "Top Ten" Therapy Is Like Superman for Your Cells

In a world stricken by degenerative illnesses like most cancers, Alzheimer’s, and extra, it’s no shock that many want for a Superman-like hero to rescue them from their struggling.

I’m sorry to say, there isn’t any such remedy – no “magic bullet.” However the remedy I’m going to speak about at this time comes shut. I discovered about it almost 15 years in the past once I first began investigating various most cancers remedies.

I put it in my “prime ten greatest remedies” then. And although I’ve discovered about tons of of different remedies since, this stays in my prime ten.

So remember to learn on to get the small print. . .

Which concept of most cancers do you consider?

There was a time – about 50 years in the past – when healthcare was based mostly on a metabolic mannequin. Then got here the quantum shift towards genetics. Which sadly left tens of millions feeling like they have been doomed if that they had “dangerous genes.”

Mainstream drugs pushes the view that damaged genes – rogue DNA mutations – are the driving pressure of most cancers. However various most cancers therapists have had rather more success with the metabolic view – the idea that most cancers is a harmful misfire within the course of by which we course of meals and switch them into power on the mobile degree.

That is nice information for our well being, as a result of we will do one thing about what we eat.

It has additionally opened the door for a gene-restoring dietary marvel developed by electro-biochemist and former US Navy dentist Merrill Garnett, PhD., DDS.

He arduously examined some 20,000 compounds. Then got here his eureka second.

The US authorities first patented his remedy in October 1995… although you’ve in all probability nonetheless by no means heard of it.

The almost unknown gene-restoring marvel

This “new” idea in anticancer dietary remedy known as Poly-MVA.

It’s precisely what its identify implies. Poly means a number of. MVA is an acronym for Minerals, Nutritional vitamins, and Amino acids.

This alpha lipoic acid (ALA) complicated accommodates a number of particular co-factors of minerals, nutritional vitamins, and amino acids that focus on, help, and enhance the integrity of your mitochondria – the tiny however crucial powerhouses of your cells.

In accordance with the metabolic concept, it’s the malfunction of those mobile “batteries” that’s the driving drive of most cancers, NOT mutated DNA.

Poly-MVA rescues your mitochondria from injury.

It protects, corrects, and enhances your metabolism to maintain all of your cells wholesome, and it helps your pure mechanisms for preventing abnormalities, poor mobile well being, illness, and ageing.

Poly-MVA incorporates a singular lipoic acid mineral complicated (LAMC) referred to as a redox molecule, which is chargeable for mobile power transfers that shield and restore your DNA. This complicated is sure to varied B nutritional vitamins.

It’s also irreversibly sure to palladium (Pd), a uncommon and costly mineral.

Palladium offers the actual “magic” – its “Superman” powers make it each fat- and water-soluble, enabling it to journey freely anyplace within the physique, even via the blood-brain barrier (which makes this remedy thrilling information for mind most cancers sufferers).

Dr. Garnett found that palladium is a wonderful catalyst for combining oxygen (O) and hydrogen (H). The metallic can take in greater than 900 occasions its quantity of hydrogen.

How Poly-MVA corrects DNA disruption

To briefly assessment highschool science, the nucleotide is a crucial constructing block of DNA – very important due to its position in controlling cell division and replication. A typical strand of DNA incorporates hundreds of nucleotides.

A redox molecule is completely designed to simply accept and donate electrical fees. As such, it’s a extremely efficient energy-transferring molecule.

This electron switch triggers DNA restore, making the redox molecule a cell-restoring marvel.

Poly-MVA boosts power (ATP) manufacturing – ATP is the output of the little mobile batteries, mitochondria. On the similar time, Poly-MVA disrupts defective cell perform – particularly that of anaerobic most cancers cells with improper oxygen pathways. Most cancers generally is anaerobic, which means it thrives within the absence of oxygen.

In a nutshell, this remedy seeks and destroys most cancers cells, invigorates regular cells, repairs the injury most cancers leaves in its tracks, and cleans up most cancers cell particles. It additionally allows tumor shrinkage.

What’s extra, it’s a extremely potent free radical scavenger.

There aren’t many PubMed research on Poly-MVA’s means to battle most cancers, however vital anecdotal proof exhibits that it’s protected and efficient towards numerous most cancers cell strains, together with childhood cancers. A variety of integrative physicians embrace it for most cancers remedy.

It has reportedly been used to deal with cancers of the mind, bladder, breast, abdomen, esophagus, colon, liver, lung, ovary, pancreas, prostate, and testis, in addition to lymphoma and a number of myeloma. The corporate’s web site options an enormous variety of testimonials (, together with from medical docs, and I’ve personally spoken with representatives of the corporate and glad sufferers many occasions.

This treatment is protected, well-known, and well-attested. It’s not some new, unproven factor. It’s one of many regular workhorses of other most cancers remedy.

As an adjunct to standard remedies, research present it reduces damaging unwanted effects of radiation and chemotherapy, whereas enhancing high quality of life for the affected person.1,2,three

Affected person power ranges are likely to hit all-time low throughout chemo and radiation, however Poly-MVA boosts power ranges, whereas restoring vitamins which are pummeled throughout these remedies.

Dietary help for non-cancer points

Research additionally help Poly-MVA use for preventive causes, in addition to for remedy of non-cancerous circumstances…

  • Supplies neuroprotective mind help towards stroke and Alzheimer’s4,5,6
  • Helps shield the guts from the consequences of growing older and from cardiac arrest7,Eight,9
  • Aids in regulating diabetes10
  • Helps shield towards injury from anesthetic accidents and drowning11

Three dosage ranges are advisable – most help (for critical circumstances), average, and upkeep/anti-aging.

Execs and cons of Poly-MVA

Regardless of the dearth of research displaying Poly-MVA’s capability to struggle most cancers, it stands to cause that if most cancers is a vitamin deficiency or metabolic illness, flooding your cells with vitamins makes quite a lot of sense, in an effort to:

  • Sluggish getting older
  • Detoxify
  • Scavenge free radicals
  • Shield DNA
  • Enhance high quality of life
  • Increase metabolic perform
  • Help regular cell perform, together with nerves and white blood cells
  • Enhance neurotransmitter efficiency
  • Suppress irregular cells

Resulting from its liquid (or IV) type, it’s fast-acting and shortly absorbed. Some individuals report dramatic enhancements in simply a few weeks. To maximise its effectiveness, authorities advocate taking it in cut up doses three to 4 occasions per day.

Though usually protected and well-tolerated, Poly-MVA does have a draw back or two.

For one, it tastes medicinal – bitter, salty, with a B-vitamin style. There are not any sugars or flavors to make it style sweeter. You possibly can attempt to masks it by taking it with juice, espresso, tea, or water. The style looks like a small worth to pay for a confirmed marvel.

Second, it’s expensive, at $195 per bottle. How lengthy a bottle lasts is dependent upon which dosage is acceptable for you. To be truthful, what drives up the expense is palladium – a valuable metallic like gold, silver and platinum. In reality, palladium is much more costly than platinum.

Lastly, it is unnecessary to take Poly-MVA whereas consuming a food regimen of no-nutrient junk meals. You must change your way of life. Should you don’t, all bets are off.

Keep in mind what I stated: There’s no magic bullet for most cancers. Individuals who beat most cancers do ten or dozen various things directly – ideally underneath the course of a talented practitioner, though sufferers can and do beat most cancers at residence.

Methods to get your arms on Poly-MVA

Poly-MVA is obtainable each intravenously via a practitioner and as a liquid oral complement. Many docs choose to start out with the intravenous type, then change to oral later.

On the lookout for a practitioner who may help you with Poly-MVA? Go to this web page for an inventory of docs: You should purchase the remedy on the similar web site, or on Amazon.

Greatest regards,

Lee Euler,


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